Tracey F.

Tracey F.


Hi Guys, I'm really enjoying the program and it is helping me get through some busy and physically demanding days on the farm. I really enjoy the wake up feeling you get after the morning session, kind of sets your body up for the day. Some days I spend a lot of time at a desk and look forward to the afternoon stretches on our deck. Other days its busy on the farm and I'm tired but those are the days I find the sessions really reflective and in some ways relaxing. I get a real sense of calm when I go into mountain pose looking out over the farm, it's lovely.
Hope you are all enjoying the journey.


Hi Guys,

We are off on a well earned break to the USA tomorrow. Some road tripping, hiking, skiing and beach time... so there will be interesting workouts on the go.

The thing I find the most challenging travelling in the US tends to be healthy meals options. So we will be looking for fruit and veg shops and good breaky places - skip the waffles and maple syrup and downsize the portions. I can hear a lot of requests for dressing on the side please.

California, Colorado, Hawaii here we come.

Ultimate Boiled Eggs

I've pinched Heston Blumenthal's boiled egg tips and they are the best. His method stops whites going rubbery and cooks the yolks to gooey soft but not runny. Great if you want to boil a few to pop in the fridge for easy go to breaks.

Place the eggs in the smallest pan available and only add enough cold water to cover them. Put the lid on the pan and place over the highest heat possible. When the water comes to the boil, remove the pan from the heat and wait for 6 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the lid and carefully remove each egg.

Perfect every time. :)

Thanks Heston!!!

Throwback photo

With my Dad (bless him) when I was 20 and today with a few more wrinkles and a little less perm.


Hi Team,

Ok, I'm guilty, haven't blogged for a while. I could write a thousand excuses but it really is just poor behaviour so I will make it up and go on a bloggathon to try to redeem myself slightly.

I just read Patricks "The Nature of Knowledge" message and it was really good. It's amazing how as you learn you recognise some traits in your self and also some in others you know. If you haven't read it yet do yourself a favour and expand your circles (you will know what that means after reading it), or maybe you already do :) .

I've been feeling really good lately. It's great to have a clear head and energy and shed a few wobbly bits. We went away this weekend and although I stuck to my workouts and tried to choose healthy food I was a little slack on the wine indulgence. We were in the Hunter Valley which literally is a valley of wineries. But it was good to notice the difference between being clear of alcohol and not. It's much better not drinking and that's a good change coming from me.

We visited an amazing thoroughbred stud whilst there, the most incredible property I've every had the pleasure of roaming around. The view from the top was an incredible vista and a great place to contemplate the world and expand your circles oO. I snuck in a photo of the boys doing just that in the attached photo, they have no idea I took it.

We have family coming this weekend and I will not be drinking and feel really good about that. They will be horrified! :)))

On Location

Hi Team,

I'm late with this but better late than never they say!

Apologies up front for the close up squinting shot (not very flattering) but honest I guess. This was us after a workout Aussie style at the lovely Bondi Beach.
It is compulsory to swim in the ocean following a workout there :) and the water is a balmy 24 degrees at the moment, just delicious.

Have a great day!



Time to get moving and focusing on food and fitness again. A new year and a new start in a good way.

My husband Clive and I did PCP (the original program - Hi Patrick) a few years ago now and we both had great results. With a couple of kgs sneaking back on we decided to join in again.

I'm looking forward to that sharp mind you seem to get during a month or two of this lifestyle and fitting more comfortably into my post PCP jeans again!

Good luck everyone :)




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