Toby R.

Toby R.

Chisel Done 

Delay in posting

Still Here!

Continuing to plug away, with travel being my enemy as per usual

Week 3

Exercise on point, diet up and down last week but back home with lunches prepared. Nice to see the 3 sets this morning so more time to be allocated to the workout.

Week 2

Mixed week just gone, traveling and wheels that have fallen off as a result. Another week on the road which will need to navigate.

Week 1

Solid first week on the workouts, looking forward to getting back into Chisel


Really enjoyed this program and in particular the high intensity aspects. Overall nailed 3/4 of the program with the last stretch being impacted by work and travel, not dissimilar to other programs.
A rest over the summer and back to business post that!

Still here!

Have been traveling the last week and have been substituting some workout for bike rides. Laid down some kms along the way!
Heading to US this week and will have hectic work schedule, so hopefully finish strong in the gym

Another Week

Last week was ok and on point with exercises, hit road bump with a few beers on Sat. This week consumed by work and missed workout yesterday but back on it today.

Quick Update

Bit of an interesting week, diet was ok but was carb loading from Wednesday as had some endurance bike rides on the weekend. Spent 11 hours in the saddle with 335kms on the board.
Back on exercise and diet tomorrow

Solid as it goes

Been a solid week across the board but heading to Shanghai for the weekend and assume the wheels will fall off on a Saturday

Up & Running

Taken a few days to blog but better late than never! Week of travel to kick off Chisel some diet is easier and the exercise have been enjoyable but assuming they will get more intense....
Just come off Iron and have a bike ride end of June so wanting to stay fit and ready for a few kms over 4 days. Need to try and stay on point across all aspects!

Done & Dusted 

Definitely not the way I wanted to finish the program but enjoyed Iron program again. Lots of travel really played a factor & especially the gyms with limited space and equipment.
Anyway looking forward to the next challenge that awaits

7's Impact

Was never going to turn out well......will need to extend a little to finish strong

Home Straight

Overall a good week particularly the exercise front. Workouts done but substituted Friday’s for 140kms on the bike. Started training for a ride late June in Europe and legs feel strong with is definitely due to the Iron Program. Punched out 250kms this week on the bike.
Anyway home straight on the horizon with HK next week with for the Rugby 7's which will not be great way to finish but such is life..........

Solid Week

Have been back in Singapore this week and hit the workouts all week and overall diet on point. Looking forward to the home straight in less than a month!

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Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body

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Kenzai Body 2

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Kenzai Body 3

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