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Nate H.

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Final Post 

It has been a long 3 months, but it is amazing to be through it. This has definitely been one of the better things I have done in a long time. I can see differences in how my body looks, I can definitely do exercises easily that I struggled with at the start, and most importantly I feel like I have a much better idea of what I need to do exercise and diet-wise to stay in shape. I have really enjoyed this experience and hope it will be the foundation for new ways of living. Thanks Ward and team for helping me through this. The encouragement definitely helped.


end Week 4

I am finally back at home and should remain here for the next couple of months. Been able to do the exercise every day but continued to struggle with the diet while on the road but hoping now I will be good to go. I do believe it will affect my social life a bit especially with the new evening diet, but looking forward to seeing what it’s like to eat such minimal dinners and excited to start burning more fat :-)