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Slow finish 

I didn’t do so well on this round of iron. I discovered the hard way that not following the diet but still doing the exercises is a frustrating route to not very far. I didn’t write a post until now because it was a disappointing way to end 2019.

New focus for 2020 and a reset with a 28 day program for me.

Happy New Year

Hasn’t been a great run for me. I think I should have done some 30 days given the schedule I had these few months.

Enjoyed it in parts but too much missed opportunity

Wondering whether to drop and grab a pre Christmas 30 days....ski boot?!

Burma belly

Had a bit of a bad week on all fronts after just about convincing myself I was doing ok. Finally have a clear run with no travel for a few weeks. Plan to try and finish strong

Big, bad and brilliant weekend in Japan.

It’s all over and we didn’t win.

Back to it now for the final flourish!!

RWC relapse

Was right on point up to including Friday. Then RWC semis including England win sent me way way way off piste.

Back to it for a few days before returning for the final.

Trying my best but this is once in a lifetime stuff.

Coral run

Ran the beach for cardio today. Dead coral everywhere. Such a shame.

The gym here has only dumb bells and the heaviest is 10kg! There a machine bench press and a pull down bar but that’s about it.

Any tips on how to make it work with the exercises we have?! Very light on weight.

Back in HK

4 days in a hotel with no gym and 2 more in a hotel with no time to go to the gym. Baad. Back to it now. A clear week ahead with nothing but exercise and clean eating

... the night of the England rugby game!! That wasn’t an indulgence. It was an over indulgence of the highest order.

Nuff said. Move on

Another week done

I’m still doing well with exercise but not great on diet. As a result I’m not really seeing much reward for the workouts. Need to knuckle down with a 2 week break from biz travel

On the road

Only 1 day in HK out of 2 weeks is making diet tricky. Still 100% on exercises though.

RWC has made no beer a little challenging too!

Jet lagged in Toronto do exercises done and Wales game on at 6am!!


I did it. All 7 days successfully exercised. Luckily diet wasn’t fully required. Say no more!

Day 1. Done

I’ve slipped off a few courses over the last few months. I’m putting some of that down to a poor start. Planning to really focus on getting immersed quickly this time to break the mould of unsuccessfully maintaining the programmes!

Course correct

It was always a bit risky starting this whilst still on holiday and that is how it’s played out. Not a strong start and the photo doesn’t lie.

Luckily the fitness is there or thereabouts so gave not been left for dead in the exercises. Diet nerds significant attention!!

Summer spread

Just coming to the end of a long summer holiday which has not been kind on the physique. Back to HK tonight and then fully strapped in to chisel hard!

Good week

Got back to form last week. Doubled up on the cardio a few days and was good in the diet.

Long weekend in HK coupled with awesome weather led to some wine consumption.

A bit of travel coming up over the next week but will keep as honest as I can!

End of Week 3





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