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Tough tough tough

Been a difficult 2 weeks with travels thrown in along with a couple of minor injuries.
Diet is ok but could have been better in all honesty. Workouts have been negligible.
I dont feel terribly motivated at the moment but hopefully this week shall be better.


There you go, I said it loud and clear. Other than those sugar cravings, its that glass of wine or yummy cocktail post a challenging day at work that I miss the MOST. :( Anyone else feel me on this one ?


Another weekend coming up and Im just not sure how I'll be able to stay firm with my diet ! Gotta find a way and I am certain I will !

My workouts have not been regular this week but I'm trying not to beat myself over it and have made a promise to myself to give the following weeks workouts a much more attention and dedication !

Hope everyone else is holding strong !

So, this time around the bloating is way less for week 1 - but oh boy , those headaches by the end of the day ! Im guessing its the decrease in the salt intake ! Trying to power through ! Anyone else experiencing those headaches ?

PS. I miss salt and sugar :(

Got my workout it + have prepped my meals for today and tomorrow ! Heads up to fellow group members : I remember experiencing a lot of bloating and just overall feeling " super full" during Week 1 . I was reassured by the wonderful Kenzai Program trainers that this is normal and that I should trust the process - and it worked ! SO please don't worry if you feel a similar discomfort and keep pushing through ! We have got this ! :)

Hi everyone ! My name is Tejshree and this is my second attempt at completing the Kenzai Program ! I had to unfortunately stop half way the previous time due to health issues. But I am back and ready to see this through and I am certain with the support of my group and trainers - I will !

Ready for Day 8 ( which in my head honestly is Day 1 and go time !

Wishing all of us the very best ! :)

Goodbye For Now

Dear Team,

After much reflection and after a long conversation with Ward, due to personal reasons, I will be bowing out from the program. Thank you to all of you for being such a supportive community - it is not often that one comes by such wonderful, motivated and kind individuals ! I wish each and every one of you all the very best in your Kenzai journey ! Thank you once again ! :)

This is not the end. I'll be back in June to finish the course!

Still Here!

I've been dealing with some personal issues, but I'm still here and eating right. I’m sorry for being MIA but I hope to be back in a more active manner very soon.

Happy New Day

So I'm looking forward to re-starting my workouts from tomorrow after a minor setback with my knee. The pain is less and I shall start carefully from tomorrow and replace the skipping with cycling. I'm joining an aerobics class just to keep myself motivated !
Proud of myself for continuing to say no to alcohol and soda despite all the big fat Indian weddings + birthdays + other social commitments - I miss it every now and then but don't miss the hangovers for sure ! On the food bit - I'm hanging in there - I am aware that I am making a (small) mistake or two here and there. Here's hoping to a good start to the week !
Have a great week ahead everyone !


So yesterday did not start on the best note - woke up with serve pain in my right knee and it's official as per the physiotherapist's orders - no more workouts for 2-4 days and good bye, skipping thereafter !

I am approx. 3 kilos down but hoping that I can push through and maintain the efforts. I'm also wondering if I'm binging way too much on potatoes since we have been given the luxury of treating them as vegetables as a part of this program!

Oh my knee 🙄

So the knees seem to be giving me a lot of trouble off late - could be that the muscles around the area are weak or my old ligament tear injuries acting up ! Decided to take it easy with the skipping and am thinking of cycling from tomorrow but slightly confused about how to replace the skips with cycling interns of distance to be covered ! Help please !

PS. Sorry if this has been previously answered on a previous post or in the Q and A section!

It's been a while

Hi everyone ! I've not been able to post in a while ad thought I should get back to it asap!

Week 2 was tough in terms of making sure I stick to my workout schedules + the new diet had me all bloated and feeling well, not so great. Ward very kindly explained that this was because of all the extra fibre going into our system and to trust the process and voila week 3 has been better in that aspect !

I was and am still quite disappointed in my self with my commitment to the workouts but I'm trying to give it my best shot this week !

I don't see any massive changes as of now but hopefully they will come along - I will say one thing though - I am proud of myself for not breaking the no alcohol rule !


Good morning, good morning ! Pushed my feelings from yesterday away and started my day by getting my 400 skips in ! Not sure if the skips were meant to be done in interval sets but I broke each set into 100 skips !
Have a great Sunday everyone and all the best for week 2 !

Staying steady

Day 2 felt more complete than day 1 - maybe because the struggle I felt trying to finish my workout made me realise how I had not only let go off good eating habits but also, a good fitness regime in the last two years - that I had to focus and stay motivated to bring about a change ! The slight tingle of post workout muscle soreness makes me smile because that is an indication that a (positive) change is around the corner ... just gotta keep moving forward.
Also, I don’t know if this is within the rules of this week’s diet, but I find it easier to decrease my food intake by putting less on my plate in the first instance itself.
Onwards to the Day 3 and staying motivated ! All the best everyone !