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Swanand K.

Reboot | Day 17 (Member)
Day 17
Program progress:

Another good week in the books. The weather is quite pleasant here in Mumbai and I went for a run late on Friday ( yeah that’s a Kenzai convert talking - Friday nights are no longer at a pub) and just like that did about 7 km in about 45 mins. I remembered that sine wave lesson when different cycles converge once in a while and its a real moment to cherish when you get in that ‘zone’ !

I pulled out the weighing scale last week and found that my portion sizes were actually 25-50% larger than prescribed. As a Kenzai regular I thought I was eye-balling things pretty well yet bit by bit things had crept up materially. It might be useful to get the scale out and get back to ‘ inch perfect’ again.

Good luck all ! Half way there

Reboot : Week 1

Good week 1 in the books. Cut down on portion sizes, had just one drink in the early part of the week and got all seven workouts in. Just a “ nothing much to report” kind of week, where (hopefully) the foundations of getting fitter get laid, without much fanfare.

Day 8 : Intro & QoTW

Hi guys ! I live in the bustling city of Mumbai and work in financial services space. I have tried KB3 once before and I had great 10 weeks on program before Mr. Murphy appeared and denied me a finish. Though the K Gods were kind enough to hand me a Complete badge, mentally I have KB3 still marked as incomplete so here's a shot at redemption. Also I turn 40 in next few months and they say Life begins at 40, might as well begin your new life with a new body :)

Best advice I got was from a senior former colleague who opted to chuck his investment banking job to live the simple life. "By disposition, your body is lazy and mind is hyperactive. Spend some time everyday to make them do the opposite - make the body work and quieten the mind". Happy that Kenzai now takes care of both and hopefully, I will get better at both aspects through this year.

Good luck all ! We are in this together

Reboot Week 4  

First up , on QoTW I have made a simple rule for myself ‘ I will work out everyday’. I have realised that most times I get the workout in, I get the diet right and there are attendant benefits of more energy , more optimism and a general spring in the step.

Happy with the Reboot outcome - I managed to get all 28 green ticks and diet I would say was somewhere between 85 and 90%. On results, I lost about 2 kilos but here’s what suprised me. Based on the reading of a rudimentary handheld fat monitor , I seem to have lost about 2.6 kilos of fat - is that even possible in four weeks or just a freak reading. ( Please please tell me its legit :)

We have a big festival season round the corner here in India and I want to navigate that with mindfulness without compromising on the social aspect of it which is the real fun. I intend to self-administer a 90 day program ( a first for me) and see how that goes.

Good luck team. Wishing you all greater heights in the journey of fitness !

Reboot Week 3

Another good week in the books. Cravings made a strong comeback attempt in the middle of the week ( the lesson was quite timely) but was able to stave them off. Missed workout on one of the days but could make up on the cardio day.

I tried the hand stand push ups and managed about 5. That is one hard exercise - more than the shoulders I worry about point of no return and landing on my head. Asked a gym trainer to help today and was more relaxed.

I have a different throwback picture. It’s from about ten years ago - when eating right and exercising were nowhere on the priority list. I don’t want to go back there ever again !

Good luck team - last week is here !


Another decent week in the books. I have been tacking on some additional cardio along with the exercises and its amazing how my run speeds and timings have improved over last few weeks. I try and not weight myself on the programs but I guess its only human to need some quantitative validation that your efforts are not in vain. My sub 30 min 5k did that for me today.

Here’s the out to lunch photo. Roast Chicken and multigrain bread, sauce on the side, lettuce salad instead of fries and lime and soda. Proud of myself. ( Realised that the veg portion is short and had to re-order the salad)

The one exercise that I don’t really have a hang of ( no pun intended) is hang-time. I never came to grips with it even in Sculpt. I subbed it with Burpees today but any pointers on how to get this right will be useful


Good week 1 in the books. It’s (not) funny how much non-compliant stuff creeps into your maintenance diet while you are convinced that you are eating clean. I realized it as diet got really clean this week. Looking forward to three more weeks of clean eating and daily working out. Good luck everyone.

