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Thomas P.

Kenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 22 (Member)
Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Day 22
Program progress:
Doctor visit

Had my rib cage examined and an X-ray taken.
Nothing serious, nothing broken but 1 week without sports recommended. I was having a good run on KB2 and am quite disappointed with this forced interruption


My son, 11 years old, prepared a wonderful salad today to bring me back on the healthy Kenzai track


I had a craving for pizza and enjoyed it followed by some ice cream. Most of my proteins at lunch came from Mozzarella cheese and cream, I guess


It is a matter of taste but this album is the perfect workout music for me.
Anjunabeats Volume 14, try Magitek, Hideaway or Distorted Truth

As kids we once „redirected“ the traffic at night at a construction site. Used the signs to have cars move in circles again and again until they finally just ignored it. It was in a quiet suburban area in Germany and we had a lot of fun. Wouldn’t like my son to repeat it in Tokyo...


Our new favorite will make tomorrow’s workout a lot of „fun“

With my boss in Japan for the week, daily lunches and dinners with staff or clients and some domestic business trip this will be a challenging week. Will miss today’s workout being on a trip to Kyoto on business with a very early start and a dinner after our return to Tokyo. Had a great full course Shabu Shabu dinner last night which definitely was different from the prescribed vegetables and egg white. Also couldn’t resist to have 2 glasses of cold draft beer and a glass of red wine. If I continue the week like this I probably have to extend the program a bit. Have an egg and an orange in my bag which I will eat on the train. How are all of you doing out there?


Yesterday’s lesson about cravings explains that possibly my microbiome is the culprit. Anyway, I had only one quarter of a cheese tart along with my afternoon fruits

Germany again

12 hour flight, probably my 5th meal today (dinner in Germany), in urgent need of a new program to get back in shape. I hope this biz trip will allow time for exercise and some healthy food choices


Just after KB1 in a rental car in Hokkaido this April

Challenge 2

Had this with a colleague when we went to a customer visit in another part of Tokyo. Did only eat the lean part


Cobb Salad, dressing separate, some steak (left 2 fried potato sticks) and bread

Shake Shack

Double-Burger at Shake Shack followed by 190g of vegetable sticks for lunch. I think this was not quite what Reboot is about


Went to a small street in Jiyugaoka Tokyo early morning. No people around and the coffee bus will start business later

Shopping on Day 90

so far, so good

End of Week 2



Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Kenzai Kettlebell 2


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