Talal K.

Talal K.

Kenzai Silver | Day 51
Kenzai Silver
Day 51
Program progress:
day 47

Hi Plymouth friends ,today I felt high spirit after getting over my long cold flu together with few unavoidable social events but challengingly l tried to keep as strictly as possible with Kenzai and l got my indulgence few days ago over my friend seated dinner gathering but amazingly l felt strongly to define the quality and quantity l should eat of those delicious smell Arabic dishes but knowing that it is my indulgence meal made a difference 😂😂it was ya mmmy

50./. Progress

Unfortunately I wake up this morning catching cold accompanied with sore throat which l am trying to fight!! in spite of my great morals that I am half way through program and I could see my pants start get fits again after long summer vacation (with much weight gain ) but I did not see recognized weight loss , any way I feel lighter

my diet

most of the time I have difficulty to organize my diet’s time schedule, My routine now is walk up at 8am drinking 3 glass of water with lemon& ginger (it was 6glasses before program) . At 9am start my work out ,At 10:30am breakfast , At 1:00pm morning snack , At 4:30pm lunch , At 6:30 pm snack, At 9pm dinner , At 11/11:30 pm snack sleep at 1am. l am concern for two reasons :::: 1/ do I have to finish eating all the meals & snacks even l feel full. 2/in some past days I had to delay dinner up to 11 pm do I skip dinner or ok even late thanks

first week experiance

I was prepared mentally for the Kenzai challenge , it went smooth in the exercises part but wasn’t perfect in controlling my food quantity but in general was ok beside that my wife in the same program helps