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The World Shaker!

Today I honor the chaps wearing, hard training, fund raising World Shaker Jason F! The man is a team unto himself!

I'll be filming my 48 burpees later today. Time lapse video, I hope I don't pass out!

If anyone wants to donate to a good cause, push team Kenzai over the 4k marker and help Wade's Army get closer to their goal you can join the fight here:

This is Wade’s Army:

This is Team Kenzai:

Post Burpee edit!
Burpees done, time lapse did not capture how difficult it felt!


The sun is shining a couple of friends got elected to local office and I've got The Schuyler Sisters playing in my mind "look around look around how lucky we are to be alive right now"

I went and shook a bunch of hands yesterday for our very own Belinda Ray City Councilor and was super excited to see she won this morning. But, she only got 70% of the vote clearly we've got work to do! ;-)

"District 1 City Councilor Belinda Ray and District 2 City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau easily won their races for re-election.

Ray, a 48-year-old freelance writer and accounts and administration manager for a local building company, got 70 percent of the vote to defeat Matthew Coffey and win a second term. Ray got 3,770 votes and Coffey got 1,589."


On a personal note I got involved with this organization, because a friend from high school lost his son (Wade) to Neuroblastoma. For a long time when Wade was young they didn't know why he was sick. At the time they didn't know that this type of cancer could have been detected with a simple urine test. The research just hadn't been done. My friend Scott De'Bruin and his family have built this meaningful organization to fund; research, support families struggling with hospital bills, and overall just ensure other's don't have to bare the same hardship they did.

The fundraising for Wade's Army has largely come through a grass roots movement of various gyms and other fitness organizations and here we are, Kenzai. A fitness community made of some the smartest, most caring, no nonsense, lets only do what research shows really works healthy people located all over the planet. It just seemed like a good fit!

I can't solve all of the world's problems, well not today, but maybe we can make a dent in this one.

So, like the Blue's Brothers getting the band back together we're forming a team for Wade's Army, to help fight neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

As a team we are going to do 1 burpee for every $10 we raise (burpees split evenly between us), Burpee Day is Sunday 11-Nov-18. Anything you can do to help would be great: DONATE to Team Kenzai (no amount is too small, see the link below) or Join the team

JOIN Team Kenzai. PROMOTE Team Kenzai (send the link to anyone/everyone you know that might want to help, but make sure you/people donate to TEAM KENZAI). DO IT DO IT!

This is Wade’s Army:

This is Team Kenzai:

If you are a Super Connector, or an internet Troll or you know someone who is one of those. Then put this out there make it go viral. Hopefully we'll have to do 10,000 burpees (which might humor the trolls, but for a good cause). I'll make a video in high speed so you can watch me pass out and laugh!

30 For 30!

I'm a big fan of the 30 For 30 documentaries put out by ESPN. I'm also a big fan of the final thirty days of training when doing a 90 day training program. 90 days is a long time to be on a strict training regiment, but the final 30 feel so sweet! It's not a huge chunk of time, but it's enough to focus intensely and make some big changes. I'm feeling good on KB2. Still got some fluff I'd like to melt off, all in time!

I've had a few misses along the way with regards to diet, couple missed workouts. But, I'm looking to go 30 for 30 at the end here. Who's with me?!

Polo No Go!

I ran into Wendy yesterday, well she came over for dinner. And, I said "man Marco Polo is dead huh?" That's when she enlightened me that I've missed about 20 comments left on MP. Not sure what's wrong but my Polo has gone sideways. Not seeing any of the updates from our team AND I lost my ability to post emojis on the screen!!!

I'll try to get my Polo by up and running soon, but just wanted to get this out there to the team that's on there!n


I'm not the most hardcore Maine Kenzai trainee. I know we have quite a few who will be shoveling the snow off their deck and doing the workout outside all year round! Instead around this time of year I start taking my talents to the local gym. The music is generally really bad and you do have the occasional run in with an intense gym bro:

But, for the most part it's a good spot to get the workout done efficiently. One observation from today's journey to the gym was that on the way in, right around lunch time, the vending machine felt pretty tempting. But, on the way out it was repulsing!

For more on that check out one of my favorite Pulse articles:

The Kenzai Crew!

