Tamera A.

Tamera A.

Mind Finale 

Well, another program in the books! I am glad that we did this one SAT....it was much needed, at least for me. As always, thank you for your support, especially Jess and Patrick for the encouragement and knowledge!

Posture has always been important in my life, mostly due to the fact that my military father would drill it in us by saying 'back straight, shoulders back, butt out'. Ha, I will never forget and am so grateful for that. What I didn't know was how powerful it in meditation/prayer. Posture with hand position was critical for me in learning to be mindful. If I don't have my hands just right or back straight, I would get fidgety and lose focus. All I would think about was how fidgety I was. Once I mastered posture, I felt more relaxed, at ease and ready to just be. It was glorious!

Due to certain events that happened in my life during this program, Mind became more of a time for prayer, thankfulness, appreciation, and freedom. I will definitely take what I have learned and continue to perfect my "Me Time".

Hangin' in!

Once again, I am late getting a blog post up. It has been a very emotional week. My Grandad is soon to get his angel wings after battling with mesothelioma due to his exposure to Agent Orange during his military service. I spoke to him for the last time on Friday and am extremely thankful and blessed. He knew who I was and we were able to say our "I love You's". This being said, my meditation has turned into quality prayer time. I find that this time is peaceful, calm, freeing and enlightening. It has been a struggle to not have thought chains, so I focus on the positives and how wonderful life is. Posture and hand placement is still a big help in staying mindful.

Its not a holiday.....

....until someone gets sick and I am the lucky one! Yay. I came home with a lovely bug that I thought I had beaten until yesterday. It has turned into a sinus infection, so off to the doc I go tomorrow. This being said, my meditation has been less than stellar. I have made sure to read all lessons and the one today struck a chord. I MUST PERSEVERE the last 2 weeks. Tomorrow I vow to try my best and get the most out of this program.

A perfect backdrop

Our family is back ‘home’ in Texas for Thanksgiving and I didn’t even realize that it’s been over 7 days since I last blogged. Oops!

We have had some incredible Texas sunrises, which provides for a very serene atmosphere for Mind. Loving it!

Max's attitude is why I do not have a cat...funny, yet frightening at the same time. Ha!

I really enjoyed todays lesson and the explanation of what happens to our bodies during the fight and flight mode. This encourages me to continue to workout on a regular basis for my sanity and physical health. The meditation is the hard part BUT I do feel like there is an improvement. Today I noticed that I have Super Senses...little noises seem so clear, the hand soap I use had a stronger smell, and I am more sensitive to touch, which is why I need to sit with palms down on my legs. If I try to intertwine my fingers/thumbs, I get fidgety and a bit irritated. Strange. What a journey this has been so far!


Day 9 struck me down a little right after I had blogged about meditating with my eyes open to watch the birds and bunnies in the garden. Ha! I completely agree that eyes open are best (for me!) because when I close my eyes, the thoughts are rampant. Staring at a wall or something still is interesting. I waited to meditate until after the kids went to bed, which was a first. I usually do my workouts/meditation in the morning but thought I would give it a try at night. Nope, not for me. As I was staring away, I couldn't help but blink constantly because I was so tired. It was quite annoying. Oh well, good try at least!

Here are a couple pictures of our cute, furry 'yard art'. The white one is Gidget and the other is Jett. Gidget is like a cat. She likes to hang out in our front yard during the day and then goes back to her house in the evening. The neighbors enjoy seeing her out there once they found out that she does that on purpose. :)

Good Moments

Day 8 was pretty darn good, an improvement for sure! I had some relaxing, breathing-focused moments in the 7 minutes, although the majority of the time was still used to direct my mind back to being mindful. I go back and forth opening my eyes. Weird? Probably. I like to face my chair towards the window over-looking our garden. Watching the birds or seeing our bunnies in the yard calms me and also puts a smile on my face. Not sure this is the goal but its a happy place!

Eyes open or closed?

Day 3 was harder than yesterday. Maybe too much coffee this morning? Not sure whether I should keep my eyes open or closed? Singing worship songs in my head from this morning? Hearing my dog play with one of her toys and having a blast? Wow, all this packed into 5 short (long!) minutes. I think all of the above made this 5 minutes difficult to focus on breathing and breaking those thought chains. Practice, practice....

The next 6 weeks are going to be tough!

First Day of Mind

Hello all! Just sat still for 10 minutes straight. That's new. So many thoughts ran through my mind, was a little fidgety at first, and was impressed with how long 10 quiet minutes really is. I am so happy that Kenzai put this program together. It couldn't have come at a better time in this season of life for me, and I'm sure for many of you. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks with y'all!

Done Reaching 

Another program in the books. Time sure does fly but I’m happy to have had the experience and will continue to incorporate the morning stretches into my daily routine....oh, and Shavasana! Big shout out to Ward and my SAT teammates. Chisel is next!

Almost done

I would have to say that this has been the hardest program to stick to, mostly due to the timing. I manage to always get some of the stretches in but it’s been hard to complete a full day. I do enjoy the morning stretches and try to always get those in. My balance has improved, which I’m happy about! Time to wrap this program up and get ready for the next....

Summer is over

And just like that, summer is over and school has begun. What a hectic time of year it is but good thing I have Reach to rely on for some calmness! Still loving the morning stretches and feeling more flexible. I can’t help but laugh when doing the balancing acts though. I gotta learn to focus!

Todays Lesson...

....enough said. :)

Gotta love the Shavasana! I will definitely be keeping this gem of a pose going after the program is over. Love it.

Tough Week

Well I honestly have to say that I have missed quite a few workouts due to being away on vacay. I guess I should say that I haven't completely skipped them, as I have managed to do the morning stretches. I love them! It really starts the day off right and I can tell that the stretches are getting a bit easier to perform. However, todays workout was a challenge. The Half Moon and Reverse Half Moon were not very pretty...at all. Not only am I not flexible, but apparently my balance is lacking as well. Things to work on...

A Family Event

My warm-up consists of a tough game of soccer, of which it is hard to tell who won. I think Lola would assume she is the winner. That look she gave me was like ‘is that all ya got?!?’

My cool-down entails self-created yoga positions by my daughter. After sharing with her which position was my favorite (Shavasana of course), she demonstrated hers. Not sure what it is called but she said that she can hold this pose for 10 minutes while sleeping. Interesting....

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