Tom R.

Tom R.

It’s a wrap...I mean the beginning! 

It’s been great to share this journey with everyone. Emotions and motivation ran the gamut from fully engaged the first two months to losing momentum after our spring break week in early April. I’m a little disappointed with my wavering dedication and lack of mental toughness. I thought about the 90 day commitment many times and came to the conclusion it’s whats required to see results and to get fully committed to making changes in your life. I would have been much better with a 60 day program, but that’s not the deal. It does help me gauge which future programs I will do.

Kenzai has taught me many valuable lessons which I intend to implement after a couple of days of rest. A friend has lent me his heavy rope to try out and should be fun.

This is just the beginning and looking forward to continued progress on my health journey.

Best of health to everyone.

Spring break was a tough week for me. Missed a couple of workouts and diet was off. Have definitely lost some momentum from a mental perspective. Back to work this week and workouts are going well but looking forward to day 90 and alleviating the daily pressure.

Skipping is getting better as I stated mixing it up with one leg jumps and alternating legs like I’m running. I have found this to be really helpful to get to 3 minutes without stopping. Can feel the difference with my cardio effort and the variety is making skips more enjoyable.

Developing good habits and realizing theresults I seek are a change in lifestyle and habits and not just completing a 90 day program. That said, this has been fantastic so far.

A better view

Got lucky yesterday with the final indulgence as I was on my way ahead of reading the lesson. Down at the Florida panhandle with my family this week for spring break. A much improved view for my morning slips and was fortunate to see 2 porpoises 🐬 in the gulf. Workouts should be consistent but food and bevies a challenge.

Eye opener

Yesterday was an eye opener....6 sets and I clearly did not budget enough time, so leaving the house much earlier today. Saw some friends over the weekend that I haven’t seen ina couple of months and received some nice feedback. Definitely a motivator for when things get tough. After a weekend of a few cocktails, back at it hard this week ahead of spring break with my family next week. Photos are sure to get better provided weather cooperates.

More time

Having to budget more time to get the workouts in before work begins. Love that kenzai provides the road map since there are mornings when set 3,4 or 5 would never have been considered 60 days ago. Hitting food right 90% + of the time and getting almost every workout in. Biggest challenge is core and many times can only get half the count in on metro.... hoping that current diet can shake some lbs as I feel like I’ve plateaued and haven’t seen much progress the past couple of weeks. Time to push hard to the finish for results I’m seeking.

feeling it

Past few days have been pretty hard. Workouts are a notch higher and food / carbs a little less. Missed my afternoon snack and ran post work errands had me home after 8 and more than a little cranky. Need to keep a spare apple in the car for emergencies. Can feel “the burn” of exercise and proper diet and am looking forward to the results the next few weeks bring. Last week wasn’t great as I’ve demonstrated less discipline while traveling. Daytrips from here on out.


Three days of travel this week otherwise On target with workouts and meals. Workouts have definitely turned up a couple of notches and unable to complete 2 minutes of skipping without stopping but pushing through. Results are starting to come and certainly feel better. Good frame of mind still but the travel is a challenge. Stay strong everyone!

Keeping up

Had a good week last week with workouts and food. A couple of slip ups on the wine due to work meetings and acknowledge that’s a challenge Feel pretty good and starting to feel the benefits of the effort. Concerned about recent lessons on how much more difficulty it will become but look forward to the challenge. Stay strong everyone.


Mixed in a spin class Saturday morning in lieu of jump rope to give the legs a rest from the pounding. A better week with the rope and despite the daily challenge, starting to enjoy it. Pleasantly surprised at the level of effort and results at spin class and plan to continue. No travel this week and stayed on point with the food but celebrated “indulgence” with a couple of pops. Clothes are fitting better and starting to feel and see some results so motivation is better.

Week 3 recap

Finding that the exercises are manageable but the Jumprope is harder to keep,up with and figure I better learn to love it. Will try to jump to some upbeat tunes and see how it works. Pretty good week but crashed and burned on Saturday due to travel to a memorial service. No workout and “a few beers” with friends but now back on track. So disgusted with myself I refused a photo for week 3.....see you next week. Finding that the morning workout before work is agreeable though I miss seeing my teens before work. My wife has been a great supporter so far in keeping me stocked up with veggies and protein and kenzai friendly dinners that we are all enjoying. No travel this week so keeping positive. Best,of luck everyone.

Week 2 recap

My first experience with travel and staying on the program and definite failure on Friday with no workout and sub par performance with the food. Strong recovery over the weekend and looking forward to the start of week 3. I uploaded a photo of breakfast today. 2 egg whites and 1 regular edd omelette with peppers tomatoes squazh and zucchini then served on a plain toasted bagel. Definitely the best meal of the week. Good luck everyone tonight with the super bowl smorgasbord temptations....stay strong!

Week 1 and 3 Q’s

Week one was a good reset for my perspective coming into a 90 day commitment. I have a couple of friends that have completed Body with amazing results and I’ve seen first hand that if I (all of us 💪) stay committed to the program, we can experience the same success! As my teens say “Let’s Go”!

1. I’ve lived in Atlanta for the past 29 years and grew up in upstate NY. I work in commercial real estate for a large insurance company.
2, What's your best quality? Hard worker, persistent, love my family - wife Karen and 2 teens.
3. See above. Also, now in mid50’s and want to get serious about my health and well being.

Day 1 and 2

Off to a slow start blogging due to company over the holiday and work travel but very excited to be starting the 90 day journey. Days 1 and 2 in the book and looking forward to the next 88!




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