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9 am came and went

I actually wrote my workout down on my to do list. I even scheduled it for 9am. And when it got to be 5pm and I knew I had still had an 8pm meeting to prep for and a 9:45 call ahead of me. I knew it was now or never.

Workout done. Looking to go 90 for 90 on the workouts.


Ward sent this article to me yesterday and when I saw Sue Bird as the author I thought it was Kenzai's multi talented Susan Bird using the term girlfriend in a friendly way: . But, it turns out I'm just behind on the who's dating who. But, this is an article worth checking out:

@UK Trainers, I'm so glad I don't owe 100 burpees for that semi final loss! We're going to need some video evidence btw! Or is double or nothing on the table for the finals?!

Kenzai Live!  

Had a couple chances recently to bring Kenzai from the blogosphere to in person interactions and loved both! Photo attached of meeting up with Kenzai trainee extraordinaire Scott H!

And, a mix of Chiseler's and Beach Blasters got together for a workout show down on the Eastern Prom in Portland this past weekend. The in person meet up makes the workout go by so fast!

Iron update: Dropped 10 lbs got stronger and overall feeling good. Still a little chub I could shlub off but overall fitness feeling good. I dig hitting the gym and despite Iron wrapping up am still making time to push some metal around!

Iron Update

Just over two thirds in and feeling pretty good. It's not about the weight but being down 10lbs feels good, and I was little worried about my problem area, the haunches, but they are fitting into my jeans nicely. I'm looking to take these last few weeks of challenging workouts and to find out what I can do! Not lie going to lie though leg day today kicked my butt!

Nice Reminder

Every now and then it's just really nice to pop in on a well trusted source and have what you are encouraging other's to do for their wellness validated.

Although, they don't mention Kenzai by name it's nice to see the nutrition options we match up with exulted and some of the fad options brought to task on what the long term effects are.

Strong Jaw!

Finally I know how to get a strong jaw! Can't believe some of the crap that's out there. It's got a count down time better hurry.


Spent last week on the southern Pacific side of Costa Rica, back in Uvita where my family and I lived last year. We had a blast catching up with old friends, got some surfing in, and really enjoyed feeling warmth from the sun! Couple of upset stomaches, couple of travel hitches but all in all a great trip! As for my commitment to Iron...well I ate lots of fresh foods, plenty of delicious fruit around, and I exercises in some way shape or form everyday (mostly surfing) but I also had a few indulgences here and there. It always feels better to come clean! With 40 days left I'm ready to lock right back in on Iron and finish this off strong. However, I did need to remind myself that the advice I give others applies to me too. I jumped back into leg day today. I was huffing and puffing remembering how hard the first intense workout back feels. And during the third set of lunge jumps felt my hamstring twang like a tightly wound guitar string being plucked. It was then I remembered how I tell people to ramp back up for the first week after not doing the training exercises. It's good advice and it applies to me too! So, I backed off a bit on the intensity, finished off the workout and am feeling better for having done so!

40 Days and 40 nights! Let's rock this!

Back to the Osa

Thursday: Got up at 3:30 am took a call (4-4:30) from Sabishi: Pop in and welcome her to the Kenzai family as she just wrapped up KB1 and wants to take things further with Membership! Jumped in a cab to the airport flew to Atlanta then San Jose then jumped in another car to trek us back out to Uvita. We spent 10 months here in 2017 and coming back feels like coming home in a lot of ways. I love a lifestyle where you can work and then just take a quick break at the ocean and double back to the office. I'll get some action shots soon!

Also, gym muscles aren't exactly the same as ocean strength, but I'm way better off than had I not been doing Iron! One thing I've been changing while doing Iron for the past few weeks. I'll warm up with 5-10 minutes of jumprope. Then do a set of the listed exercise followed by a quick 50-100 jumps, trying to use Kronos like a speed rope. It's kind of like taking Iron and making into an Iron Chisel hybrid. Muscle mass results might not come out as good, but I like it for the pace, cardio and intensity it brings. It helps me when I head out to surf as well. You've got some hold downs you want to be ready for, and you want to be able to sprint paddle once and awhile.

More from Lake Wobegone soon.


I did enjoy some birthday cake and ice cream on my son's 12th birthday this past weekend. And, I did feel like that one indulgence put 10 kilos on my body, but luckily that's not possible and overall I'm loving Iron. The workouts are getting intense. And, that intensity is multiplied as I go the gym with buddy and fellow Head Trainer Ward Willis. The camaraderie adds to trying to get as much out of each workout as possible, and I tend to leave the gym feeling like I could fly.

