Thayer M.

Thayer M.

tough weekend

Fell a bit off the wagon but excited to get back on. Willingly had egg whites for dinner and woke up feel much better!


Hi all! Wondering if we get a day off for a thanksgiving? I don’t think I need to go hog-wild but egg whites may not cut it that day, lol.

strep throat

Last week, strep overtook our household. There was no much eating or moving, unfortunately, but all is finally well and starting back at it today!


Ok I admit I was bad on Halloween, but then I felt crummy the next day and am back on the horse!


The cheat sounded great but sugar is making me feel disgusting. It’s amazing how when you cleanse yourself or salt and sugar that it feels gross to partake. I love that I feel reset to healthy habits.

checking in

The last week was tough with my little guy having an ear infection and adverse reactions to his antibiotics. So, sleep wasn’t great and energy was low. But stuck well to diet and my husband is saying I look like I shrank, so while I feel like I have a ways to go I’m feeling encouraged to keep going and to step it up this week (assuming that we all stay well, LOL).

The app keeps crashing on me during workouts. Anyone else?


Was my birthday this week so had some cheats, but was better than I imagined and felt full so quickly! Back to it now!

gym crawl

Today I ticked off my exercise with a gym crawl. Three 30 min classes back to back including boot camp, barre and hot yoga. So tired but feeling strong and invigorated


Just did my first peloton in ages and came in top 9% with 20% more output than my former best ride.

I am so much stronger!