Tina W.

Tina W.


WOW I’ve completed Kenzai Silver! I’m so happy! I realise that I’ve come a long way! From having to hold my lower back when I stand up and walk, to now being able to jog on a treadmill!

Throughout many lessons on Kenzai Silver, Day 55 (The Quick Drop Off- the concept for a good death) really hit it home for me. I came to a sudden realisation that I wouldn’t want to live to 90, if it’s ten years of suffering and a burden for me and my loved ones! It’s important to live a full life and ideally a quick and sharp death would be a relief. I don’t pay attention usually, but these two months of diet and workouts prove to me that I could be active and strong. Today’s final assessment was an eye opener because I wasn’t fearful of walking up and down a flight of stairs anymore. Before this program I would be anxious and worried of the pain I’d have to endure on a flight of stairs! I use to be worried to encounter stairs when I’m out in public but now it doesn’t bother me at all. This sense of confidence and freedom is definitely something that can’t be bought. And for the cherry on-top… I started at 75.2 kg and I’m now down to 69.9 kg. I lost 4 cm on my waist and lost 6.5 cm on my hip! I’m going for a blood check next week and I hope I’ll get some promising results on my blood-work and cholesterol levels.

I carried out the ten tasks with my daughter and son-in-law as a witness to my improved fitness and balance:
1. Reaching for something on a high shelf: I felt it was easy and I was feeling balanced. I felt that my every body part worked in sync for me to go up on my tippy toes and I got what I needed on the first attempt without holding the counter for assistance.

2. Reaching behind me: It’s rare that i do this movement, but it was quite easy today when I did it but I do notice my back is tighter when i twisted towards the left side.

3. Picking up a coin (keys) off the floor: I did it with ease— on one try. I wasn’t wobbly or dizzy afterwards.

4. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up (lay on back): I pretended that both my arms didn’t work and I had to do a full sit-up, and then used my balance and core to push up and stand. This required a little planning and effort but overall doable.

5. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up (chest version): I pretended to injure my left arm and at first I flipped over to my back, and then got up with ease.

6. One leg balance: it wasn’t difficult at all because I’ve been doing something similar to a one-legged exercise move on the daily workouts, and this was even easier.

7. Bring in the groceries: I could pick it up a bag of groceries with ease and walked to the kitchen and back and then placed it slowly on the original spot. My arms and shoulders weren’t tired at all.

8. Take the stairs: This should be the biggest challenge and my greatest improvement amongst all the other actions. I didn’t need to hold onto my lower back or the stair railings to assist me. I wasn’t panting or out of breathe from walking two levels on the fire exit staircase. Going down was harder in comparison still because of my knee joints. My lower back was completely pain free and I wasn‘t anxious nor worried at all which is a great feeling.

9. Obstacle Course: This challenge was actually kinda fun! I placed some of my grandson’s toys on the floor in a zig zag shape and I had to tip toe around them. Then my daughter put a chair in the corridor so I had to go sideways and squeeze through a narrow space, then she placed a pack of water and I had to straddle over the obstacle very carefully. I did it all with ease while singing a CHA CHA CHA song. My family was all impressed and most importantly my grandson clapped and said “Grandma Number 1”.

10. Clean Sweep: Sweeping with the broom was simple and smooth with no pain on my waist. Maybe the plastic broom was too light to begin with. I had good control of the broom through the whole movement too.

Final thoughts: Nothing in particular gave me any trouble in this final workout. I found them surprisingly easy to execute. Yes, I do feel the workout and training helped me with a lot of these tasks. I feel that now I have a stronger core, better sense of balance, and sharper hand and eye coordination.

Lastly, I wanna thank Ward and all the team members for helping me along, supporting me, and it’s awesome that we all got through this together. Also, I’m so grateful for the support of my family. They did the last workout with me and gave me presents and cheered me on throughout this journey. I’m going to continue walking everyday at least and I’ll implement the 3 day schedule workout (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I plan to also be eating more fruits in replacement of sugary snacks and lessening salt in my daily diet. Now that I’m skinnier, I feel the skin on my belly is getting looser, so I’ll aim to workout my abs and core more and brisk walking everyday. Kenzai Silver training has definitely changed my attitude towards my body and fitness for the better. So proud of everyone on my team, you all did great! Hoping everyone a prosperous, healthy, and happy life!

In about 8 days, I'll have completed two months of exercise and changed my eating habits. I'm confused and excited that I'm so near the finish line.I do feel really lucky to experience this training. I thought that I'm almost 70 years old and I would have to live with this backache forever. I was very discouraged at the beginning when it only got worse and worse. My daughter and son-in-law made me realize that this training is very beneficial for me. At the beginning I didn’t think it was possible to do these workouts, but they supported me in many ways. Now, I'm holding my body with a better posture and I’m more energetic every day. I love to go shopping and I would be devastated if I can't walk anymore with back pain.