My family and I are off to Costa Rica tomorrow. Aside from a couple travel days I'll still be connected via the world wide internet. And, I've got an outdoor gym in mind for rocking some Iron workouts. So, nothing changes except the location. And, looking forward to getting in some ocean time the surf looks like it's thumping!

If you're looking at the surf forecast photo and wondering what the column to the right is measuring , it's chances of having a good time = 100%

The Wall Hit Me

I've been loving Iron. Last week I would leave the gym feeling like I'm on the strongest drug in the world and in the afternoon wondering if maybe I should go back and do another workout, it only got to wondering didn't actually go back. But, yesterday I hit the wall hard! I think feeling like I had my own personal stash of Walter White's Blue Shatter made me underestimate just how important getting plenty of sleep is. After a couple nights of erring on the side of staying up later than usual my energy was zapped! I missed my first workout of Iron. But, after a good night's sleep I'm feeling back on top and I hit yesterday's chest day today, maybe I can still get them all in!

First Time For Everything
When I read today's lesson and saw it was indulgence day I was surprised. Which marks the first time ever that I've lost track of when the indulgence is coming. Further, I saw it and thought I don't really want to take an indulgence. And, I've never been that guy. Despite being Head Trainer when the indulgence rolls around I'm usually the bad influence in the group who really wants to take full advantage of the indulgence.

First Time In A Long Time
First shirtless photo going up for my weekly photo, I know it's hard to contain yourself. The construction on the house is done and I can now take my shirtless photo in the usual bathroom mirror. As we round out the first month of Iron I think it's going to help my motivation in the second and third months. Also want to add it took me all night to get my hair like that. Sleeping equally on both sides.

Link to Greg! If you've taken SkiBoot then you've been helped out by our buddy and Kenzai trainee Greg D. who helped us write the program.;preview_nonce=b239681f89&post_format=standard&_thumbnail_id=2294&preview=true


Dreamt about a giant blueberry last night about the size of my fist. Picked it off a small bush that somehow wasn't bent over by the weight of the giant blueberry. Took a bite and it was delicious! The rest of the dream was pretty much just me walking around and saying to people "have you tried the blueberries?!"

Food for thought

Week Three!

I noticed them kicking in on Friday pretty strongly. Had to run to the Hardware store to pick up material to hang curtains/blinds in my boys room. At the checkout the little 25 cents Peppermint Patty was staring me in the face. It was one of those hidden calorie moments. If someone asked when I thought a craving might hit, I never would have answered the Hardware store. But, there it was one of those impulse buys I typically would just add to purchase and really think anything of it. But, I held strong and went on to face the next craving monster which came in the form of pizza.

After the hardware store I took my youngest son and dogs for a walk in the woods. Side note I'm really excited that we are seeing more sunshine and longer days here in Maine! After the walk I ordered pizza for Friday family movie night, picked it up on the way home and had one of those oh yeah I won't be partaking in this realizations. It's not one of the thoughts you have when you're not thinking about how great it'll be to get more fit. It's the one that shows up when you need to make the right choices to actually get fit! Yeah one of those moments. Ho hum it's just pizza. But, to help slay that demon I quickly put together my dinner and started eating. Pizza is less tempting when full on hearty natural food!

Week Three and we are jumping right into leg building! This is intense and awesome! Not going to lie some of the Front Squat sets was me with an empty bar. The workouts are ramping up and as long as we all work with the right weight and form we're going to be sitting on some impressive results!

More Training and more fun to come!


Today was my first rough workout on Iron. Overall felt good, just but sets of 200-300 skips with Kronos dropped to 50-100 and I was just pushing an empty bar up at one point. Bad workouts used to shake me, but now I know they're a good sign. First off, having a bad workout means you still got a workout in at all! So that's a win. And, it means you're not in the weekend warrior state. It's easy to show up once and awhile and put it all out there. But, showing up everyday means you're going to work through the bad days too.
Breaking down muscle tissue on the regular means you're going to show up feeling really weak some days, but that's what needs to happen to progress. Game on Iron!


I may regret saying this, but right now I really love how you hit several muscle groups at once with one exercise. eg the Nutcracker Row. We're targeting the latissimus dorsi, you know brah the lats, but at the same time holding a squat and working through the rows hits my legs pretty good too!

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