Terri Ann F.

Terri Ann F.


3 months passed by super fast. Looking back when I started this program I thought it might not be the best time given Chinese New Year and planned trips, but I realized there’s never a “good” time to invest in our health. We should make it a habit and a part of our lives.

When I started the program I had just given birth with my third child 6 months before and I felt lethargic and fat and unmotivated. Overtime with the program I felt energised, skin clearing up, more positive thoughts and lighter body.

Thank you for empowering me to let me realise I can take control of my body and my health, and I hope to continue to make positive changes to my health!

Bravo to everyone’s progress! I don’t have a 6 pack to show (yet) but I definitely have lots more room in my clothes :)


My baby is hospitalized and I am running back & forth and pls excuse my lack of blogging.


Easiest: skipping and resistance bands exercise
Hardest: discipline about food esp when eating out, social schedule, no alcohol, push ups

I survived fondue night, I didn’t skip the cheese to be honest, but I treated it like a condiment....I stuffed myself with a huge salad with cheese as condiment and ate some fruits from the dessert buffet as my night fruits. I glanced at the martini and I said to him, I will see you soon....in my new body! Hahaha

Just got the skipping done. I love Sundays!

A flower arrangement I did at church to brighten up everyone’s day! Happy Sunday!


I am having trouble finishing my afternoon and night fruits...I am not hungry. Anyone having the same problem?

I eat out quite often and I realized I have been over eating for a long time. My normal dinner portion now took me 2 dinners to finish, doggy bagging the leftovers and finishing the prawn sag curry tonight. I know sag curry is probably too creamy and tasty for a kenzai approved meal but in terms of portion I am definitely making strides.

Tomorrow is another challenge, I have a family fondue night planned a long time ago. I need a miracle to say no to my friend - the “condiment” CHEESE FONDUE & RACLETTE! 😱


I finished my exercises and my breakfast portion this morning. Feeling full!
The exercise I struggle with the most is push ups. That’s the one I am huffing & puffing like a dragon....

The hardest is to go out to dinner and sticking to the diet allowance. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of....I am having a sushi lunch...I am Not very good with eyeballing grams. My hubby said I will get the hang of it soon.

Hope you all have a good week!!!!!

Otter kicks

2 days ago when there were otter kicks I thought it was 20 kicks!! Haha! 🤪
Today my hubby pointed it out it’s 20 secs! Felt that burn! It was encouraging to have my daughter doing it with me!

day 3

Did a 2 hour birthday hike with my sister covering 5.3km this morning. It was super foggy so missed out on the beautiful view but body felt cleansed & mind is clear!

Keep up the good work everyone!!


I love to drink wine, I don't binge drink, but I enjoy a glass or two to wind down at the end of the day, or to go with a meal....does it mean I have to cut out alcohol totally? When I did Kenzai in its former version 8 years ago, I was off alcohol and salt for the whole 90 days, it was a great cleanse and reboot to my system, but that was before I had kids. Just wondering how I can mentally prepare myself for what lies ahead....Any comments welcome!

Day 2

I failed in the "leave a quarter " at Breakfast when breakfast was a croissant and a cup of cappuccino, gotta try harder for the rest of the day.

resist resist!!

Day 1

Exercise was manageable and glad to know about the leave a quarter diet this week....

Had a very good French toast for afternoon tea...shared with my kids and ate around 1/4 of them..or maybe half...

Need to be more discipline going forward...




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