I went to see my friends at a Cantonese opera in China yesterday. I haven't seen them for few months already. When I saw them, they said I looked 10 YEARS YOUNGER!! I am very physically fit and feel healthy and it shows. So they all were very eager to ask what I have done to achieve these results. I immediately introduced the Kenzai Silver program to them and showed them my workouts on the phone. They were all interested and kept asking me about the details of the program. Some of them were asking for their family and some wanted to join. I know the benefits of this program and I would wish them health and happiness too.

My indulgence!

I’m so grateful it’s the 38th day today! I really enjoyed the Indulgence experienced last week. Haven’t had the time to blog about it till now. To mark the occasion, I asked my 2 girlfriends out for lunch to have my indulgence which is Singaporean laksa noodles which I use to love. The experience turned out to be quite interesting because the noodles were disappointing. It was as good as I remembered it to be. It felt like a waste of my indulgence quote (hope another one is coming soon!). However I had great company and amazing time catching up with my girlfriends so the afternoon was very pleasant after all.

Since I did the Kenzai program I feel there are many changes. For example, I go to the bathroom more often I guess I’m eating more and drinking more water on this program. This change really surprises me!

I can’t believe I can run on the treadmill now! It’s amazing! The first day I was holding my back doing my brisk walks! I’m so grateful to be given this chance by my daughter and son in law to be strong and healthy again. Many of my friends are starting to compliment my new posture and they say I have a young and healthy glow! It’s nice to be noticed and complimented to look younger, who doesn’t like that?!

So I’m really looking forward to the next month of workouts and can’t wait to see where this program will bring me! I never thought of quitting or cheating in this past month all thanks to my family and the supportive members on my team! Keep up the great work everybody!


So happy I got a “half-way there” surprise from my daughter and son-in-law!! This is just the motivation I need to push through this second half of my training! I also got a new iPhone so there’s a protector case and Apple-tech charging all in one station . And also workout headphones, perfect for moving around when I do my workouts!

Today I have completed the 28th day of the program. Can never stress enough how grateful I am for my family's support everyday. Eating a healthy diet with limited ingredients is not a great challenge for me because I usually don't eat much food. But I do like to eat snacks such as biscuits and cookies usually. I'm so excited with the INDULGENCE that's happening this upcoming week! My husband keeps giving me a lot of suggestions on what to eat for my indulgence. To my surprise, he seems happier and excited than I am! He proposed a lot of my favorite foods however I'm not especially happy. Before I thought about my cravings and what I would indulge after this program. But now that I'm allowed to actually have an indulgence, I can't decide on what to eat. Anyone have any good suggestions? Well, I can't decide on an indulgence but I'm certain that I will try my best to complete this program with a clean diet and productive workouts! Hope everyone is feeling great and energetic this week too! Keep it up everyone!

I am very grateful for my accomplishments on the 19th day today. Two days ago I had to leave Hong Kong to Macau. I thought I would have to give up my workouts and diet because of the inconvenience. For my lunch and dinner I had to eat at a restaurant but still tried to eat clean (minimal salt and oil). I struggled to return to Hong Kong at 7:00 pm and luckily managed to fit in my workouts at the end of the day . Im happy in the end, I defeated the demons and finished the exercise portion for the day. I was out all day so I didn’t eat my fruit portions and made me realize it’s very difficult to find fruits when you’re on the go.

Yesterday, I went to see the physiotherapist. I am satisfied with my current lower back situation. I can now brisk walk the treadmill for 30 minutes. I’ve been seeing the physiotherapist twice a week and it’s now reduced to one time a week. I hope that I can keep exercising and improve my condition. I’m so thankful for everything I have achieved up to this point on my fitness and eating. It’s my grandson’s midterm break this week and I’m enjoying our time playing and running around together this week.

Lost 2 kg so far!

Today is my 11th day on Kenzai Silver program. So far so good. I was a bit worried at the beginning about the exercise plus diet but I'm very lucky to have a great support network that includes my daughter, son-in-law, friends, and son. When problems or difficulties arise, they are always there to answer my questions and offer solutions. This assistance really helps me to adapt to the program smoothly. I'm also learning new methods to cook oil and salt free foods. I've attached a photo of one of my meals. It's fish with roasted vegetables and quinoa with turmeric.

I'm happy to say that I've lost 2 kg so far!! I'm so happy. Also my back pain has greatly reduced. Even my physiotherapist is impressed in my progress. I went into the physiotherapist's clinic without being able to stand straight, but now I can stand straight without pain or holding onto my lower back!




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