Vaibhav K.

Vaibhav K.


My Physio still asked to pause skipping so I am brisk walking everyday.

Can you please email me some workouts focusing on stomach part as I have lost some weight however tummy still looks unaffected.

Started today cardio after after recovery form leg pain...right now i am 10% of workouts and 80% of diet..hoping to increase both.

Please advise tips on above team.

Dear trainer,

I would need your introduction please.

Also, I see that my diet in week 2 is same as what I had when I was 98kg in my first course.

First concern : i am 93 kg now and I can’t eat the quantity given to me in week 2 since I am adapted better eating habits by virtue of doing the Program for 7 weeks in first attempt.

Second concern : I don’t see number of weigh protein scoops against protein intake as request before. Please do this.

Awaiting your quick support here.

exited to restart

Hi team,

I am excited to restart the program and will be starting exercises tomorrow onwards.


Hello everyone,

I enjoyed my program and due to some gaps decided to restart the program as I have seen good result in last 60 days.

Many thanks Scott and kenzai team.

need your advise

Hi Team,

My plan has gone for a toss over the last 3 weeks due to leg injury. I continued the diet however that also got little diluted over last few days.

Today I am making a fresh start with the diet however I can do major exercise like skipping.

Should I restart the program or continue. Whatever option I would take, what should be the rationale behind it.

Please suggest.

experience after week4

Hi team,

I am delighted after week 4 as I feel that this diet is so easy to maintain now and first time in my life I am living without sugar and salt which is very motivating to myself and my family as well.

I have not been able to focus on exercise on daily basis and as I had some leg injuries in past my Physio has advised to stop it for few days and I shall start it again from Sunday onwards which will be end of week 5.

So week 6 till the end i will keep up my workout intact.

One suggestion I need , when in start workout again should I go back to where I left or start what’s shown on that particular day.

Due to some constraints I am not able to intake proper protein portions so considering weigh protein.

I hope this is acceptable as a part of the program.

Hi Team,

Please suggest options in vegetarian for protein intake here as on few days during the week I can't eat egg, fish or chicken ?

Also I am considering whey protein powder so is it a good option ?

Pls send your advise.

end of week 2

Hi Team,

At end of week 2, what I could accomplish was : maintaining the diet plan strictly without any salt or sugar which I did first time in my life. I also sticked to quantity given in the diet however on few days I can only eat veg due to religious reason and in those days which is Monday and Wednesday I couldn't finish my protein quota with help of veg food so please suggest veg food allowed to eat which has maximum portions.

Things that I want to correct are:

Sticking to workouts. All I could do was some skips in bits and pieces with inconsistencies and inaccuracies. So I decided to do virtual skips assuming rope on my hand and skipping to maximum 40 in one set. I know this is wrong however something is better than nothing. Please give some tips here.

first day of exercise


Today was my first of exercise as I was sick for last few days... I jumped rope and was successful in doing only one at a time or sometimes 2.. total I could do was 25 until I got fatigue.

Please advise on tips to better jump rope as this is completely new for me.

Have a nice day.