Terry A.

Terry A.

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Son of a Beach

I loved this program. Short, sweet and to the point. I did not get out of it what I wanted because I did not put into it like I should have. I am going to take another run at it in October.


I am enjoying the workouts. I am struggling with the diet. I have been on vacation last week and this week. I realize how important sticking to the diet is so I will put forth a better effort this week to stay on track.

Beach Ticket

Very cool idea. I have been at the beach playing volleyball for 4 hours the past 3 days. I have also been doing Kenzai. Im beat. Taking today off to let my body recoup.

Beach Body

Looking forward to the challenge ahead. Bring it on Patrick.

Final Voyage

I did not go full steam ahead this last week. I did however learn so much from this program. Good luck to everyone. Guess I will have to become a member to get the abs I want. I am 80 percent of where I want to be. Gracias.


Put on Van Halen jump and before long I didnt even realize the timer had beeped. I have decided to finish strong this last week. Thanks for the pep talk. Let's go group. We can squeeze the last bit out together.

Losing Focus

I feel I am starting to lose focus with the end in sight. I have skipped some days of exercises and eaten off the path . What is around the corner Kenzai? Another 3 month session? I have decided to finish strong and then make a decision based on the end result.


Allow me to explain. This trip that we are on has had its ups and downs. Ultimately I am driving this car (body) making the choices of where to turn listening to the GPS (Patrick) to instruct me or us how to get to the destination. But it is the driver that is making the ultimate decisions of how to get there. I have alot of questions that I am sure will be addressed in the coming weeks. Will this be my final destination? Is this house (result) the one I am buying? Is this just a stop? I am not sure yet. I did however stop for repairs on this vehicle yesterday. I needed to make a small repair. (ancles and tops of my feet were tender) So many questions going through my mind at the moment. I have not bought any new clothes yet because I am unsure of the sustainable results. Started this trip driving a Ford Pinto but have traded it in for a Datsun 280Z. Not sure if I'm gonna keep the Datsun or trade it in for the Porshe. Hhhhmmmm...

Down the home stretch

Last month of my Kenzai experience. Going to focus on the small details during work outs.


I should have invested in chickens before I started this adventure. If I weren't seeing the results so evident I would have a suggestion of where these eggs can be stored. I told the grandkids that Easter is canceled because I am sick of looking at eggs.


I have lost 14 lbs. Amazing. This is well worth it

Big 12

Headed to basketball tournament with self control.


I have recently completed my 4th week and am full of energy. Looking forward to my workouts instead of dreading them.


My wife and I are doing this together so we are motivating each other every day. If you have a partner have them join with you. No I do not work for Kenzai. We are also blaming Patrick for these workouts which helps ease the pain. Sorry Patrick. 😃

App Workouts

Day 20 and 23 will not open in the app. When this happens we went to the next day and repeated that day again. Any other suggestions?

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Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready