Ute K.

Ute K.


Still difficult, but manage to do some workouts
Had some days without following the diet

2nd round

It really bothered me that I gave up my first Kenzai Body experience, so this is my second start. Had a bicycle-accident which caused a broken leg in between.

Did the workout, read the lesson, uploaded a photo and now I write this lines

what I learned today: I am not able to do a single push-up, can only do it with knees on the ground. I actually did the fourth set of the jumps in one row, 50 jumps without stumbling. :)

Today: 12.620 steps today, 45 minutes course of "back fit" training

sunrise 🌅

Hello, did jump robes before breakfast ✅


Hi 👋, still here and again motivated, just back from the gym.
See you soon


Hello, so I set the alarm clock to 6 o'clock to get me into doing the workout in the morning, well I will try tomorrow again. Found out: Jump robes in slow motion do not work ;)
Had all set and went to Zumba, but the course got cancelled.

Pulled myself together and went to the gym and did the workout. ✅
Ran home arrived in time for two calls with friends and even swiped the floors of my home. 💪

I think I forgot dinner and afternoon fruits. Hmh, well there is always room to improve.

a deep valey

Answering the question: I usually do not manage to do the workout on Thursday. Often long hours, often extra events in the evening, usually totally tired from the week already.

I have the same weight as in week 2 and more than in week 3. It s..cks. I do not see change in the pictures, just worse and better shots

Great everybody else is doing fine.
Diet is OK, but not manageable every day. I still do not manage to do the workout every day of the week and only did the ATM machine way. And I'm getting tired in trying. Yes, work always comes first, I need more sleep, I also feel that I miss out a lit of socialising or doing stuff like yoga to deal with stress.

As I said before this halftime thing is rather discouraging. Sentences like "getting stronger and stronger" annoy me more and more. Because obviously when I haven't done the workout I'm not getting stronger. So what I miss here is the pause button. Something like hello I'm still doing day 30 and I will need until day 50 to get this day right.

The only good thing are the timed jump robes - this time far too late in the program. Sorry, but no happy times over here. And yes I am far too tired to prepare food for the next week

Kenzai Valley is over

Hello everyone,
I actually didn't follow the Kenzai diet for some days last week and didn't do the workouts.
Well, I got a year older and no that's no good excuse.
I know that it will take far more than another 45 days to get my heavy body in shape and sometimes this idea makes me sad.

But today I followed again the diet and went to the gym. 35 minutes elliptical trainer and afterwards circle workout for the whole body.

Found two exciting news: for breakfast I can have AMFAYW Vegetables – As much food as you want. Kind of hilarious giving that I'am still not big into having breakfast during the week. But I'm getting there...
Second news: the jump ropes are again not only counted in one high number, but in minutes and several sets. I have to try this tomorrow.

good day

Workout done ✅ in the gym
Cardio: 35 minutes elliptical trainer
I hope that is enough ;)


Again in mean blue shirt 👕;)

last week

I felt last week was tough, I had only two good days with being on the diet. The other days I felt hungry and grumpy, skipped breakfast, had too much dinner, well it just didn't work.

Workout: started good in the week, but still missed a workout.
Today: did the 1200 jumps, but only 65 tops in a row

Bananas: If I don't put them into boxes and see them laying around, I eat two instead of the recommended one - have to change that.
Couscous: noticed that couscous without salt tastes dreadful and didn't find a good spice to replace salt.

new week / last week

My diet plan looks quite different next week, pretty exciting
1000 jump ropes today: I truly didn't think I am able to make it, but I did. I used a series episode to distract me.

Social life: went to a party last night, brought own food and only drank water with citron, worked - good talking, but definitely had better experiences with me as a guest. Just didn't fell right avoiding the splendid food and all

Visited a gym last Friday, did the workout there and signed the contract. Moved to this town a couple of months ago and had to join a new gym.

This week: No baking session:)
Indulgence-day: ate a Brezel

Lessons sentence of the week for me: "Know that you will never have a workout that was easier than the one you did today"
Makes me a little afraid about tomorrow

hot & spicy & drinks

Hello, it has been a day with high temperatures, I went swimming after work, 30 minutes, 1000 meter. Nice refreshment

Food: all good, prepared new boxes for the next days, instead of blackberries, now strawberries 🍓 and 🍌 in the fruit box
Spiced dinner with Ginger and garlic, quick but effective
Chives and cress for the lunch salad 🥗

🍺: called a friend whom I will visit at the weekend and told that I will bring my own food and will not drink alcohol - all set, although I already hear people asking me about being pregnant, hopefully that won't happen

609 jump ropes and rest of the workout before breakfast, need 60 minutes for it all, with getting more and more anxious looking at the clock.
The breakfast was rather in a hurry, but made it in time.

Ate all the food in right time of the day, had a little too much for dinner, wrong box.

Went swimming 🏊🏻 after dinner, 1000m and now it is time for ... game of thrones ;)

Will try to post every day this week

food addict restart

Did the body workout before breakfast. Had breakfast and the snacks in time with weighed amount of food, yes even the tiny amount of carbs for dinner.

For cardio I joined a Zumba class, 60 minutes dancing 💃 and sweating 😅

Somehow the workout for today appeared too late for my pre-breakfast workout, so I did the workout of another day

prepared for next week

Cooked, sliced vegetables and steamed for the whole next week, full fridge and freezer hopefully helps to become a good kenzai lady. And a list of what is still to buy

Arranged two trainings with local gyms, need a training possibility with couch being out of sight

Let's see what next week brings 💪 currently it can only get better