Tracy C.

Tracy C.


A week late to blog. But I think having sometime to reflect is better anyways. Congratulations to everyone for finishing the program. Going back to regular life off PCP has been very different. I had pizza last week and immediately broke out. As things were getting better, I had some drinks with colleagues and broke out again the next day. Apparently, my body does not like oily food or alcohol anymore. Which I guess is a great thing. 

I also have not been able to eat dinner the same way I was eating before the program started. PCP has really taught me to be aware of what I am putting into my body and making better choices. For example, not having carbs for dinner and making a effort to have breakfast every morning. I will continue to work out 3 days a week. But I am really making the extra effort to stay active. I went to the gym last week with my cousin Sam and he said my exercises look much better. He had been working out with me when I first started PCP.

Total I lost 21 lbs on the program. I goal was 30 so I was definitely under. Traveling for the last 20 days of PCP was definitely a challenge and I think if I were home I would have had even better results. Workouts could have been harder. Overall, though this was a very positive experience and I feel happy with the way my body feels. 

I'm Alive

I just got home after a weekend in Arizona. It was pretty awful the Giants lost every game and I got heat stroke. Almost passed out and had to sit in the handicap section. I cheated in Arizona and had some pizza. I have been super tired lately and been catching up on a ton of work so not much time to blog. 

Chocolate Tasting

Today my client was a chocolate company. I have to admit that I had three pieces of chocolate. She offered me a million pieces and I had to keep declining and she kept giving me looks and asking me what flavors and textures I liked. Finally, I had three just so I wouldn't offend her. I have to admit the taste off them were amazing. Key lime something and raspberry amazingness. What felt awful was the guilt afterwards. It is 95 degrees in Houston and I am so hot and uncomfortable. ;-( 


I am in Houston this week for work. Most of it consists with visiting some of the best restaurants Houston has to offer. Although I use to love to try dished I have been trying very hard to just pass. It has really sucked not being home where i can just live PCP life to the fullest. Everyday I feel like I have been off. Whether it be by missing a egg or not being able to complete every exercise. My husband comes on Saturday and I cannot wait. I saw this message today about a final indulgence. Honestly, I can't even think about having something when I am so disappointed with my week thus far. I haven't gone crazy only night was dinner at Uchi that i blogged about before. Ugh hope the week gets better when Lance gets here Saturday. He will take my picture too which will probably show no change. I feel like a blob!


In Houston for work. Yesterday I got lost for over a hour. I was running late for a client meeting so I missed my eggs and lunch. I was super annoyed. Up to dinner I had a glass of milk, a couple pieces a chicken from a Starbucks salad the actual salad was too gross to eat even though i was starving, a orange and some iced tea. Dinner is where another fail happened. I went to a Japanese Restaurant called Uchi that just got nominated for a James Beard. Had 8 pieces of sashimi but they were definitely topped with seasonings. I also had two pieces of kobe beef cooked two ways. Although the pieces were half the size of my two pinkies pressed together I am positive they were not compliant. One was with ponzu something and the other one definitely had some form of butter. And I did have a couple bites of desert. I can honestly say top 3 deserts ever eaten so totally worth it. Apparently, was nominated by food and wine magazine. This whole experience could have gone way worse i guess in my past pre pcp life but I still feel bad about missing all my eggs yesterday and half my fruit. Hopefully today, I don't get lost and can eat better. Also, I cannot sleep. I don't like to sleep alone so I literally have been lying awake until the sun comes out. Sleeping for 2 hours and then waking up to start my day. I am tired...

Ate to Much

Yesterday I was hungry. I was hungry all day from morning to night. When I woke up I had onions, milk and a egg. Had a banana mid morning and was starving. I got lunch early at 11:30 when usually i eat at 2. Ugh that probably effected me later. When I got home I had a orange and went to the pool. By that time I was starving. I had half a broccoli, half a potato, mushrooms and 70 grams of chicken. This was the most I've eaten for dinner in weeks. And I was still hungry. I think this could have to do with my cycle but in any case I forced myself to stop eating. I did 8 minute abs to try to compensate. I can't believe the days when I use to eat twice for dinner. Aka rice, meats, and pasta. 

