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Just read Ed's blog. He's asking for advice on how to convince a couple friends into doing Kenzai. They're currently on the fence... Thoughts?

original post here:


Playing Two Truths and a Lie along with my new crew of trainees for our team's icebreaker.

1. I once went sky diving
2. I won the Spanish award in high school
3. I hate cilantro

Which one is a lie?

*Lying Cat copyright credit to Image comics.

Cocaine for breakfast!

Remember that food that's more addicting than cocaine?

Well now it's a breakfast cereal!


Feeling good having wrapped up Chisel. The last week of Chisel was also our last week in Costa Rica. We wrapped up the final day of Chisel in style. Watched the first half of the Costa Rica World Cup game, hit the Chisel workout at half time and then watched the second half. Unfortunately CR went down to Serbia 1-0. Followed up the game with a surf session at one of my favorite spots. Then back home to pack, grabbed a burrito and a Pilsen before hitting the road to San Jose! We fly out tomorrow and are looking forward to being back in the states!

Image above: what Chisel did to my new shoes! Finished the last workout in socks.

Following photos:
Will be glad to see less millipedes
Surf Report I'm leaving
Surf Report I'm heading back to :-(

Substitution Solution

Last night got hit with a heavy late night craving! The cold pizza in the fridge looked good, the fresh baked chocolate chip banana bread on the stove top looked amazing! I sat with the sensations coming up and was able to put some why to the cravings which helped. A good friend back home is on hospice care about to go any day now, how to schedule departure from Costa Rica, not going to lie I'm behind on blogs (I especially hate it when I'm behind on front facing work, big blog session to come right after this post!). Looking at the whys helped but it was still there "FEED ME SEYMOUR er Thomas" So I grabbed a ripe banana and some 1% milk and tried for the 'ol substitution solution. Might not have been perfect, but it put the craving monster to bed, and me to sleep right after.

Three down! Three to go!

Halfway through Chisel. Got to say it's been tough, but a lot of fun so far. I'm digging the extra challenge, and looking forward to seeing this session through with high marks!

Three cycles on the workouts is tough, but keep in mind everything we first attempt in Kenzai is tough. Rocking out three cycles will feel easy after a week or two of practice!

The Great Outdoors

Quick how to set up an workout station outside!

10:30 AM

I know I'm being strict on a training program when 10:30 am comes and I'm wondering I can have lunch! Breakfast and fruit snack are long behind me!

Diet Win and Diet Fail

Lets see if this wistia link works!

Day 2

You're already sore so just get started:

Video on Insta:

Chisel Day 1

"Eat no carbs after sunset." When's the next flight to Alaska?!

Day 1 in the books! Lesson read, diet so far adhered to and workout done! And, day 1 photo posted on day 1. From the belly button up I feel alright, but from the belly button down through what I like to call my haunches, I need some serious chiseling!

Here we go!

Trainee Made Mix!

I love these Absolute Wireless Trainees. Here's some music from DJ Xclusive on the Ab Wireless team. Love how it kicks off with Patrick and some quotes from the team and then hops into some good workout music!

Chisel me this!

We've had a bunch of lovely visitors over the last few months. And, I had a great time showing them around to some of my favorite beaches, restaurants, and more. Unfortunately, I think I've stayed on that visitor diet plan!

Ready for some training and on I'm looking to Chisel it up starting Monday! Looks like we've got a rocking group signed up and I've got some engagement/motivational tools in mind to help us up the ante...more to come later!


Alright I didn't spend 8K on a handbag, but I did bag the 8K for the Ranger challenge this morning.

8k = 58 minutes
Push Ups = 65
Pull Ups = 15
Crunches = 128

I'm pretty happy with my results. I improved across the board from 4 weeks ago and the run taught me a lot about myself and where I'm at fitness wise.

Getting in plenty of surfing for exercise has been a blast and it keeps strength up, but I need to bring some love to cardio!

The biggest take away came from realizing the run was just a mental block. It's more about the mind body connection for me. It's not the body giving up. I'd often find myself slip into a negative thought, thinking about something that pisses me off and then next thing I know I'm walking instead of running... Just letting that negative mind zap away precious moments of life. A good reminder for moving through life.

I've been so committed to the idea that I'm not a runner in my life, but I'm going to keep pushing this forward.

@Ward @Ren
Thanks for the work behind the scenes to bring Ranger to life!

Apr 19th, 2016





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