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Kenzai Body 2
Day 72
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This is cute

"I just did a three hour meditation, but it only took five minutes"


I missed a couple of meditation session last week. Which I have to kind of laugh at. I mean not finding time to workout is one thing. It takes effort to get the workout in. It's a bigger time commitment, effort to push through, depending on the time of year also means I might want gym space as opposed to doing it on my back porch. But, not getting the meditation in?! Can't find 15 minutes to sit and do nothing?! I'm calling myself out on the lame factor! and then of course today's lesson steers me right back to self compassion. No need to let "Ted Head" have anymore of a foothold in my mind than he's already got!

Image: Looks like the No Parking sign got plowed over which gave me a little chuckle as I walked kids into school today.

Walking Meditation

I struggled with this one last week, but was reminded of it this morning as I headed out for a walk woods. The ice one the ground had a nice fresh layer of water on top of it, which really upped the ante on how present I felt!

I'm still digging the Mind program. My tinnitus has been a bit louder, which makes me wonder if I was just drowning it out with nonsense before and now that I'm working to quiet the mind it's a bit more evident. When I'm going to bed or it's a time when it stands out. I try to pretend it's a tuning fork in the distance that I'm trying to listen to as opposed to ignore.

I'm noticing the benefits of meditation popping up in some quiet moments during the day. The awareness of breath is more frequent and in turn serves as a quick scan of the body and where tension is being held. Still plenty of thought chains and restlessness popping up, but staying consistent in the practice feels good.

Upside Down Horizon

Not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical of this whole meditating with eyes open thing. But, I found a spot near a wall, let the eyelids rest comfortably and gave it shot. And, it was one of my more thought chain free sessions so far. I found my gaze settling in on that area right where the edge of the eyelid meets incoming light and found it really peaceful. Reflecting on the session later, the soft eyes experiment reminded me of a flipped sunset/horizon view. It was like the edge of the eyelids was the dark land and the light just below.

I haven't tried today's so still time to bungle things up!


I found this mornings meditation distractions rather delightful. They came in the way of my two small dogs wandering downstairs wondering why I'm, sitting in the dark and wondering why the usual petting and greeting wasn't happening. So they dropped toy after toy in my lap and wagged not just their tails but their whole bodies as they snuggled in next to me.

I'm sure I'll hit another wall at some point. But, overall the meditation has felt really good the last few days. I even found myself "awake" not sure that's exactly the right word, but certainly aware of my thoughts and then the breath practice came in my body relaxed and I found myself feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5 AM. Lets see how the rest of the day goes!

Five Minutes

Yesterday's meditation session was the longest five minutes of my life, where as today's was the shortest. Although, I think the thought chains were stacking up faster today. Which is why when the timer went off I was suddenly surprised that it was over. Also, I might have to start writing my blog posts before the meditation. As I catch myself thinking only to later catch myself thinking about how I'm going to write about catching myself thinking, settling the mind continues.

Today's photo: A meditation cushion I've had for about a decade finally getting some use!

oh Kay Mind

Day 2 of the meditation is done and I'm realizing just how chatty my mind is! In fact as the thought chain popped up I found myself going down the rabbit hole and even noticing how I was writing this blog in my mind. I'm glad my thought chain didn't include Leonardo DiCaprio with a dreidel anywhere or I would have gotten really freaked out!

Looking forward to seeing this training through and observing the health benefits of a holistic practice. More on that as the practice continues.

Took the two yahoos in the photo out for a snowy walk as today's exercise.

KB2 Wrapped Up! 

Just did the day 90 workout. I think I had blocked out what that workout looked like even though I was an advocate for the big cycle when Patrick made KB2.

Walking away from this round I'm most excited about the Wade's Army effort. I've been wanting to get involved for awhile and am psyched to have given it some follow through. I'll be looking to keep this trend going in 2019 as I find the charitable event helps with accountability.

The other take away for me at this stage in my fitness life, is getting better at steady effort. When I first got involved with fitness I found myself yoyo training. All out training mode, then off the wagon, and then all out again. The all out effort varied from hot yoga to strength training to other efforts. Right now I having less dips. I'm not the fittest I've ever been at the end of this KB2, but really like a steady daily effort. Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!

Day 90

About to head in for the final workout. What do we have today to wrap up KB2? A day 8 workout like the end of KB1? Nope! A little bit of everything!! Game on!