Today, when I woke up I decided to try on a new pair of jeans. Viola they fit. Down another size. I am down to the size that I was when my husband and I started dating if not a little smaller. If I could get down to high school size I would be thrilled! 

I am super excited to report that I can do a pull up now. Slightly assisted pull up but I am still super excited!!!!! I was at the gym and getting super annoyed by the growing number of incline pull ups.  I looked over at the pull up machine. Thought about the last time I got on the machine and could not even do one pull up. I had my husband pushing my butt up and did not get anywhere. I was embarrassed that I have not attempted the machine since. Yesterday, I stared at the machine and thought hey why not. After being able to do one, I was shocked 4 more later I had to stop. That was five more than I have ever done. I continued and ended up doing 5 sets of 5. I have never been able to use this machine ever. What a huge accomplishment considering that I never would have thought I could ever do this. And this time I didn't need my hubby to push my butt up I did it all by myself. :-)

Day 64

Just woke up! Had to catch up on a lot of sleep. Overall, I think my Vegas trip was a success. PCP wise anyways...

I missed out on a couple egg whites, switched dinner and lunch. But since I was waking up a lot later, time was off anyways.

For breakfast I had a egg with a side of zucchini and mushrooms everyday. I went to the cafe downstairs and they were very accommodating. I had bananas as my fruit supplement. Dinners as followed. 


Night 1 - Got in super later and did not eat anything. 


Day 2 - Dinner at Jaleo (spanish tapas) Indulgence

- I had a small portion of lobster paella, a endive with burrata cheese, a piece of toast with manchengo cheese, grilled asparagus, a croquette, and a scallop. Followed by 3 shots and a night of dancing at Tao.  

It was super strange eating food with everyone. I haven't been able to do that in 50 days! I definitely was aware of my portions. When I had the cheese it was heavenly. I seriously didn't realize how much I missed cheese. I learned from this experience that I can enjoy eating out like before but modifying my portions. I had been debating drinking for awhile. Although everyone was getting smashed at dinner with cocktails I decided to pass. I still had a good time despite watching everyone enjoy their sangrias and caipirinhas. I decided to wait until after we went out to drink so that i would stay within my 600 to 800 calories. I googled shots and found that each vodka shot has about 109 calories. I had 3 so I might have went over a little bit but the portions i had at dinner were small so maybe I didn't. Had a great time dancing at Tao. My wonderful husband had water by my bed before I went to sleep. I drank the entire bottle and did not feel bad the next day.    


Day 3 - Dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi 

- Talked to chef and he was able to make me broiled mushrooms and steamed spinach. I had some rice and 6 pieces of sashimi.  


Day 4 - Dinner at home 

Only other problem on the trip was that I forgot to pack a sports bra. I drove and walked to 3 malls. None of them had one available. So I walked briskly for a hour on the treadmill. I completed all the abs and arms work outs accordingly. I also walked a ton on the trip so that hopefully made up for the jumping. When I got up Sunday I went to the gym and then jumped roped when I got home. 

I am going to Houston at the end of the months for 2 weeks and then stopping in Arizona for Opening Day. That will be my last challenge before the end of PCP.   

Vegas Day 1

Just finished my work out. I'm glad it over with and I can get on with my day. Yesterday my flight was delayed 6 hours. I had to do a modified work out because I didn't get to my hotel until 1am. Didn't get to bed until 4am and woke up at 8am. Definitely going to try and get a afternoon nap in. Last night I really wanted to eat at 2am when all my friends went for a snack. I resisted and kept myself busy at the blackjack table. So far I have not strayed. Indulgence tomorrow. Still debating the drinking.    

I feel weird today. Yesterday my day got a bit derailed because I had a appointment that ended up taking two hours longer then expected. I still have my afternoon snack but about a hour later then I usually do. I had dinner and then was still super hungry. I haven't had this feeling before. I started to do 8 minute abs and then my stomach was growling. So I stopped to make my dinner. I had kale and 1 potato. I cut the potato into slices and baked them into chips with pepper on top. Afterwards i felt super strange and had to push myself through my workout. I never had potatoes for dinner and they made me feel super full. I had a tummy ache all night. I woke up this morning and still felt so full. No more potatoes for dinner. My favorite thing about PCP is eating light dinners and then waking up and feeling super light. Today was the opposite damn that potato. 

