Tatum T.

Tatum T.

made it!!! 

well I am so proud of all of you in my group for making it here with me. it was hard work. i can't imagine signing up for more any time soon, but hope to see you in the future programs. wishing you all a successful, happy, and healthy life. cheers
what a roller coaster it has been. case in point, my best weeks were week 7 and 12. i have been on some sort of diet most of my life. i must admit the kenzai style of eating has been one I plan on adopting as a way of life. i have 5 clients that has such incredible changes that were my inspiration for signing up. i knew with my profession, I'd just end up being a "B" student, so had low expectations for myself. and i think i got "B" results, but couldn't possibly be any happier! i feel strong and fit and thrilled. where i landed feels realistic and just right. i will definitely shout kenzai from the rooftops!

what has changed....
so much! what a roller coaster this has been..starting with i thought it was over yesterday! i'm stoked to have learned that a) i'm capable b) smaller portions and frequency are a game changer for life

What do I plan on doing when I finish this program?
I plan on moving 6 days a week and eat small portions often. The kenzai eating style has been a game changer. I love it.

Easiest and hardest...

I’d say kenzai is a challenge so there’s not much that’s actually easy. I found the routine of the daily workout came pretty easy. I found my two hours of food prep on Sundays to be quite meditative and easy I suppose. And the hardest aside from the actual workouts would be eating consistently throughout the day when I’m busy.

How has my overall lifestyle changed...

My lifestyle hasn’t actually changed much. I was already working out and eating healthy. But what has changed is my confidence has gone up significantly. And I don’t take this lightly. I feel so fit and good and happy in a consistent way. The struggle turned manageable and although the self critical voices still creep up, I’m able to step back and look at big picture to silence them! This is a total game changer. I really hope you guys can say the same. I’ve been routing for you. 3 more weeks to go!

How have my energy levels changed....

I’m not sure if this is normal or a vegetarian thing but I’ve noticed the last week I’ve been extra tired. I’ve been doing a lot of yawning at work in the afternoon. I’m also super hungry all of the time. I’ve been doing quinoa as my carb all the weeks until week 8 then made an English muffin my am carb. Maybe it’s the bread index? While we are at it, my skin is still horrible and my libido is still low. Maybe it’s not related to kenzai? I sure like where my body is headed though. I think I’ll just add in some caffeine? Eager to hear how you guys answer.

wow that was hard

So I just did 5 days in Mexico for a bachelorette party. I was able to do my morning workouts just the same (thank god as I’ve come to love them). The diet was out the window. Due to logistics and getting caught smuggling in apples, it just didn’t happen. I ended up eating a (healthy) dinner every night. I found that I still felt pretty good. I chose to be hungry rather than eat shitty (Doritos and chocolate etc). Although it was a full 5 days, I’ve got my jersey on and I’m ready to be back in the game!4.5 weeks and counting. Hey gang...let’s finish strong!!!

I don’t have one day that’s harder than the rest in a week. My difficulty is dependent on my work schedule. If I’m booked back to back with no breaks, it’s simply impossible to eat. I realize there’s nothing I can do about that, but I try to do the best when I can,hoping to send my metabolism the correct message. This is real life and I’m okay with it.

Why am I not quitting now?
Because this is really hard work and I’m not going to waste all the effort thus far and BECAUSE I FEEL GREAT!

So just gonna sit quietly and see where next week and a half go.

good morning

Got my first TWO compliments yesterday. It felt good for hard work to get noticed!!! I’ll admit the dinner this week is killing me but it’s Thursday so not much further to go..

How is my social life changing....
I’m an antisocial introvert so not one thing has changed! Ha ha.


I didn’t see anyone else write about this. I’ve struggled with GUILT around food for decades. The challenge of associating good and bad labels with foods. This particular homework we had definitely brought it back hard. Having the trainers tell me it’s mandatory only exasperated the whole thing. So I did it and then went from feeling great and successful to feeling guilty and bad all day. Interesting issue to deal with. But spilt milk. Today is a new day and so close to closure of month one!!


Today is the first day I’m feeling kinda skinny. Like oh this might be working. Then I open today’s lesson that encourages an indulgence. No way. No thanks. I feel great. Not gonna do it🙅🏽‍♀️.....nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! Ha ha

writhing turtle

I had side sit-ups today with knees up and over and couldn’t get my torso off the ground! I lye there like a turtle on its back only to find myself laughing out loud wondering if anyone else is struggling with this one?! Happy hump day everyone




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