Haven't posted in a bit. Had a lovely Thanksgiving with the Blackwell-Moore family who are also dedicated Kenzai trainees. Not gonna lie, I had a couple beers and some dessert, but overall a really healthy Thanksgiving. The upside of being a part of Kenzai for a long time is when your full your full. The desire to just stuff oneself because it's the holidays is a thing of the past. Also, we got out in the woods for a walk both before and after dinner. After dinner gave us a chance to take the kids on a little night hike under the full moon which they loved!

I'm digging the cycle workouts that we finish KB2 off with. Today, instead of doing all 20 minutes of jumprope at once, I added in short jumprope session after each chest exercise to keep things fun and interesting. I was a dripping mess but well worth it! Final few days of KB2! Looking forward to wrapping up an official training program, but still want to stay active through the holidays. And, I want to start thinking about a future training challenge. I'm open to ideas if anyone has suggestions. Wouldn't mind an event to train for or a specific goal to build up to...

The World Shaker!

Today I honor the chaps wearing, hard training, fund raising World Shaker Jason F! The man is a team unto himself!

I'll be filming my 48 burpees later today. Time lapse video, I hope I don't pass out!

If anyone wants to donate to a good cause, push team Kenzai over the 4k marker and help Wade's Army get closer to their goal you can join the fight here:

This is Wade’s Army:

This is Team Kenzai:

Post Burpee edit!
Burpees done, time lapse did not capture how difficult it felt!

Honoring This Trainee!!

The sun is shining a couple of friends got elected to local office and I've got The Schuyler Sisters playing in my mind "look around look around how lucky we are to be alive right now"

I went and shook a bunch of hands yesterday for our very own Belinda Ray City Councilor and was super excited to see she won this morning. But, she only got 70% of the vote clearly we've got work to do! ;-)

"District 1 City Councilor Belinda Ray and District 2 City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau easily won their races for re-election.

Ray, a 48-year-old freelance writer and accounts and administration manager for a local building company, got 70 percent of the vote to defeat Matthew Coffey and win a second term. Ray got 3,770 votes and Coffey got 1,589."


On a personal note I got involved with this organization, because a friend from high school lost his son (Wade) to Neuroblastoma. For a long time when Wade was young they didn't know why he was sick. At the time they didn't know that this type of cancer could have been detected with a simple urine test. The research just hadn't been done. My friend Scott De'Bruin and his family have built this meaningful organization to fund; research, support families struggling with hospital bills, and overall just ensure other's don't have to bare the same hardship they did.

The fundraising for Wade's Army has largely come through a grass roots movement of various gyms and other fitness organizations and here we are, Kenzai. A fitness community made of some the smartest, most caring, no nonsense, lets only do what research shows really works healthy people located all over the planet. It just seemed like a good fit!

I can't solve all of the world's problems, well not today, but maybe we can make a dent in this one.

So, like the Blue's Brothers getting the band back together we're forming a team for Wade's Army, to help fight neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

As a team we are going to do 1 burpee for every $10 we raise (burpees split evenly between us), Burpee Day is Sunday 11-Nov-18. Anything you can do to help would be great: DONATE to Team Kenzai (no amount is too small, see the link below) or Join the team

JOIN Team Kenzai. PROMOTE Team Kenzai (send the link to anyone/everyone you know that might want to help, but make sure you/people donate to TEAM KENZAI). DO IT DO IT!

This is Wade’s Army:

This is Team Kenzai:

If you are a Super Connector, or an internet Troll or you know someone who is one of those. Then put this out there make it go viral. Hopefully we'll have to do 10,000 burpees (which might humor the trolls, but for a good cause). I'll make a video in high speed so you can watch me pass out and laugh!

30 For 30!

I'm a big fan of the 30 For 30 documentaries put out by ESPN. I'm also a big fan of the final thirty days of training when doing a 90 day training program. 90 days is a long time to be on a strict training regiment, but the final 30 feel so sweet! It's not a huge chunk of time, but it's enough to focus intensely and make some big changes. I'm feeling good on KB2. Still got some fluff I'd like to melt off, all in time!

I've had a few misses along the way with regards to diet, couple missed workouts. But, I'm looking to go 30 for 30 at the end here. Who's with me?!

Apr 19th, 2016



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