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still sick

I’m going to have to skip this program. I’m so ready to feel well. I need exercise and to stop eating lucky charms. Asthma is a bit more under control. Just not there yet.


I’ve been sick for about 6 weeks. Finally on antibiotics. I’ll start this program tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Graduation Chisel 

I loved this program. I liked the length and intensity. I wish I hadn’t battled an illness that knocked me out for the last week. I’m happy with my results and look forward to building off them going forward.


Well, the illness got me. I’ve been sick for over a week. Today was my first workout and I ran a whopping 2.5 miles with an average pace of 14 min mile. Ugh. At least it was forward. My chest is still congested.

I ate fairly well but admit Honey Nut Cheerios creeped in. I’m glad I had my Orgain Plant Based protein shakes as I didn’t feel well enough to cook very often.


day 33

Did a 5 mile fast hike on Wednesday. Got sicker yesterday so I rested. Still sick today. Did 30 min elliptical and some non bouncy Kenzai. My illness is in my chest now and isn’t fun.

I’m hoping to turn the corner tomorrow.

day 30

I’m back from my latest trip. I worked out every day on the trip. I did elliptical on Sunday. I’m still fighting off whatever the bug is that’s been trying to get me down. I went to bed early last night and didn’t work out.

Diet is still good. Today is day 1 of my 12 weeks to marathon training. Though I didn’t feel great, I still did my 3 mike run and Kenzai workout. I have to be careful and make sure I don’t trigger my asthma when I feel like this. The workout felt good so I’m glad I did it.

Tomorrow is hiking night. I didn’t go last week due to laziness and wanting time with my son. I really do plan on going tomorrow, even with the continued heavy rain. Unless the winds make it unsafe...

day 22 chisel

I was a mix of emotions today. First, being reminded the program is 6 weeks and not 5 had me elated. I’m not where I want to be so I need that week. Then, I saw we were doing sets of 3. That made me grumble thinking we will work up to 4- ouchie. But, I put on my big girl pants and got it done. If I want to get results I need to work for it.

Tomorrow, I will be doing my Wednesday night training hike instead of Kenzai. I’ve not been on one of them in several weeks and am climbing St Helens next month so, I need to get moving uphill.

Next week, I really need to start running so I’m going to try, yet again to do Kenzai in the morning before work and run after. Must get my act together!

day 21 Chisel

My trip to Austin went well. My jump rope set off the TSA screens so I got searched on both flights. Ah, the price of being fit. My hotel and office are the The Domain area. There was a Whole Foods there so I got a bunch of stuff to eat for breakfast and snacks. I had to eat out for lunch and dinner with my team. I made good decisions, for the most part. Well, except that one day that I ate salted caramels. The hotel makes homemade ones. They are my kryptonite. I tumbled into a whole bag of 12. Payback was the stomachache. Lesson learned and I got back on track.

Today, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes.

On Thursday, I head to Pullman to visit my son at WSU for mom’s weekend. Since it’s just a 5 hour drive, I’ll bring all the food I need. I don’t drink so the party at his fraternity will be a non issue. This should be an easy trip. Then I’ll be home until the 23rd when I head to Austin again.

I feel like I’m in the groove with chisel.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this program!

day 14 chisel

I started coming down with something so I missed 1 workout and only did 1 round of another. I’m feeling better now. For cardio today, I ran 2.5 miles and felt good. I chose the longboard for my strength option.

Tomorrow, I head to Austin for the week on business. I’ve never been there so I don’t know my way around as I did for my prior regular travel (NY and London). I’ll make my way to a grocery store when I arrive and get set up for the week. I’ll be bringing my jump rope and bands. I’ll have a few trips to Austin a year so I need to nail this down on my first try.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

day 11 chisel

I had plans to sneak in a little run today but the bear are awake and out of hibernation and hungry. We have several in my neighborhood. So, I’ll give them a day or two to remember people are friends not food. It is fun when they come out each spring, towing a couple babies every year. I live in a high density neighborhood but am surrounded by a large system of trails, right outside my back door. I’ll elliptical tonight.

I’ve gone to bed hungry the past 2 nights. I’m looking forward to my body getting used to the reduced calories.

I’m back to meditating at night and slept better than I have in a very long time last night. Yay!

Day 9 Chisel

I'm working from my Amazon office today vs working from my couch at home. I'm happy to say I've stuck with the diet perfectly so far. Any time I go in the kitchen for my floor, it's hard to walk by the cereal bar and not eat anything. There are 50 boxes of different cereals for the people who sit on my floor. I was enjoying the chocolate Cheerios last week and have cut myself off.

Aside from getting strong for mountaineering and SAR, my goal of this program is to look FANTASTIC for my search and rescue graduation on April 15. Everyone on my team tends to only see me in rescue gear, baseball hats, gortex and layers. I want to go in a cute little dress and look like a princess. This will take a ton of dedication and no going off plan except on missions when I need more calories and no skipped workouts unless I've been in the mountains for an extended period. I know I can do it.


What a packout of an injured person looks like.

day 8 chisel

I made it back safely from my training weekend. Just the usual bumps and bruises. The mock search area was so fast and had some fire service roads so the 4x4 Team (4 wheel drive vehicles) drove us around more than usual. I got in about 15 miles of hiking. I ate my Lara bars as I normally do while in the field. However, when I was at base between missions, I snacked on a bunch of carrots.

I did the work out today. I’m super fatigued from the weekend so I was only able to do half the burpees. I managed to get the other things done. I nailed my diet today and my food for the office tomorrow is all packed.

I’ll do my workout in the morning tomorrow as I have a massage after work.

I’ll post a couple photos from the weekend.


I’ll be back online tomorrow

day 5 chisel

Workout is done. I decided to skip my run because of my intense training this weekend.

The crab walks really hurt my aching hands. Is there a substitute?

Though my paying job is at Amazon, I spend 20-40 hours a week in my volunteer role. I’m a first responder with my county (king in Washington state) search and rescue unit. I’m one of the people who hike and climb to find lost people, carry out injured, recover bodies, etc. This weekend is my final training weekend to become a team leader. On Sunday, I will have completed 7 months and over 300 hours of training. As of tomorrow at 7am I will have a 40 pound backpack on my back until 3pm on Sunday. I will have hiked 30ish miles. The icky part is sleeping under a tarp that I’ve tied to a tree for shelter. It is rugged training in the mountains but necessary for what I do.

I will miss the workout tomorrow. I’ll be eating healthy but will be off plan as I need to be for this type of activity. Just as I do when I climb mountains (glacial mountaineering), I will eat and drink as needed for the environment.

I’ll blog again on Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!




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