Tam S.

Tam S.


I don't even know where to start. I've loved Kenzai.

Not only has my body changed but my mind has too.

As I said in my blog a few days ago, I feel happy all the time. I can run for miles and I love it. I can skip for 20 minutes and feel great. I can squat a bar bell with my body weight on again, which is really satisfying!! Being cardio fit feels amazing and I've learnt that if I'm having a shit day, the only thing that's going to make it better is to just shut up and go do my workout.

I haven't been on point with my diet over the past 3 months and as a result I know I haven't lost as much fat as I could have. But what I am taking away is FAR more valuable. I have learnt that if I eat crap for a day or a weekend or even if I have a real woopsy and eat it for a whole week, it doesn't matter. So long as I get back on track. This hasn't just been a 3 month programme for me because I don't feel like anything is going to change with my eating or training tomorrow. The food is my new normal and the exercise is my therapy (don't worry Kenzai, I will chill for 3 days).

I've spent my whole life trying to stick to diets and failing because of the guilt when I have one slip up. I no longer binge because I have learnt to control my feelings with exercise. I've learnt to enjoy eating moderate portions of indulgent food without having to go over the top. I'm no longer addicted to cheese or pizza....and for anyone who read my introductory blog, you will know what a major achievement this is. I no longer drink regularly and I have such a clear head.

Thank you to my amazing Rigel teammates- Kate, Sarah, Brad, Darren, Alexandra, Ann, Sneha, Joe, Arwel and Talah. Your support has been invaluable despite going through trials of your own!

And a massive thank you to our amazing trainers- Brett and Ed who have kept me afloat even in the shitty depths of the valley. Couldn't have done it without you both and your incredible encouragement.

Lots and lots of luck everyone and enjoy a well-deserved rest!! :) xx


So I feel rather guilty as I went to a friends's house this weekend, to celebrate his birthday. Took all my gear for my workouts and had prepped meals... it never made it out of the car.

Never mind. Back to it today and have all my meals prepped for the week. I keep going through periods of feeling shit as I literally had one weekend left to get through. But then I tell myself to look at the bigger picture. It is irritating that I couldn't have just reigned it in for one last weekend but the feeling I have now is pretty encouraging. My current feelings:

- I ate bad food and did not enjoy it.
- I drank alcohol and really felt unwell (duurrr)
- I am craving my workout and can't wait to get back from work to do some skipping and supersets and maybe even go on a run...now my blisters are feeling better
- I have the most amazing rainbow of vegetables for lunch and some homemade turkey burgers and I can't wait to eat them!
- I feel happy pretty much all of the time now and alcohol is becoming more and more of a burden rather than a fun release.

So although I fell at the final hurdle, I would say Kenzai has completely changed me. Who would have thought that I would crave my new lifestyle so badly? I love my Kenzai routine and I love being so fit. And I am one of those who can't stick to something unless I love it. So despite the blip and the fact that I have quite a bit more fat to lose, I am now looking past the finish line and I'm feeling merry!

Blister problems

Can anyone suggest an alternative to skipping? The blisters on my feet are rather worse than I thought and I am hobbling around today but really want do some kind of cardio for the rest day?

8 miles.....

So despite saying I wasn't going to go running today, it was such a nice evening I decided to go on one. 8 miles later the blisters that started out quite small are now rather large and I'm hobbling around a bit. Sorry for the mingin picture.

Should be OK by tomorrow and I will definitely do some skipping for next few days! I think my legs are a bit tired after today's shocker (I hit a bit of a running wall) and I need to buy some new trainers before i attempt another run!


My skipping rope broke!! No fear, I wasn't feeling the skipping today anyway and have a new one arriving tomorrow morning. I went for a 50 minute run instead and it was so beautiful in the countryside. I felt so tired and lethargic all day today but decided to pull it together and get the bod moving. I then ended up doing a 2.5 hour workout and am now feeling physically tired, mentally merry and generally very zen.

