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Tami P.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 79 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 79
Program progress:
day 78

I’m getting cardio in every day but not always getting the strength workout in. My nutrition is ok but not perfect. My sleep comes and goes but I’m happy to say I got 14 hours of sleep on Saturday night. I must have been tired!

I’m feeling strong but not doing well at staying on plan. I’m so distracted with rock climbing, running and getting outside. Darn it!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I’m pleased to say that binging won’t be an issue for me. I don’t like most of the food. I will dive into the pumpkin pie and whip cream but nothing else. I’ll dive verrrry deeply into the pie 😊

I hope everyone is doing great and feeling strong!

day 71

SAR stuff this weekend had me hiking over 15 miles with a 40 pound pack on. The pack was on for about 10 hours each day as we keep them on while teaching and not just while moving. I ate enough calories to not bonk and to stay strong.

A mission is going on right now. If the person is still missing when I get off work, I’ll head out on that.

It’s great to feel strong and healthy. I’ll post my weekly photo when I get home from work tonight.

day 68

I’m happy to say I’ve been getting great sleep this week. My new role at Amazon is wonderful too.

Today, I did the Kenzai cardio and later in the day did a 1 hour run. I ran 45 min of it. Not bad considering I’ve not run a step in over a year.

Tonight I’m off to another outdoor weekend of SAR training. It’s going to be cold and wet but I’m ready. This is the last weekend of this kind of training until late January. Yay!

Food is going ok. A friend recommended a protein shake for after SAR stuff. Turns out, it has dairy and was making me super sick. No more of that for me.

I hope everyone is doing well.

day 64

The weekend of SAR training went well. 5 more days at home before my last weekend of outdoor training til January.

I’m looking forward to 5 days at home, working out, eating clean and sleeping.


day 59

All is going well. I’m still struggling with lack of sleep from stress but after this week, things should settle down.

I’ll be out all weekend for SAR training. This time I’m teaching so I get to sleep in a building. The following weekend is my last full weekend being outside, training and sleeping under a tarp until late January.

Today, I signed up for a half marathon. It’s not until July but it sells out on the first day. I had signed up to do the full marathon version in 2016 but ended up with an injury just prior to the race. Given SAR is so busy in the summer, I thought a half would be a realistic plan. I’ll be looking for the Kenzai running program 😊. I’m looking forward to running again...

day 56

I got my act back together today. I headed back to the same hike as yesterday and completed it in half the time as yesterday. I even did it in my fastest time ever.

Nutrition has been good. Sleep is still not something I’m doing well with. I was woken up at 3am by 2 emergency alert calls from my son’s’ college. I’m hoping tonight will be better.

Photo is from yesterday’s hike. I was way happier today.

day 55

I went out on a simple 6 mile hike and felt dizzy most of the way up. I got my Kenzai workout done tonight. My lame week has caught up with me.

Tomorrow, I’ll hit the mountains again and do an 8 mile hike. I’m hoping it goes better.

I need to nail my nutrition and get more cardio in.


Help! I can’t get my act together. I’m eating poorly and am not working out consistently. My paying job is stressful at the moment and I’m tired all the time.

I plan to get back on track tomorrow and also hope for some missions to get back into the mountains.

Any words of wisdom to get my act together are appreciated....

day 51

Nice quiet day today. Yay! When I went to the climbing gym yesterday, I did top rope climbing and had to use my harness. The other recent climbing was bouldering without a harness. I am thrilled to say my harness is at the max smallest setting and it’s almost not safe due to my shrinking body. I’ll be buying a new harness- size XS this week. A girl can never have too many harnesses. My current one fits when I wear multiple layers of clothes outside. So, the new one will be on skinny clothing days 😊

day 50

So, last week was tough. I lost a friend suddenly to cancer. Work (my paying job) was very stressful. I was also getting sick.

Over the weekend, I was teaching SAR trainees. This meant, I was up at 3:30 am on Saturday. My boots and 40pound backpack was on from 5:30 am til midnight. Hiking and teaching outside all day. We slept outside under tarps in a major rainstorm. Sunday, my pack and boots were back on from 6:30am until 4pm. All my trainees passed the class and I got stronger with the heavy pack.

Today, though I was very tired from the weekend, I hit the rock climbing gym for 90 minutes and then did my Kenzai workout. I’ll be home all week and weekend so, I should have a good stretch of Kenzai training plus my usual stuff.

Off the grid

I’ve been off the grid for a couple days and had a really bad week last week. I wasn’t feeling well so I missed a couple workouts. I’m just back from 2 days outside in dumping rain training new potential rescuers. I’m now home, dry and going to bed.

Back on Kenzai tomorrow. I’ll take a photo tomorrow night.

cardio Sunday continued

Gotta love the birds...

cardio Sunday

9 mile hike rated expert. It’s one of my fav hikes with a gorgeous view of Mt Rainier. I went up faster than normal as I’m training with a SAR friend to push myself.

Beautiful day! Life is good.

day 41

I’m just waking up from a long night of sleep. It sure felt good. My oldest son, who is away in college, had a surprise visit to see my youngest and I for the weekend. The look on my youngest face when he saw his brother was priceless. It’s nice to have both my kids home for a couple days.

I got my results from my 23 and Me DNA test. Everything looks really healthy. The attached photo cracked me up. Maybe I could be a 50 year old geriatric Olympian 😉.

Yesterday. I did my Kenzai workout and also more climbing at the rock climbing gym. Today, I plan to chill at home and Kenzai. Tomorrow, I’ll be out on a long hike.

day 39

A few more days MIA from blogging. I’ve been doing all the work and doing well. I’ve also been hiking and joined a rock climbing gym. Tonight, I rock climbed for 2 hours and then did my Kenzai workout in the gym they have. When I get home tonight, I’ll get the cardio done.

My sleep has been poor due to stress. I’m continuing to work on it.

I’ll be home all weekend, aside from any missions but it will be nice to sleep at home.

I hope everyone is doing great!!!!