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Hey all

Sorry I've been off the blog awhile.  I've been busy  working on the house.  Painted one side that desperately needed it.  Put in a 60 foot drainage pipe/trench.  Dug a ton, hauled rock etc.  Definitely feeling it.  Between PCP and doing extra labor and it being the end of week 5.  But I'm looking forward to week 6, the time is just flying by!

A few more
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Now that I have it working let me post a few more.

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Another try.

Sorry been off the blog for a bit.  Went away for part of the weekend.  
Friday night I drove out to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and took in the indulgence with a friend who was celebrating his birthday.  I had a couple of Zoes from the Maine Beer Company.  Here's a review.

The beer tasted great, but left me feeling sick to my stomach around bed time.  I was just lying in my zero degree bag thinking, I would be sleeping great if it wasn't for the belly ache.  I should know better!  Oh well.

Got up pretty early on Saturday had breakfast and headed out for a hike.  The original plan was a short hike up Eisenhower, but we got a little more daring along the way.  Once we got to Eisenhower we decided to extend the hike to Franklin before heading back to the warmer conditions below the tree line.  The whole way up I was cursing the long johns I had put on, because I was so warm on the way up to the top, but once we got to the summit I was so glad I had a lot of layers on and more in the pack to put on.  The photos do not capture the 30 mph wind that would occasionally start howling across the mountaintop.  

Alright I got to wrap this up and get the day going.  PCP still going well.  Feeling a bit sore lately, but I like where it's going!  I love watching everyone in Garnet and Helios right now!  There's a ton of motivated PCPers rocking it out!

Next Weeks exercises!

Heres a sneak peak of what's to come!

Still astonished by how much better I feel after the exercise.  I've had a couple of days with the kids not sleeping great.  I wake up and I'm dragging, but I get started and by the time I've finished the jump rope I feel excited, and amazing by the time I've finished the whole work out.  In fact I feel unbeatable...So good that even though the weather calls for a chance of rain, I say screw it I'm putting this Thompsons Water seal on today!  And then it rains ;)  Just a sprinkle so it may be fine, and to be honest getting in touch with that feeling of being alive is well worth having to do again if that's what it comes to. 

Peace out PCP peeps!  

Tid Bits

I find myself mentally dictating blogs throughout the day, but I don't always get a chance to post them.  Here are couple thoughts from the past few days.  Key the Doogie Howser music.

Possible titles
"Internal trainer" or "That guys a dick, wait that guys me"
I was doing the work out the other day, and I had set a goal for myself on how many pushups I was going to do in the second set.  Well, I fell one short and started to stand up, when my inner monologue said "you owe me one".  I owe you one?  Who exactly is that I owe anyway?  Bypassing the existential question I just found myself getting back down to one more before taking my break.  It's nice to get into the space where you just keep doing it regardless of desire.  Timers are really helpful for this.  I've used them working in schools a lot.  My sister was telling me a funny story about her daughter not trusting her to watch the clock for two minutes and made her set a timer.  Once you buy into the idea that when the timer goes off  you just have to do what follows it takes away any mental fight you might put up about how long the break should be or whether you're going to do another set.   

"Drunk People are still funny"
Went out with my wife and some friends the other night.  This was probably the first time food felt like an issue.  It wasn't cravings, although we/they did go for the brownie sundae desert which was my first and second indulgence the first time doing PCP, so there was that, and the cold beers looked good while waiting for dinner.  But the tough part was being pretty hungry and watching the server come to our table and leave like three times before people got it together.  What helped was something that came up as a joke.  Wendy (that's right you just made the blog)  said to the waitress "we have some food restrictions, some of them real, some self imposed"  First off, that's hysterical.  (She has a gluten intolerance.)  Second, it really put things in perspective.  I'm choosing to do this.  I don't have to. I want to!  With that in mind waiting for dinner, and being around various decadent meals has been much easier...Although reading about everyone's indulgences has made me want to go out and have one pretty soon.  But what will it be?       
Beer?  Something sweet?   A rich meal? Tough choices.

