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Kenzai Iron | Day 74 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 74
Program progress:

Traveling for work puts a huge kink in workouts. Zero time so missed a few workouts this week for the first time. But expected this would happen on my trip.

Fortunate find

Managed to sign up for a short term gym membership in Portugal with my old gym from London (Holmes Place). It is great. Jet-lagged, so up early and able to get my work outs in. And their cafeteria has all the goodies on our diet plan all set to go. Yogurt, hard boiled eggs, protein powder, etc. At least I can cover two weeks of my travels.

Had a great last week getting to the gym and hitting the barbells everyday.

Going to be a tough few weeks coming up. Knew this was coming, so going to have to be extra diligent on the diet. Some what resigned to missing a number of days with weights. Especially next week, when I will be in a on a plane or train to a different city every other day. Will do my best with body weights and jumprope.

Good Week

A good solid week somewhat on track with the diet and went hard at the weights especially back day, Friday. It is the first time I have been a bit sore from lifting. Looking forward to the week ahead, then I am traveling for 3 weeks which will have its own challenges.

Over the Hump

Been hitting my workouts. Need to focus a bit more on the diet for the next 45 days. Summer has been too tempting.

Leg Week

It is only Tuesday and my legs are exhausted. I can definitely tell the workouts are picking up, which is a good thing. Swapped out some jumprope for swimming today since I still have a nagging foot problem.

The good news, my wife actually noticed the other day I have been lifting or at least bulking up. A bit different from KB1 where it was more fat loss and toning up. Looking forward to nailing the last half of Iron and be a bit more focused on the diet where I got a little off track with work dinners for a couple weeks. Back on schedule.

One Month

30 days have passed which is hard to believe. Hitting all the workouts. Loving Iron so far. It is a nice mix of different lifts.

Starting to feel fit again. Though I really need to refocus on the diet. A couple big birthday parties this past weekend which I totally blew my calorie count. But back on track this week and I just need to stay focused for next 60 days.

Feels like I am just getting started.

Still cannot quite get to the gym 6 days a week, so taking a new tactic - doubling up those barbell exercises, eg squat and bench, on the days I do get to the gym. For those days I cannot make it, do a hybrid of the body weight plus dumbbells.

And for the past 5 days, it seems to work out rather well.

Day 18

Today is the first day I do not have this nasty head cold which I have had from the start. And has been tough to get super motivated, especially getting to the gym. I have only been able to get to the gym sporadically 2-3 times per week for barbell weights, though I am doing the dumbbells at home. I must say feels a little like cheating, especially when it comes to bench or legs. Surprisingly, I could definitely feel the burn with the couple dumbbell leg work outs I did when I have not been able to hit the gym.

Next step is to be a bit more focused on the diet....getting there

Day 12

Suffering from jetlag and a cold, but good to be back in the groove. I was surprised at how sore my legs and gluts were from squats last week, especially after just finishing KB1. Age is finally creeping in (though I am in denial).

First Iron Blog

This is Tom living and working in Tokyo. I just completed KB1, so figured why not dive straight into Iron.

Looking forward to Iron since I was quite pleased with KB1. Shed quite a few pounds, got back into pretty descent shape with muscle tone I have not felt in years. Looking forward to building on the base with Iron.

The biggest challenge which was the same as KB1 is managing travel schedule. When I am in town, no problem. Traveling is another story. I even started this week on my way back from Europe which is never great for the diet. I think the extra challenge will be gym time. Gyms in Tokyo are not the biggest, so getting a quick paced lifting program without interruption will be a problem. Already had that yesterday with someone hogging the squat rack for an hour.

The physical challenge is definitely with squats. I used to lift quite extensively when I was a collegiate athlete, but a couple torn knees later (not to mention a several extra kgs), squats will be my hardest. Going beyond parallel puts quite a strain.

Otherwise, I trust the program and looking forward to seeing how Iron progresses. I hear it from friends its is one of the best in the Kenzai family.

Tale of the Tape (reflections after 90 days) 

• 12 kgs lost;
• 3 belt sizes shrunk;
• 83 days without shaving;
• 84/90 days sticking to diet;
• 90/90 days exercise;
• 90 days without cocktails (not to be 91);
• Priceless – the amount of new clothes I need to buy…

All-in-all, a good success. I am back to my weight from 20 years ago, but with way more body fat then I used to have. (Chalk that up to age, though just fires me up for round 2 in a month.)

I generally hit my primary weight target and was just short of my outside goal of another 3 kgs (yes, I know we are not supposed to focus on numbers). This will keep me motivated after a little rest post KB1.

For me the primary benefits of Kenzai was a refocus on nutrition side. After tearing my knee up 4 years ago, the diet went off a cliff, going out for dinners became the norm and eating less nutritiously was a daily occurrence. I was simply not paying attention to until it was too late.

What I liked about Kenzai program was the daily workout and diet schedules with the app. There was not much thinking about what to do; hit start on workout and go. And the diet program was quite simple. Eliminating salt and sugar really helped me think a bit more creatively about cooking. Yet the end of the program, I devolved to fixed veggie smoothies, handfuls of frozen then steamed veggies and multiple egg-recipe permutations.

And for my final KB1 thoughts - the three more surprising revelations in Kenzai:

1. Jump ropes – amazing way for cardio, low impact and injury free versus running
2. Bands – never imagined getting such a great workout from rubber bands as a weight replacement
3. Diet – a shocking amount of food throughout the day, while losing weight

I am looking forward to the next phase in Kenzai and lose the last bit of love handles.

10 days to go...

Looking back, I realize I have made some gains, definitely dropped a belt size or two but still feel like I have not reached the goals I set out.

Still sporting the belly, though much reduced, I am putting my head down in the last two weeks and ramping up the exercise with a final. Trying to do an extra and separate set per day to widen the calorie gap eg swimming or running in the afternoon well after my morning workout.

Hopefully, that will help burn a few more inches....

Hay Fever...

...has hit Tokyo and I am suffering for the first time ever with allergies. The past three days have been tough to get motivated for the workout with stuffy sinuses and achy head. But have to plow through. Only a couple weeks to go.


Was a major challenge to manage Kenzai workout and diet for 9 days, 2 of which were basically spent in airports the rest - part holiday and part wedding festivities in Sri Lanka.

The Bad - ate more than intended especially with dinners. Hard to eat egg whites while at restaurants with others enjoying amazing curries.

The Good - managed to get every workout in plus swam for an hour each day and/or did 2000 jumpropes to "manage" the extra caloric intake. Diet wise, I was able to keep mostly to the food schedule nicking hard boiled eggs from breakfast for later and keeping to veggies as much as possible. Plus, the fruit bowls were amazing. 10 -12 different fruits and not a bad place to indulge (see below). Plus no alcohol even at the wedding while everyone else was shall we say a little tipsy.

All in all, weighed myself before and after with no change. Glad to be back to really focus over the next 4 weeks.