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Pick Up Soccer?

Heard there was a pick up soccer game going on this past Sunday so I thought I'd give it a shot. Turned out to be two proper teams playing, like one team had traveled hours for the game. Luckily? the team with the long drive was down a few players and welcomed the pick up players, even had extra uniforms with them. I forgot what it's like to be playing a sport with other grown ass men taking it really seriously!

Take aways:
-Had a blast. I need to pick up some cleats and shin guards, I'd like to keep playing.
-Sprinting is hard. Really glad today was a strength day not sure how a run would have gone down this morning
-Looking to start workouts earlier. 6AM start time...I'll keep you posted.

*photo of the whole team didn't come out for some reason. This one is just the visiting players.


Woke up feeling crumby, some sort of chest cold is going around. Thought I had the perfect excuse to not go for the run today, but low and behold some other voice in my head said ah just give it a try even if you end up walking. Once I got started the run flew by! 10 minute warm up on a trail that runs parallel to the beach, then down to the beach for the fartlek, and then 10 minutes back in the shade. Really enjoyed it and helped to shake the incoming cold. In addition to the workouts, I'm showing up on the blog! The more you set your mind on what you're doing the easier it gets!

Image rights to Night Ranger


Last program I didn't do my due diligence in supporting my own team. That's something I plan to rectify with Ranger. In order to help set that up I've Unfollowed anyone not currently on the Ranger Challenge. This includes; coworkers doing other programs, past favorite trainees, my Mom and sisters, and a number of other people who are not only some of my favorite Kenzai people, but favorite people in the world. About to hit workout number 3, and then I'll fill out the rest of the Rangers to my Follow list!

Never Happier...

to see 3km run listed for a workout. It still wasn't pretty. 8am was way to late to start a run, as soon as the Costa Rican sun hits the horizon it's on full broil mode, but after yesterdays 8km it was a joyful workout to kick off day 2. I was a puddle by the time Runkeeper had let me know I'd gone half a mile.

During today's run walk (mostly run) I was thinking about cardio and how I've been getting my exercise. I just told a trainee on the q&a to stick with the jumprope if they were familiar with running. New cardio options are challenging and that's a good thing!

While I've been in Costa Rica surfing has been a big part of my choice of exercise. And it used to really kick my ass. So I thought I was getting plenty of exercise. But, as I was huffing and puffing on just a 3km today. I started to realize my; duck diving, wave choice, ability to paddle have all gotten a lot better. Which is great...except it means I'm not getting that much exercise in the water anymore! yikes. So I'm psyched to leaning into an exercise I find challenging. Plus Sharmali is coming to visit in less than a month! I know she's going to kick my ass!


What type of Ranger will I be? Hmm... I'm thinking a park Ranger. Is that an option?

Run : 70 minutes...yeah that's right an hour and 10 minutes! I'm sooo not a runner. And, when your will to run is low and then you step in a squishy spot of sand and barely move forward it diminishes fast. Walked about half. But, looking to be in better running shape and tougher mental fortitude one month from now!

Pull Ups: 12

Push Ups: 60

Crunches 112

A little fizzle! 

I went astray in the final week, but also had a momentous week in my life. Since, I was a boy I've heard stories about my parents experience in the peace corp. They served in Panama in 1968. This past week I went to visit the village my mom worked in, with her. 50 years later and the town is thriving! My mom was well received. It was like watching people come up hoping their favorite grade school teacher still remembered them. But, training went on the back burner!

But, I love the outline of Chisel. The workouts are tough, but keep moving and keep it fun. Might have to hop in on The Ranger Challenge starting next week...

...unrelated news I'm wearing a cowboy hat

It happened!

I've been neglecting some personal hygiene while in Costa Rica; shaving regularly and getting my hair cut being the two big ones. And, the other day I was looking at one of Steph's hair ties and thinking , "just how long is this"...long enough for a pony nub! Not quite a tail, but a nub for sure. Only one thing left to do
start my own cult in Costa Rica ... or I suppose a haircut is an option.

Fitness Everywhere!

All you have to do is choose to move. Although I love a well stocked gym and a good group fitness class, there's really no need to go to a gym, yoga studio, or anywhere else. Just choose to move your body through space! Still digging the circuit workouts, because I'm taking them to the beach. Found a little rock pile that works well for a dip station. Game on!

Hip to the Crypto?

I know nothing about Cryptocurrencies. That's actually an overstatement, nothing seems to high of a knowledge base for where I'm at. But, my neighbor down here is launching a coin aimed at helping people with their fitness and wellness goals. Despite my ignorance in the field I thought it was pretty cool to see someone taking a new technology and help people with their health...kind of like Kenzai! Thought I'd pass it on for those interested.

And my quote of the day from the comment section of yesterdays blog..."Is “I💩u” even a thing?"


Today's message is brought to you by the letter V! Vlogged Mondays circuit workout and got my son to edit the clips together.

Quiet Determination!

If you've been hanging around the Kenzai site for awhile you might remember I adopted a couple puppies a few months back. Well, shortly after that a couple of dogs also adopted us. Meet Lilo.

Lilo started hanging around our place, and in the beginning I'd chase her right off the property line. I didn't want a whole gang of dogs hanging around. The other dogs I chased away got the picture and stopped showing up. But, Lilo just started to lie down just outside our gate. Eventually I let up a little and let Lilo start hanging around inside the gate. But, I insisted she stay out of the house, including the bodega the little storage area/mudroom before entering the house. Lilo would walk in the Bodega get chased out and then lie just outside the door in a comfy spot. Eventually, I let my guard down a little more and allowed Lilo in the bodega...I mean technically it's still outside.

The photo attached is Lilo lying just inside the house, tail still on the thresh hold. When I saw her I scurried her back to the bodega, but I'm taking a lesson toward training from Lilo. Quiet determination. No need to bark or make a raucous, just know what you want and quietly go about getting it!


Really dug reading this one so thought I'd shout it out from my blog too in case anyone reading this missed it.


Yahoo Defined:
expressing great joy or excitement.
a rude, noisy, or violent person.

As I hit the 20th Yahoo Jump in todays workout I was much more like the second definition! But, as I sit and type this out now, I feel so good having the workout behind me!

I'm With You!

My blog and photos are dead and I'm a late add on to Chisel. Get in the game son!

Couple weeks backs, I had a 48 hour period of being horizontal while I moaned about back pain. Seems like NOT exercising will do it every time! Or more so repetitive motion of any type will eventually catch up with you.
In this case it's a mix of computer time and only getting exercise through surf... repetitive and assymmetrical not an awesome combo for long durations. Psyched to be up and running on Chisel with such a killer group. And, will do a better part on the social scene as we go.

Game on!

Buzz Buzz

I love seeing the site a buzz with people ready to take on 2018 the right way!

Apr 19th, 2016





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