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Kenzai Run | Day 44 (Member)
Kenzai Run
Day 44
Program progress:
day 35

Today I wasn’t able to get in my run. As I was driving to the trail, a SAR Page came in for a missing Alzheimer’s person. I switched into search and rescue gear and went out to find him. He was found alive.

On my way home, another page came in for a rescue in the mountains. Heart attack. I raced out there. I was the first SAR team up. I carried my pack (20 pounds) and half of the stretcher (18 pounds) on my back and went very quickly up the trail (approx 2 miles). Unfortunately, the subject passed away just before we got there. CPR had been administered while we were on the way. I then spent an hour carrying the body down to the medical examiner. Though it was less than 7k, given the weight on my back and the speed at which I had to hike, I’m counting it as close enough.

I’ll do tomorrow’s workout after my rock climbing lesson.

I’m getting tired of bodies (3rd one this year). Looking forward to to broken legs and ankle rescues.... Being good at seeing, touching and carrying bodies is not something I ever thought I’d say....

day 30

Today I did everything I could to not run. I worked. Worked more. Tried to nap. Caught up on my tv shows. Waited until it was dark and rainy. But, I texted my bestie, who had already run 90 min earlier in the day, and asked him to join me. Darn it if he didn’t agree to run with me. Sheesh!

I got in a nice 30 min run on a new trail system, in the dark and rain but with my best friend. 😊

day 29

I nailed the nutrition today. Yay! I also got back to the rock climbing gym for the first time since my fall 2 weeks ago. 90 min of climbing and I felt good. I’m considering this my strength workout today. I did a bunch of top rope and a little bit of bouldering.

day 28

Workouts are going well. Nutrition isn’t. I shopped today and have a new strategy at work. I’ll let you know how it goes at the end of the week.

The long run today was slow- imagine a slug in peanut butter. But, I finally headed out to my fav running area and hit the hilly trails. I’ll keep at it. It was a nice break in the rain.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the rock climbing gym. Fingers crossed that I remember how to climb 😉

I only hiked 1 time last week and focused on just runs. I need to figure out a better balance between the two. I’ll get there.

day 23

I did it. I did it. Up at stupid o’clock and got my run done before 6:30am. I had a conditioner in my hair all night so I woke up looking like Medusa. Put on a hat and got outside. At least I smelled good- lol.

After my massage tonight, I’m just going to chill on the couch. Yay!!!!

day 22

I got the 5k in tonight. I ran with a friend which made the twilight rainy run really nice.

I skipped my rock climbing tonight to protect my elbow but did do the Kenzai strength workout.

Tomorrow, I have my monthly massage. I’m going to try to get up early so I can workout before work vs doing it after my evening massage.

day 21

I was able to do the workouts for days 18-20 without issues with my elbow.

Today, I failed. I anticipated the workout to be strength give the past 2 days of cardio. So, I put off the workout until bedtime. Whoops, it’s a 5k.

I have my alarm set for early tomorrow and will get it in before work.

My mission this week is to nail the nutrition every day.

Please pardon the awful weekly photo. I was dressed for bed when I remembered so I did a quick change and got the photo in.

I’m looking forward to running in the morning.

Day 18

Unfortunately, I had to miss 3 days of workouts. I was bouldering with my climbing instructor on Monday and fell off the wall (indoors) and slammed my elbow into a boulder on the way down. We thought it was broken so, off to the ER I went. Luckily, it was not broken but just badly bruised and banged up. I wore the sling for 1 day and just keep icing. Today, I feel like I can workout, as long as nothing touches my elbow.

Additionally, I spent the last 2 days leading all day meetings. This means, I'm in a conference room from 9-5 and eat oreos to stay awake. They make me even more tired and sick (gluten). What a disaster I am....

I'm back on track (kind of) today. I'll nail everything tomorrow.

We are still getting the dumb storms here but I'll still get in my evening runs.

day 14 photo

Same hike as last week. Just with snow this time. I’m on the right.

day 14

As promised I was on an 8 mile training hike today. I’ll post a photo soon.

A page just came in for a SAR mission. Gotta go.

day 13

An hour into being at the class I was assisting in, we got a page for a recovery mission so, I headed out for that. The mission took a few hours but we were able to get the body back to her family. Please, if you are considering suicide, call your local hotline for help.

Since I wasn’t needed back up at the class, I took advantage of a break in the rain and did a 30 min run. It was great being out in the daylight and on the trails. I know it’s cross training day but I won’t be able to run tomorrow. Tomorrow is an 8 mile SAR training hike and rock climbing.

I’m off to review the blogs to see how my Kenzai team is doing.

day 12

I got the workout done. Those hop things are tough! I’m determined to get better at them.

I also spent 90 min at the rock climbing gym today. I did well on the 5.9 climb that was my project for the week.

Tomorrow I’ll be helping at a SAR class from 6:30am til 8pm. I’ll bring my run gear and get in the run during a break in the action and hopefully break in the rain.

day 11

I’m so excited. I set my alarm for the crack of dumb and woke up to pouring rain. So, I decided to go back to sleep and leave my office early to get in a run during daylight. Well, it was dumping rain then too. After a 3 hour SAR meeting at my house, at 8:30pm, the storm had paused. I was able to get my run in!

I found I can do the strength workout in the early morning but not the run, I lived surrounded by trails. It’s not safe to run them in the dark as I worry about mountain lion, bobcats, coyotes and bear (when not hibernating). Tonight I ran on the roads. I look forward to to the runs I can do on trail in the daylight as I much prefer dirt vs pavement.

day 9 and 10

Day 9 had me up super early for work and not home until 9pm so, I skipped the run and went to bed.

Day 10- I did 25 min fast on my elliptical to make up for yesterday. Got the strength workout done. Let’s just say my dog looked at me very oddly as I was running circles around a slipper 😊. Tonight, I have a SAR training hike. It’s only 3 Miles this time so I’ll do a walk/run through part of it as the elliptical is not the same.

Tomorrow, I’ll only do Kenzai. Yay!!!!

day 8

Well, I set my alarm for stupid o’clock (5:30). I hit snooze until 6:10 while my body seemed cemented to the bed. I got up and got my work out done. Woohoo! Tonight I have my private instruction for rock climbing. My instructor works me until I’m a big noodle. It’s going to be a fun day.

I’m not a morning person so I can’t wait until I don’t call 5:30 stupid o’clock 😊

Now, quick breakfast before heading to the office.