Tatum T.

Tatum T.

Kenzai Body | Day 21
Kenzai Body
Day 21
Program progress:

and what do you do when you are in your car running errands all day? are we meant to not go in public for this 12 weeks?!

The easiest part has been getting enough sleep and the routine of morning exercise. The hardest part is the diet for sure. As a vegetarian having to find the chart and do the math and feeling guilty for eating beans after they said how bad they were etc. I also hate eating carbs so that's equally as hard. All of it is actually. I'm super sick so feeling a bit dismal about the whole thing because i just want soup. keepin it real. hope everyone else is faring better. cheers

i live in san francisco and i am a hairdresser/salon owner. my best quality is my ability to listen. my kenzai source has been 5 clients who i've seen fantastic results in.

so i went on holiday to scotland on day 4 of this program. i packed a band and was able to do all the workouts each morning before i left for the day and proceeded to walk 6-11 miles on top of it. there are no excuses as sit ups, pushups, and squats work anywhere! as for the diet....thur-sun were still in the eat less part so super easy. mon-wed was impossible to do since i didn't pack a scale, but made the best choices i could given the circumstances. but i'm home now and i've got my jersey on and am ready to jump in the game! ps i already messed up by weighing spinach before i cooked it(didn't see the blog while i was gone) which was an entire bag! ha ha

My answer is quite typical. I was surprised that I was still satisfied/satiated by the smaller amounts, and that not eating until I was suffering from being over stuffed by my clean plate obsession feels a whole lot better!

the beginning

day one: leave food on plate. seems simple enough.....psyche! Wow did I have a hard time with this. My answer to the resistance was to just prepare less food. My usual breakfast is 3 eggs and veggies scramble. I started with one egg and one vegetable. Then for lunch, I made my usual salad with less greens and only half the avocado. As for my latte's, I simply wasn't present enough to leave any behind. Day two was a repeat. The times I was blatantly ignoring the willpower I was born with was my protein bar snacks. I simply couldn't leave any of that little bar behind. Day three was smooth sailing until dinner. I find that leaving food is a deep rooted issue sprinkled with a little mindless consuming on top. Hopefully I will get it together in the remaining days. Hope everyone else out there is fairing well. Cheers to success!