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I was in a conversation with a someone thinking about canceling membership till he realized this:

"Please proceed with my membership renewal. Looking through our vacation photos for the year the trips taken after a Kenzai program are pretty obvious."

It's getting close to that year in review time. First I just want to get through Christmas, but after that I'm ready to sit down look through the albums, memories and take account.

Also, with the help of Ward, I just built a sauna in my backyard.

Sweaty Mess!  

Wrapped up KB2! Got hit with a cold and had to hold off on the last workout for a couple of days. Photo of my sweaty arm prints after plank.

I hit the gym today first day without a KB2 plan ready and waiting for me. I had some fun mixing in some Swiss ball exercises, but I've got to admit I greatly prefer rolling into the gym with a plan set to go. No looking around, no thinking about what to do next, just efficiently working through the day and knowing that each day is building off the last for some long term results!

I approached the gym owner with the idea of doing a hybrid Kenzai online and in person training...I'll let you know if it gets any traction!

Best Thanksgiving Ever

Hosted by these two: and Liz is up on the new app so her blog on here looks dead. But, really she's crushing Fusion our newest program.

Good times, good friends, good family! On the Kenzai front I was psyched to have the workout cleared early yesterday. Not going to lie enjoyed some libations and decadent desserts but overall seemed reasonable considering Thanksgivings reputation. And, best of all back up and at it this morning with the workout and fruit snacks during the day...although some of the left overs are calling my name! Wish me luck!


I've been playing around with this speed rope in the photo. I'm not sure what brand it is, but it has a really nice action to it. And, even though the scale hasn't moved much my clothes are definitely fitting different. Turns out I need to order some new workout shorts, something with a draw string as my shorts kept falling off while attempting double under's during my last session at the gym! I must have shaved off the needed cm of butt fat that was holding them up!


I showed up to the gym with out sneakers/trainers/tennis shoes whatever you like to call them. Luckily these "dress" shoes are pretty comfy and worked fine for jumping rope.

Workouts are feeling great! Been experimenting with some weighted chest dips, thinking about trying it on pull ups next time they come up. But, man feel like I'm still looking thick in the weekly photos, what gives!?!? The weight used to roll off like water on a ducks back...thanks middle aged life. ;-)

I'm digging the content being put out by Physics Girl, she's like an educational super hero! The content matches up well with the Kenzai approach. It's science based and broken down into a conversational tone.

BOOTY talk, it's science booty talk it's okay to click:


If you've been downing the protein powder lately give this a look over:

We know the FDA and a lot of other national regulators out there haven't really been looking into what's in a lot of the products approved so just be sure you're taking a look at where you get your protein powder.

Interesting Video on Stretching and the science behind hit:

Photo stolen from my mom's blog as I thought it was super cute! She's a better trainee than me. You can read more about her here:


Workouts are going good! Feeling stronger and working double unders in during jumprope sessions. I usually alternate 4 minutes with the heavy rope and 4 minutes with the speed rope to keep things interesting. I tried DUs with Kronos but thought I might lose a foot! So I'll save those for the speed rope.

As the photo shows Kronos is not long for this world. Anyone else have these problems with their ropes? ...I think I've got a fix in the works for my future jump ropes, but more on that later. Anyway, poor Kronos. I took Kronos on a couple trips with me and ended up jumping on concrete, rock patios and other surfaces that chewed through the plastic coating and it was downhill from there.

As for my lying scale! I was feeling pretty trim the other day so I thought I'd hop on the scale and see how much more weight has fact I was up a few pounds! Overall still down 10lbs, feeling good, clothes fitting better and ready to make the most of the final third! Who's with me?!?!


Hitting the halfway mark and abandoning my weekly photo idea of slowly building up to the Hulk Hogan T-Shirt tear off. Jumping ahead to show some skin for extra motivation! The 20 minutes or rope felt tough this morning, but then I loved the strength part. Looking forward to the second half and maximizing results!

Too Quiet

Life and training have been good. But, I've been a schlub of a blogger! Getting a quick one up to get back in the game! New weekly photo coming tomorrow!


Things were going pretty well till the indulgence hit! The indulgence always ends up being like someone tied my shoes together while I wasn't looking and I fall right on my face. Essentially the indulgence spiraled out into too many little cheats popping in on my Kenzai Nutrition plan, but overall still feeling really good and ready tighten the reins again.