I have also started to grow my own coriander and chilli, as my boyfriend and I cook with both, every day. I bought mini foil packs of the soil ready mixed with the seeds in packets, inside. All I had to do was bury the seeds and water them. Tadaaaaaa. I'm still waiting on the chilli but I've been told they take slightly longer..... I may have over watered them though.

Tired but happy

My goodness my body is knackered. Legs day today and I added a few weights to the exercises and now I'm shattered.

Kate and I set ourselves a challenge to try to do 8 minute abs everyday. Day 1 went well but I think I am in a period of slightly lower energy at the moment. Maybe because it's a sensitive point of the month.... but I'm feeling much happier than I usually am at this time of the month. Usually I would be quite irritable and a bit teary so I'll take the low energy in exchange for the happy.

End of another week

Going to try very hard to stay completely focused for the entire 7 days. Weekends are difficult but I've got all my food prepped and no plans to distract me. Come on team....lets leg it away from that bear towards the finish β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

Feels for today....

All good in the hood but sometimes I need to remind myself of this!

Sister's birthday

My indulgence involved 2 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of champagne, a few cupcakes and some quite amazing beef Wellington. Well done Jessminda and happy birthday!

Back on track today and had a great workout....probably due to the extra carbs! Added in some weights today as I feel pretty strong now and it was brilliant. Tired and ready to chill β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸΌ


Not the most challenging of recipes or the most creative but this soup has literally saved me this week. So easy for the evening and lunchtime veg and literally is so yummy!

1 x potato
1 x onion
1 x clove garlic
450g carrots
1 x big bunch/ handful coriander
1 x low salt chicken/ veg stock (plus 1.4L water)
1 x tsp ground turmeric (optional)

1. Chop the onions, garlic, potato and carrots into small bits.

2. Lightly fry the onions and garlic in 1 tsp coconut oil, until soft. Add the raw potato and fry for another minute.

3. Add the carrots and then pour the stock and 1.5L of water over the top and stir.

4. Bring it to the boil then put the lid on and simmer for 20 mins or until the carrots and potatoes are soft.

5. Add the fresh coriander and the soup to a blender or use a hand blender to blend up.

All or Nothing

Although I am back on track now, I have just had a little mental debate with myself about whether to reward myself with an indulgent snack for sticking to Kenzai. I have come out of that debate triumphant but I am getting bored of the inevitable, that seems to happen all the time. I don't want to be one of those people who is consistent for a week and then indulges for 3 days. I'm bored and tired of that person and that's the whole reason I'm never able to get fat off and keep it off. I'm being lazy and not thinking ahead.

I'm a binger and an 'all or nothing' kind of person and I am so scared of never being able to change that. It literally applies to everything in my life and I'm tired of it. Kenzai has taught me a lot and has started to change those ways but I'm scared that once it is over, I will melt back into my old ways. Patrick's blog on the 15th March really rang true, I just wish I could adopt that in my life, for real! Can anyone else relate and has anyone managed to overcome this?

Another challenge

Ok so I didn't manage to blog because I was literally so busy in Stockholm and had v limited internet (I had to preload my workout in a coffee shop-ridiculous!). I have set myself another 7 day challenge because the last one was really good. 😊 Back in UK now and very tired but happy to be back.

Street workout

Got up and did my workout in the middle of the street in Stockholm, this morning. It was very cold and quite hard as I didn't get as much sleep as I normally do but least it's done β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

Off to Stockholm

I forgot to blog yesterday!!!! I went to do it and then forgot! Off to Stockholm this evening to visit my best friend with my other best friends, which is awesome. Have already warned everyone that I am off drinking. Boyfriend ate a quiche last night and it took all my energy not to eat the leftovers....but I did it. It feels good to not feel guilty anymore πŸ‘πŸΌ

Energy coming back

Slowly but surely my energy and commitment is returning. I am also seriously contemplating quitting booze for good. It seems to effect me worse than most of my friends.... When I drink, I'm literally amazing for a few hours and then completely shit for like 2 days. Switch the voddy for the yoga! We'll see.

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