"I'm not left handed"
Dragonfly20130312 2 u8iwqp

On day one of PCP I looked at my ipod and thought not yet.  There's going to be a day when I need it and I want it to feel uplifting.  I didn't think it would come until after the first month, but yesterday I felt like I had two left feet jumping rope.  The week before was awesome with the rope and I think the trouble yesterday might have something to do with the new neighbors.  They look like a group of about six frat boys who have moved in next door and are two for two with nights of loud partying.  The first morning I found a plastic kiddie pool thrown over the fence, along with a number of other items and my fence half way torn down.  They look nice enough in the light of day, and I can't say I haven't been there...we'll see where it goes.  So anyway.  I reached for the ipod this morning and I was reminded of the scene from The Princess Bride where there's a sword fight and Inigo Montoya who is losing smiles turns to the other and says "I have a secret I'm not left handed"  You can see it here  So I put in my headphones looked at my jump rope and said I have a secret... and took jumping rope to a whole new level today.  It's so much more fun with music.  It becomes like dancing, your mood is better, trips don't feel frustrating, and even if you whip yourself with the rope it's easier to brush it off.  

What's in the bag?!?!
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What's in the bag man?...don't look!

Today was a field trip to Ricker HIll farms.  The kids were beat and dead asleep on the ride home.  I don't know if this is just a North East sort of thing, but apple picking and and donuts tend to go hand in hand.  I love visiting apple orchards this time of year and all the stores that go with them seem to be exactly the same; old timey, filled with bountiful fall harvest, penny candy, and fresh deep fried (I almost said baked but who'e kidding who) donuts.  So I picked some up for the family (minus me) The smell was decadent, but the will was stronger.  It helps when you have just had a big lunch too!  So far so good!  It's nice to be able to sit with the craving, notice it and move on.  

Oh sh*t and then Giddy

I was just about finishing up the work out.  I had just about completed the last set of Forward Shoulder raises and then I was a Davinci day, damn.  Went back finished the Davinci's and the rest of the work out and afterwards I just felt giddy and ready to do the next days work out.  Even now (12 hours later) I find myself excited checking to see what's in store tomorrow.  I had a bit of a lull in energy at the end of last week but now I've come through the other side and feel great.  

Quick before he sees!

I don't know if anyone else had these moments, but in the first week of getting back on an official PCP diet it seemed like two different parts of my brain were in conversation, or vying for control.  Every now and then I would be fixing something to eat for my kids and a part of my brain would say "quick eat it before the other guy notices".  It was just a matter of noticing the habits and saying hold on a second before I licked the peanut butter off the knife or had a small bite of this or that before realizing what I was doing.  It seems like those bad habits have faded considerably this week.    

Food Glorious Food!
Dragonfly20130312 2 1x6qgnv

Tons of food!

Going to school naked dream

  Anyone else have that dream?

I had that dream a few times in adolescence, I'm sure it had something to do with not going through puberty until I was like 25.  I can remember how plausible it seemed in the dream too.  I'm getting ready for school, can't find any clothes and the bus shows up...well got to get on the bus right?  Like that's the only option ;)  And then I'd wake up sweating in terror.  So last night the dream returned, but with a PCP twist.  I had just gotten in from skiing epic mountains, definitely not Maine, but somehow it works out in the dream.  I roll up to a party, and the next thing I know I'm hanging out in my boxers.  Which would normally leave me feeling like the guy in the barrel (even in a dream), but this time I felt totally comfortable.  I'm usually the type who tries to be above the vain aesthetic stuff (annoying right?), but it was a nice reminder of how taking care of yourself physically, effects you emotionally.  It's really not so much about looking a certain way, but feeling confident.  The confidence seems to come naturally, when I know I'm making healthy choices.  I'm psyched to be on the other end of PCP.

I had come across this awhile ago, but forgot about it until recently. This is some pretty insane stuff. 

If only I had the right pull up bar I could do all that stuff!  

97, 98, 99, 300, 1, 2, 3... "oh man my nose is so itchy!  350 more to go"...On this day I figured it's just one more thing you let be a distraction and slow you down or just more forward.  It's just sensation right?  Like when you start to work deeper into your exercises and the muscles start burning.  If you can be a little less reactive to the sensation then it won't bother you so much...Now if I had 1000 more jumps to go I think I might have stopped.

So far all is well in the PCP world, and it seems to be going by pretty fast.  I have to admit I try not to think to far ahead, because that can seem a little overwhelming.  I've had a few days when I've woken up exhausted.  I cleared brush for 8 hours on Saturday (we had a tree in our tiny backyard that had to get some extreme pruning), then did the PCP work out.  The next day I woke up pretty wiped out, but then I didn't have to think too much about what I was going to eat, and I automatically started filling up with healthy foods and the next thing you know, I felt great!  Got to love that!    

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