Tanvi D.

Tanvi D.


I'm so sick of this. I was starting to get better. I was finally being able to move around without being in too much pain. Yesterday I got home from the factory and I sat down with my afternoon tea snack at around 6:30 and something just felt wrong in my back and its gone back to square 1. I am so angry and frustrated right now. with myself, my body, my strength, everything. I thought let's just rest it out. When I woke up I was fine and I thought maybe I'm ok but as soon as I moved to get out of bed I was in agony again. I have missed so much of training because of this stupid injury and it sucks. bending over hurts. breathing hurts. sitting hurts. twisting hurts. I just *arrrggghhhhh*


I can hardly believe there is less than a month left.

So I'm back in India again, woo! Not that it is cause for celebration or anything, but back to the grind as they say.

This past week has been especially difficult. I hurt my back. I don't know how or why but I can't move and it's been rough. In between I celebrated my dad's birthday by taking him to see Avengers: Endgame and out to dinner. Which was a fairly chill affair. I don't drink and we aren't big eaters (even though we are foodies) so we shared a couple of appetizers (meant for 2 people) between a group of 8, which meant 1/4-of-a-bite-size portions of 3 dishes, and about two bites of the "main" dish. which was not bad we got to taste dishes without overeating. Afterwards we ordered an insane dessert (which we didn't end up eating because we didn't like it, and we also would never have been able to finish it because it was meant for like a group of 10-15 people, so my brother ended up packing it and taking it home). Over all a successful guilt-free glutonny-free Indulgence.

Traveling Coach with a bad back is awful. I luckily pre-requested special assistance and was able to get wheelchair assistance. And thankfully the seat next to me was empty which I was dreading because the check-in agent said the flight was full. So I was able to bend myself into an angle that was "comfortable" for my back. I prebooked a "fruit platter" for my meal and I get complimentary lounge access because of my credit card so I had packed a salad there (I switched the contents out because I needed the salad when I got the fruit, and the fruit when I landed). It was great, no problems. other than the aggravated back.

I am scared to exercise with the back... should i just rest it out? it's coming on day 6 day.

Indulgence #2

so I read today that we had Indulgence 2 approved... can I hold off until next week? it's my dad's birthday and I am extending my trip in Dubai so that I can spend the day with him (also since I'm in India for the next month and a half I can give the Dubai office some much needed TLC in terms of work in the meanwhile...)


So for the past month I've been getting weekly vitamin shots because I had serious deficiencies.

Today I couldn't sit up because the entire right side of my butt is all bruised. It's been painful getting the shot on that side whenever this one nurse gives it it to me but I didn't think anything of it. but today I can't move. It's been a week since my last shot. Why is it hurting now? So weird! I've got to go in tomorrow. I'm gonna make sure I don't get that nurse 😂.

On a different note. I totally thought we had another week or two before our first Indulgence. That's something to look forward to, eh! Especially with all the sad blogs lately. Something to cheer us all up, eh. I'm not sure what I want to do yet. Do I have to do it this week? I have a friend's wedding coming up in 3 weeks .... 😜

Into the TMI 💩 zone so y'all can stop reading here ...

I know the blog post said that toilet trips would become more frequent, but I'm becoming a little bit uncomfortably infrequent and the few times I do end up going are incredibly unsatisfactory. I don't know if it's because if the meat, because the days after veg days are a lot better. I am also very gassy.

Looks like another day without workout. Been on-the-go since 6. it's 9pm and I'm looking at another 3 hours before I head home. Early morning again tomorrow which means getting either meal prep in tonight or tomorrow morning...

Day 12.

Today was not a good day for me.

I had a horrible migraine.

My building had no water all day. We got water for an hour (we were not informed when water would go, when it would come or that it would go again). I was in the middle of lunch prep when it went again. To top it off I was being pressured into going for a dinner thing with my parents and their friends and so it triggered an anxiety attack.

I went down to get my exercise done and I just kept getting foot cramps while skipping and eventually stopped at 200 skips because I was in too much pain. I tried to get the strength stuff done but it think it was just too much today. And now I'm all sweaty and I don't have water to get showered before the dinner party.


Doctor said my lungs sound way better now. Still on medication for 3 more weeks for that.

Three different people checked my blood pressure on three different machines and got three very different results. 🤷

Other than that pretty uneventful day. Got an Amazon FireStick to
turn my TV into a smart TV. yay!

OH. I made a chicken "burger" for dinner. yum.


I am in so much pain today 😭. Breathing hurts. I did my exercise in the evening yesterday and I was gonna go today morning but I was in agony. I got my food made with much agony - over cooked my chicken and then had to choke it down, quite literally. The flavor was good, the texture not so much.

I usually hate having my mom around during training periods because she is constantly naggging me. "drink water". "did you eat your food?" ... which can be helpful.... I guess... but not if you've lived with it your whole life. HOWEVER. TODAY, I GOTTA SAY she really saved my sore ass. I was totally being a lazy bum and was thinking of skipping my exercise because of the pain. but she asked me to go for a walk with her I'd skip while she walked but she was adamant about company so she said she'd go with my dad when he got back from the factory. I told her I'd go down with them at that time but I'd go do my strength exercises earlier (which I did). When my dad got back he didn't want to go because he had back pain, so in my mind I'm rejoicing about no cardio. And I'm finishing dinner when my mom says "so when are we going down"? long story short I got my 400 skips in.

One thing I need to remember is to focus on my food when I eat it. I just moved to Mumbai, and while I used to live here before, we recently moved apartments and are no longer living in my childhood home, so we're in a new area and are still living out of boxes (we don't even have a dining table or space for one for that matter... I don't know how I'm gonna do the metronome when it shows up). But basically, I'm constantly occupied, and I am eating while occupied and I am not focused on my food. So I get hungry and go looking for food. Now, looking for food is not new for me, and I am used to opening the fridge and closing it without taking anything out (same for the snack cabinet). But I have a lot of food I am eating I should not be feeling hungry all the time. 

Breakfast - Quinoa Stir-Fry https://kenzai.me/recipes/quinoa-stir-fry
Lunch - Tandoori Chicken with Rice, Mixed Veg and Yogurt.


So. I went to the doctor again yesterday since I haven't gotten any better. My blood pressure was higher than the last time (despite going on medication). My bronchitis was still severe. New doctor gave me a whole new set of medication, except for the inhaler that the previous doctor prescribed.

Previous doctor was in Delhi (I was visiting for my cousin's wedding, she's a kenzai member and alum). I live in Dubai. But I will be doing my Kenzai Body program in Mumbai (where new Doctor is).

I also finally found a jump rope. The
sad thing is that I can't even get a jump in without wanting to die. Did I mention that combing my hair is leaving me exhausted these days? Which is weird because a few weeks ago I was running up and down the stairs at my aunt's house in Delhi. Yesterday I went up the stairs at the hospital and almost passed out afterwards 😂.

I think because I am redoing the program the app has all the workouts I had completed last time marked as done and and the lessons ticked off... So I have to go and "redo workout" if I use the app.

And it just doesn't feel right to click the "I did it" when I didn't even get 1 set in. ☹️


I went to the malls and stores today to find a skipping rope. And not a single one I went to had one. It is so bizarre to me that sports shops don't carry them. that toy shops don't carry them. I'm gonna have to find alternative cardio till I find one.

Eventually, I was so light-headed and faint I had to head home. Tried the exercises and couldn't get anything done 🙁 ... I was kind of expecting it considering how combing my hair tires me out. but I was hoping anyways. I bought new gym shoes too. super comfy. super bouncy. 😞




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