Tam S.

Tam S.


Tired but happy

  • Apr 2nd, 2016 at 5:51AM

My goodness my body is knackered. Legs day today and I added a few weights to the exercises and now I'm shattered.

Kate and I set ourselves a challenge to try to do 8 minute abs everyday. Day 1 went well but I think I am in a period of slightly lower energy at the moment. Maybe because it's a sensitive point of the month.... but I'm feeling much happier than I usually am at this time of the month. Usually I would be quite irritable and a bit teary so I'll take the low energy in exchange for the happy.

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Jess SwarbreckJess SwarbreckKenzai Member
Traineralmost 4 years ago

You go Tam(pax)

    Patricia S.Patricia S.Alumni
    almost 4 years ago

    so nearly there Tam......

      Brett KuhnertBrett KuhnertKenzai Member
      Traineralmost 4 years ago

      8-minute abs! Nice work, Tam, keeping going during a trough in your energy!

        Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Marathon | Day 18 (Member)
        Assistant Traineralmost 4 years ago

        Jess -hahahahahaha.

        I do wonder how salt, sugar and processed food affects feelings and mood that are exacerbated by menstrual cycles. It seems that your diet and exercise have had a positive effect on you during this time of the month.

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