Day 57

This was my second trip away since PCP started. I went to Los Angeles this weekend for go to a play and Disneyland. Although I missed a egg white Friday and a egg white Saturday I was able to stay compliant. I had tons of fruit at Disneyland but could not eat anything else. So I had lunch at 6 when we left because I did not want to have amusement park food. My husband on the other hand went all out with a corn dog, turkey leg, and ice cream. We then went to my cousins house for dinner. I was able to have shrimp, pasta, and veggies. I eye balled everything and filled about half my plate. PCP has really taught me about portion control. I switched my Saturday and Sunday work out so that I could workout Sunday when I got home. I did not start the work out until 9:00 pm Sunday night. Not fun...but got through it.

I really wanted to have Din Tai Fung dumplings but resisted knowing I was going to Las Vegas Wednesday. After reading some of my fellow PCPers post about drinking I am debating how many drinks I should have on the trip...But then i can't imagine going clubbing for 3 days and not having a drink...

Day 53

So this burst of energy I was reading about. I felt it yesterday. I got home early and did 8 minute abs with my husband. I then did 500 jump ropes and then went for a 45 minute swim. I rushed home ate dinner and went to a yoga class. I ended the night with my arm exercises and the ab work. Today when i woke up I could not move. It feels amazing! But i don't know how I will feel about exercising today,

Day 51

Today I woke up and felt like everything was going in the right direction. I use to work in fashion and would get tons of designer clothes. Some of it never fit but I kept it thinking maybe one day. Well those one days have been happening. My jean size has gone down 1 size in some brands and 2 sizes in others. I had these jeans that I could never button and I have been trying them on every week since pcp started. Yesterday they fit! Obviously they are still tight but I was so happy I didn't care. 

I was packing last night for my trip to Disneyland and thought I would try on these jean shorts that haven't fit since summer of 2010 and they fit. I am really happy. So happy I just purchased 10 new pieces of clothing for my trip to Las Vegas in 2 weeks. 

In January, I bought a dress that I loved. It didn't fit right over the chest because I am rather busty. I went to at least 5 different stores trying to find the right under garments for it and nothing ever worked. It just didn't fit. I kept the dress anyways knowing that I was going to start PCP hoping it would work because it was such a good deal. This morning I noticed it was going to be 75 degrees in the city so i went to put on the dress. Amazingly it fit with even a little room over the chest. My chest is actually shrinking! That is the most amazing part. Those damn things give me back aches. 

So even though I am struggling with some of the exercises and my results are not as drastic as others,  I am getting smaller. I just have to try celebrate my own small victories and not get discouraged when my results aren't happening as fast as others. I think it will take me longer then 90 days to get to my personal goals but at the end of the day I am learning a lot of myself and what I can handle post PCP.  

Day 47

My new companies slogan. "Treat yourself" In thinking about this, I had this crazy idea to go to Disneyland for leap day. Disneyland was open for 24 hours to celebrate Leap day. I begged my husband to go but being the responsible one in the relationship he suggested we go this weekend. That too did not happen though. 

Workouts are getting more challenging. Here is my list of challenges.

Jump Ropes - I cannot go 2 minutes straight yet. In fact I think it is making me more tired. 

Pull Ups - I am pretty pathetic. When I am at the gym I can barely make 2 on that pull up machine that you are kneeling on. 

Planks - I am currently at 31 seconds but cannot do 4 sets at 31 seconds. It comes out to 4 sets averaging 25 seconds.  

Hanging Sit Ups

I am able to complete the rest fine. My husband started a new shift this week which means I have to start making my own breakfast. I was 30 minutes late Friday. I am going to have to start waking up earlier.  

Also, I have been getting very tired. Because my husband has been getting off work earlier, I am getting home earlier as well. Thursday and Friday I fell asleep from 5pm to 9 pm. I woke up back to back days in a panic to get to the gym. These naps have been screwing up my diet. I have eaten all my eggs but have been missing my evening snack of vegetables. Hopefully I won't be as tired next week and I will start working out earlier.   

Day 40

So in the past I have never been the type to get cold. I get hot very easily but cold never. Last night I was cold and actually turned on the heater. I totally forget that my brand new tulips were by the heater and tonight when I went to change the water all the petals fell off. So sad.....

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