Here’s a pic of my usual workout place - the apartment gym. Totally deserted on a Sunday afternoon. There’s something really badass about working out alone in the gym.

Not really 'graduating'! 

This is definitely a much more fast paced program than what meets the eye. Once I missed about 7-8 days in the middle, I couldn't really catch up but something's better than nothing. I will possibly do another week of the program or repeat it next year. Good luck everybody !

A better week than last but still not able to go the distance on distance run. I managed just about 7k today ( versus 11 k required) . I will probably do a week more after the program ends to get to the 10k run. For cross training got on to the elliptical cycle after a long time and that was fun. Many years ago when I had a back issue that was pretty much only cardio I was allowed and that too at quite low resistance but with Kenzai jump rope became my go to cardio. So it was good to be re-introduced to an old friend.

Good luck all - just a week to go !

Prodding on

I am doing this at my own pace - not that I like it that way but I think it's a good lesson in prodding on when circumstances are less than ideal. I could do the strength work last week but the best run I managed was about 5k in 35 minutes. Today I did about 5.5k in 40 minutes - not a blistering pace and quite off the distance runs prescribed but I opt to look at the bright side. These could have easily been "I am recovering" Netflix and pizza evenings but am happy that I am offering at least some resistance :) Good luck team - am cheering all of you on as this gets to the business end

I started Run 10K straight after I was recovering from a shingles attack but turns out the body hasn't fully recovered and the exertion caused some marked weakness and lowered immunity caused some viral attack. I have consulted a Physician last week who put me on immunity building and recovery fluids and having not exerted for better part of 10 days, I feel renewed. I know its a big gap but I don't want to sign out as this programme allows you your pace of doing things for most part. So I am going to pick up the threads from here and start the gradual journey upward . Good luck all !


A decent week in the books. Got a break in the rains that allowed me to run outdoors for the distance run. Quite slow on the start but am not complaining as I hadn’t run a 5k outdoors for three months or so. In questions of the week

What intimidates you about running ?
I have grown up playing a lot of ball sports where your skill-set with a moving ball or what people call ‘ ball-sense’ is quite important. At most ball sports the bigger skill is not to generate momentum but to control and channelise it. That’s where running could not be more different. You have to almost entirely generate the momentum on your own through a combination of body and mind and that sometimes is a significant drawdown on your will power.

What intrigues you about running ?
After most good runs, I get this great feeling as if I have cleansed myself. I feel lighter on my feet and generally in a positive frame of mind and that typically spills over into at least next few hours. I know there must be a scientific explanation to this revolving around chemical releases etc but this part of running ( post-running) actually intrigues me - how this is an almost fail-proof pick-me-up.

Good luck team. Let’s do this together

KB 2 - A Tale of 10 weeks and 3 weeks 

I would say I had good 10 weeks and things went downhill for last three weeks - combination of travel, work pressures and the flu. But I look at the bright side of things i.e the good 10 weeks and now that things seem to be on a more even keel - I hope I can get back to regularity. This as always is a journey with no full stops and that's probably the best part of it. Tomorrow is a new day ; so long amigos ...until we meet again !


After a whirlwind back home now and see clear 23 days ahead of me. I want to give this my best shot. During travels, diet didnt blow out but timings were erratic with large gaps between meals. I managed to do at least some cardio everyday but couldn't manage the full workout on all days.

Was just reminded today how good a full workout feels - hoping to max the final stretch. Good luck team !

PS- Ok, here's the smoking gun from cheat lunch !


I am embarking on the toughest 9-10 days of the program. I am travelling to Europe and Latam on work with meetings all through the day and multiple flights. The return flight to Mumbai is going to be 30 hours plus including layovers and I miss full two days in transit , including the time loss. I am not thinking too much about this - jump rope is packed in and I am going to focus on one day at a time.

Decent last week and managed a good run on the treadmill on Sunday. Its started raining here so options for outdoor cardio are reduced. The diet is getting a bit tiresome now especially the dinners but I know this phase - there is light around the corner :)

Good luck team !

End of Week 4





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