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Tami P.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 21
Program progress:
day 19

Today went well. Had the day off for a team event and did well with my food choices at the restaurant.

Tomorrow, I'll head out for 2 more days of SAR training. I don't have to carry everything on my back this time so I'm bringing apples, grapes and carrots to supplement my hiking food. We get to sleep inside, I think, this time but the place has a mouse problem so I may be wishing for my normal tarp tied to a tree- lol

I got a great night sleep last night and should again today. It really feels great .

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

day 17

All is well today. I had meetings through lunch so I swapped snack and lunch around. I felt good all day. I'm just getting home (9:30pm) and am starting my workout. I'll get another full nights rest tonight! Yay!

day 16

I slept in until 8 this morning and worked from home. The mission for the missing hiker was suspended this afternoon so I was home all day only doing my regular job. I feel like I got caught up on some needed rest. My nutrition was great today. I pushed myself to tighter bands in my workout. Overall, it's a great day.

day 15

It was a good Kenzai day. Got the full workout in at a decent hour.

The hiker is still missing. I didn't go out today. Another mission came in a couple hours ago but I declined it too. Today was to have a normal work day, time with my son and good rest. I'll go out tomorrow afternoon, after work to look for the hiker (day 5 missing) or the mission that spun up tonight if it's not resolved by tomorrow afternoon.

Now, I'm off to 8 hours of sleep.

day 14

I'm back from 2 days training in the mountains. We started at 7am yesterday and ended at 11:30pm that night. This morning, we started at 5:45 am and we redeployed on a mission to find a hiker who's been missing for 3 days. I finished at 4:30 today. Lots of very treacherous hiking. We've not yet found him.
I can home to eat a Chipotle bowl. My first real food in 2 days.

I shopped on Friday so I'm ready to Kenzai tomorrow. I can't wait for this week!

day 12

I did almost perfect with my food today. Tomorrow, I start my many months of outdoor SAR training. More sleeping under a tarp tied to a tree. It's a lot of fun and great learning. On these weekends, I will miss the Saturday workout but will have many miles of hiking instead. I stay as Kenzai as I can but do add in protein bars for extra calories so I don't bonk.

day 10

Help! Grok is in control and I can't seem to stop having something I shouldn't every day. My job is tremendously busy this week and my volunteer work is in high gear. Because I'm tired, I'm being lazy about my food choices.

Please make Grok go away....

day 8

Busy day at the office followed up by a relaxing massage. Everything went well with Kenzai except the peanut butter cups I had. Tomorrow will go better.

I was called out on 2 rescue missions late last night. Luckily, half way to the mountains, they were cancelled. I got home and had a super sound sleep which I needed after being sick. I'm feeling pretty good today.

My learning from rock climbing yesterday is that I need to stop avoiding the pull up bar exercises this time around 😉. I'll be working harder to do those and continuing to use tighter bands as I get stronger.

day 7

I woke up today feeling much better! Yay!!!! I'm not 100% but 75% feels great.

I've been wanting to learn how to rock climb and the technical aspects behind it so I hired a personal coach for the day. We spent 8 hours under blue skies (no smoke) and I learned a ton. That is a challenging sport. I can't wait to learn more and practice. That was today's workout.

Bring on week 2.

day 6

Still not feeling well. Stayed inside. Workout is done and I'm heading to bed. I have an 8 hour private instruction class to learn how to rock climb tomorrow. I sure hope I feel better in the morning.

day 5

I took some friends, visiting from London, on a 6 mile hike today. Did my Kenzai training tonight.

I still don't feel well. Raging headache, sore throat and my asthma is not controlled. I'm hoping for some rain to get the smoke out of the skies. Ugh!

I'll be staying indoors tomorrow, unless there is a mission.

Day 4

I took the mandatory 3 days off from the first 90 days. I missed yesterday due to travel and today I don't feel well. Washington state is on fire so our air quality is horrendous. I think that's what has me feeling poorly vs having a virus. I will do today's workout and look forward to KB2!

Day 90 

See photo for blog I wrote in the app.

day 90

Wow! What a journey. I stepped on the scale today after avoiding it for 90 days. I lost 11 pounds. My clothes fit like I lost 15-20. Lots of cool muscle definition.

Redoing the first workout was a blast. I could do the pull downs with 1 finger. It was such a great reflection of the journey.

Thank you to David for getting me into this. My trainers for understanding my crazy life. And, my cohorts who continually supported me on my blog and made me laugh. If you want to keep in touch after this, let me know and I'll share my email.

Though it's a mandatory 3 days off, the holiday weekend is when people fall down in the mountains a lot. And it's 90 degrees so they also won't have enough water. I'll probably be out there a lot but it will be doing what I always do and love.

I can't wait to start KB2!

day 89

Day 89 is in the books! Yay! I'll sleep in tomorrow and see what's on tap for day 90.