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Bumpy start

I came into chisel hot a day off KB1. Felt strong and ready. I had even made it through the entire program without getting sick once (wh/ it being winter and kids I was impressed).

I did allow myself 1 off program meal a day for the first five days of chisel as a reward for the KB 1 finish and because I had a new job in a new hood with all these different restaurants to try. Note: man the salt sooo much salt out there in the world.

First four days were great despite what I assumed were allergies and even got a couple short runs in. Wheels came off Saturday when I was laid out sick all day- turns out not allergies. Bounced back on Sunday with a long run feeling decent until I stopped. Have been pretty laid out since. Hope to bounce back by tmw. Until then going to keep the diet tight and liquids plentiful.

Here is to all y’all who get up at 5 am (or earlier) and go straight into your workouts.

I think about you with admiration as I sit and drink my coffee.


I have been pumped with how tight I have kept the diet during the week and generally ok with the times I have slipped on the weekend. This weekend on the other hand really got away from me. It started with a dinner out where I got a salad and blackened fish no dressing (sounds ok right?) and a couple beers wh/ killed my evening workout mojo (skipped in the am at least).

I locked a solid work out and a couple good meals Sat before heading to my 25th high school reunion in Boston. Snacked well on the bus and kept a very intentional pace with water and booze for the pre-reception. Wheels came off when “dinner” consisted exclusively of fried passed apps and a ravoli bar. Late bus home and early morning departure with family to ski hill led to more failed meal planning, cheeseburger, apres beers and a rare sugar cheat. I wont begrudge myself the sunny deck beers at the end of the day but the rest was suboptimal. All in all not my best work.

Anyway back at it this am strong but was struck with how one missed plan can spiral into a multi-day diet snafu pretty, pretty fast.

Loved this. . .

“Many of us avoid competition because we’re scared to lose. Or we’re afraid that we’ll come up short. Or we’re worried that we might not be ready. We let fear keep us from getting on the proverbial start line in the first place or allow it to paralyze us somewhere along the way.

Let go of that way of thinking and commit to competing, i.e., just “bringing it” every day to whatever it is that you do, start to finish, and inspiring others around you to do the same. Because competition isn’t a contest: It’s a vehicle for cultivating potential. “

Mario Fraioli

The good and the bad

Had a great weekend of feeling awesome skiing into a backcountry cabin and multiple up hill laps where I really felt that kenzai fit. In general, I remain really happy with how I have stayed committed and pumped about the program this far. The 90 day barrier was big hang up for me.

Too be honest there have been more weekend diet dalliances than optimal but I can live with it. The deviations have usually followed some sort of outdoor adventure or such as opposed to stress eating after working too late. I have kept a journal of when, why and what I was feeling when I have stepped off. The increase in intentionality and awareness alone have been great.

My back and hip issues have remained a lingering problem especially after the increase of those more complex -waaaaay to easy for me to do wrong sets of new exercises (i’m talking to you v-sits). Nothing too major though just annoying until yesterday. After a skip in the am I decided to get the first bike commute in of the year- by the end of my exercising that evening my back had seized in a really new and devious way. I woke this morning- bummed and stiff.


Sunny run day

Temps hit a balmy 8 c yesterday and the sun was out so went for a run. I was bumping a new playlist my wife made and not paying attention. Went way faster than desired. I blame the tunes- running or working out to music always speeds me up.

I normally listen to pods or just focus on breathing when I am trying to pace. The kenzai lesson a couple weeks back on mindfulness when exercising for results was really spot on. If I listen to anything with beat I find myself blowing through the exercises. Although I will admit to needing a podcast now and again as incentive to even begin a workout.

Last week, I tried to work some of that mindfulness into a bunch of mundane tasks- like shaving, washing dishes or drinking coffee. Although the urge to multitask and never be bored is strong, I was intrigued by how much faster things got done and how my mood improves when I focus on one thing at a time.


Needed some retail therapy for our unheated back room gym. Been grinding and low energy most of this week. Hoping the new schwag helps get a bit of that magic back.

Back at it

Back to routine this am. . . Man those pistol squats and v-sits.


Progression is very inspiring and probably the biggest source of motivation. Much stronger and more powerful than achieving or winning. That feeling when you do something that only you can compare or value.

-Kilian Jornet

(Well you and every one looking at your weekly pic!)

Photo- @tinaemilie running in Norway from @killianjornet’s insta


A week of solid workouts and sleepy evenings seem to be setting records for sleep these days. Well except for the 2:30 am plowing shaking the house last night.

Been hitting the skipping for 12-14 min depending on how many times I trip myself and have been feeling better. Went for a chilly and icy run with some new co-workers tonight though instead of the rope before hitting the rest of the workout. Abs exercise was haaaaaard. Really felt it in my hips.

Grabbed a massage today wh/ felt amazing. Not that massages arent always great but, especially on program, if you can treat yo self people!

good dinner

Ahhh those nights when you have groceries. . . So much better!!

5 good days

I feel real good about my last five days on the program. Tight diet and got all the exercises in. Even better I slowed down the workouts to focus on form and getting that burn. Lessons were solid this week and really helpful to that end. In earlier programs I would rush the sets and either cheat or end up hurting myself. Definitely been super tired but glorious sleep has come easy.

Weekend looks to be a bit up and down with it being a big ski weekend and attending a concert tonight. Entire mountain is on wind hold resisting the temptation to slink into the bar and am going to head for a fat bike instead.

Just show up

8:30 pm post dinner, dishes and kid bed time ok workout here I come. . .

A regular practice generally requires a great deal of motivation to get going. But eventually, the regular practice is what BUILDS the motivation. This is why consistency, especially early on, is so hard—and so important.


(A great follow by the by)

Free Cardio Saturday

First laps on the skate skis- 2 miles felt like 5. Into the annual post- T’Giving friends football americano game. Now epsom salt bath.

Drive and Compassion

Drive that is primarily internal, sometimes called intrinsic motivation, is better than drive that is primarily external, or the kind fueled by money, fame, recognition, or reward. Even better than internal drive, however, is internal drive married with self-acceptance and self-compassion. - Brad Stulberg Peak Performance

Progress takes commitment to the process which takes compassion b/c the road will be rocky. - Me




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