We've got the CEO, CMO, Founder and a good crew of the Kenzai team in Portland Maine this week working on strategy and top secret Kenzai success plan! Also, Patrick still has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to workouts. We went to the gym to hit the KB2 session and he asked me if I wanted to do Super V Sits at the end. If anyone asks you that question the answer is NO! But, curiosity got the better of me and he showed me how to advance V Sits with the help of a partner and make them even more excruciatingly joyful! Essentially one person does V Sits and the other person places one hand against their chest and one hand on their quadriceps. It was a good reminder there's always another level to take things!

Paused at 23!

At the 20 second marker on the last set I decided to close my eyes and focus on my breathing. After about 10 deep slow inhale and exhales I started thinking somethings got to be wrong. It took a couple of seconds, part of my brain thought "just wait I'm sure the ding is coming." But, the logical and impulsive devil on my other shoulder thought "F this" and I opened my eyes to see the timer had been paused at the 23 second marker, be the alert for low battery power popped up.

I'm fairly certain that I already knew how that feature of my phone worked prior to today, but now I'm certain I'll never forget it!

Fun workout today. The twisting stretch at the end was delicious!


Last year I took part in The Peaks to Portland swim "race". In my case it was more of a don't drown "event", but to each their own. Anyway, it also required raising money for the Portland YMCA which isn't only a great song, but an awesome place that does a lot for the community. My time in the race was nothing spectacular but I was proud of what I did on the exercise front and proud to be in the top five with fund raising. A large part of that credit goes to the Kenzai community.

It was motivating to have a physical goal to work towards and inspiring to know the effort would go to a good cause. So, with that in mind I'm setting up a new challenge to take place on November 12, 2018.

I'm joining Wade's Army to raise money! Wade's Army raises money directly for children and parents affected by childhood cancer, while also supporting research programs and hospitals fighting to find a cure.

Here's the plan. It'll be a buy a burpee challenge. Donations will go towards the burpee count. How much money we raise will decide how many burpees we have to do! Lets raise a bunch of money, get some exercise and have some fun while doing it!

@Jason F. and others,
I'm hoping some dark humor will help fuel this fund raising idea. Play on people's delightfully sinister side to raise some $. Heck lets make it go viral! I'll do burpees till I pass out and we'll raise some money for a good cause.

So the only real question is "Who's coming with me?" It's only two months off so if anyone is interested let me know and we'll make it happen quick. It'd be fun to do with a team but I'll have at it solo if I can't find a Dorthy Boyd.

h For some reason can't get it to start there, but I love it when he takes the fish!

I'd like to have the fundraising page up in a week. Just want to see if anyone wants in. Team event or solo?!

It's not you it's me

Sorry K Run. I think you're a swell program, but I'm just craving more strength training right now. I want you to know I'd like to still be friends and will work some runs in as an alternative cardio, but strength training and I just click, you know?

Crank in the ank

My ankles have not been psyched with me lately. But, it's been a good opportunity to switch up from the run and get out on the mountain bike. Having a blast tearing through the trails with my tiny dogs running at full speed. I'll lay off the runs for a bit but keep the fitness nudging forward and should be back pounding the pavement this weekend.

What does it mean?

If someone can tell me what it says on my shirt I'd greatly appreciate it!


The craving came on strong. However unlike the cravings for chocolate glazed donuts this one was to go running. I had put the run off till the afternoon and at some point during the day I just wanted to get up and start running. It was great feeling. That doesn't mean I was out the gate like an antelope out of control. Quite the opposite. The hippo might be closer to my spirit animal. But, till a reminder that when you lock into a different lifestyle and it's not just how the body looks that changes. Although on that note, I have to say I could use a little more shifting. I've been pretty good about hitting the plank and 8MA challenge in addition to Run. And, I can feel a strong core as I run, but the jiggle right on top of it could use a little more melting. All in time!

K Run Update

I'm two weeks into K Run. When my training log goes dead it's a sure sign I'm behind on reading other's. I just always think my time should be spent reading other's updates before writing my own. But, I keep telling people show up and the rest will take care of itself so here I am.

At any rate I'm digging K Run! I've never come to running easily. Swimming, biking, workouts in the gym all keep me more engaged than running, but I dig the struggle and feeling of success when working on an aspect of fitness that doesn't come easy. Just trying to keep a steady pace and steady effort.

The past two weeks have been packed with some good times. Had our Founder Patrick, CEO Jason, and CMO Todd all in town. Then was traveling and visiting family. Busy summer days are wrapping up and ready to settle into a steady schedule for the rest of the summer and fall.

This weeks goal: tighten up the diet, lock down training and put lots of time in on Kenzai!

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