It's not about weight, buuut I'm down 10 lbs and feeling pretty good about that. For those not seeing the scale move just remember I probably had more room for improvement than you!

We've got All Star Kenzai trainee Barb D. also known as Nana coming around to watch the kids this weekend while die hard Keznai trainee Steph D. and I head out of town to celebrate our anniversary. I did say I was ready to tighten the reins didn't I?! ...

In other news it's WADE'S ARMY time of year! In fact I'm way overdue with getting this announcement out there!
If you are interested in supporting a grass roots movement to fight Childhood Cancer this is the one you should get behind:!/donation/checkout

Info on Wade's Army below:
This year we are supporting Wade’s Army, a nonprofit 501(c)3 leading the charge against the pediatric cancer, neuroblastoma. Celebrating the courageous life of Wade DeBruin, ( Sept. 22, 2009-Nov. 12, 2011), we are rallying troops to continue his fight against this disease.

Wade’s Army was created to rally against neuroblastoma and give this pediatric cancer a name. Last year, we raised over a hundred fifty thousand dollars in Wade’s name for research and support for families battling the cancer. Wade's Army offers tax exemptions for individuals and companies that show support.

On November 12, 2019, Wade’s Army will be gathering across the world to bring awareness to Wade’s battle and put up a fight for him on Wade's Day. We want you to join us in supporting Wade’s Army! Each donation of $35 or more receives the 2019 Wade’s Army uniform we will be rocking on Wade’s Day, November 12th.

Donate now for your uniform or join our fundraising team to help our community reach the fundraising goal!

Midnight Abs!

I tend to be a pretty active sleeper. For example last week when I got up in the morning Steph asked me how my drumming was coming along. I had no idea what she was talking about. But, she went on to explain that at about three in the morning I woke her up while I was banging the bed rhythmically (she didn't say rhythmically but I assume so) and energetically with both hands. After being woken up at 3am to my loud, vigorous, and musical ( again I'm sure it was a talented musical feat) she asked me what I was doing and I answered "practicing my drumming". I should probably mention that aside from a little air guitar I do not play any instruments...that I know of and I had no recollection of said drumming event. But, history does show that I'm an active sleeper and I've come to assume such stories are true when I hear them.

After last week's drum solo I followed up with another performance. But, this time I didn't have to take anyone's word for my sleep escapades. This time I woke mid action, as opposed to hearing about it in the morning.

This time, I dreamt about being stuck in a folding chair. Not a fancy one that can fold up like origami, one of the old beach style where the seat can fold up or down. I was stuck int he folding chair while it was being opened and closed repeatedly over and over again. And, whenI work up I found myself doing some sort of Crunch / V Sit at a frantically paced tempo. I have no idea how many reps I got in but, my abs were on fire!

Now if I could only figure out how to sleepwalk through the rest of the workout every night, then I'd be on to something!

This Guy!

We had a special guest in Portland this weekend! You might know him from the Kenzai blogs as Shaun S.

We got in a couple good workouts, a couple good hang sessions and a lot of good conversations about everything from Kenzai to travel to life history. Meeting up with the Kenzai community has been rewarding every single time I've had a chance to do it. It just reaffirms how everyone is showing up authentic on their blogs and making real connections with one another.

Gym partners? Best ever!
Gym attire? I need to up my game!

Focussed like a sheep dog!

Onto week 3!

Hit up the common ground fair this past weekend. Had a blast and it's the first time I've been to a fair that had plenty of cuisine that fit right in with a Kenzai diet. This is the no rides, but you get to see how sheep dogs work type of fair.

Hey Doyle!

Occasionally I've been called by last name throughout my life. Generally, male friends either rooting on encouragement or calling me out on my BS! I'm channeling that persona now as my own inner voice. My nutrition and exercise is on point. But, I need to up my game on showing up on the blog, comments and weekly photos!

Game on!

3 For 3

Up early for a 4:30 Kenzai call. And, once I'm up might as well kick off the workday. Few hours in early, then hustle the kids off to school. Mid morning workout, regroup on tasks with Brek and ready to tackle the rest of Wednesday!

And to Answer Elissa's questions
1. I'm in Portland Maine!
2. I used to say my hobby was surfing, but I've been pretty slack on that lately!
3. KB2 is a way to restoke the fitness fire, after slacking a bit lately!

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