Valerie Breier W.

Valerie Breier W.

Final Post 

I sort of got a little sloppy at the end. Had a lot of social events and didn't have the will to give up the wine and the dessert. I have sort of realized that generally, I am good with exercise and fairly good with diet. I am about two weeks away from my goal body at any given time....and unless I have an event or something to strive for, then I choose a little indulgence. Gotta live, right????

never could. I need to have small piece of protein and veggies for dinner. lost a bit of steam over the weekend. Visited my daughter at college, and well, what can I say??? Will try to be clean for remainder of program!

Had a social weekend and fell off the diet a bit. Did have two good workouts, but diet suffered...
Towards the end of last week I was seeing results which I was happy with...but that makes me sloppy on diet. Need to stop that and keep it clean for next two weeks!

so far so good

coming on half way. seeing results. My challenge is that when I start seeing results I start getting sloppy on the diet. I need to keep reminding myself I want to look really good for xmas vacation!!!


Finished chisel
Months ago and have gotten a little
Sloppy. Going to start reboot in a few weeks

Back to reality

Home from vacation and have been eating clean and working out. Looking forward to continuing this as I pull into the home stretch!


Have been on vacation for about a week. Getting in lots of workouts but diet has suffered. Need to clean it up and get back on track.


I feel like I am seeing some more muscle definition in my arms for sure. My stomach has always been my problem area. I need to be a bit more vigilant with my diet. Will focusnon that this week.


First week of chisel —workouts going well.... gearing up for food
Deprivation. Not looking forward to it! I have a lot of social
Outings on the horizon and the no drinking is going to be my biggest challenge I think.


That was a long 90 days! I dont think I lost an ounce (my own fault for not following diet 100%) but I do feel like I toned up and I am happy where I am.


I've been mixing up my workouts lately...trying some new classes near my home. I feel like I've gotten pretty strong and I am in pretty good cardio shape. Just cannot manage to keep my diet super strict to lose the last bit of fluff around my mid section. This is my life long struggle...if I am super strict for about a week or two it goes away. I enjoy myself a bit and it comes back. In the long run, not sure if it is worth living life with no indulgence to have a flat stomach (which at 51 after two kids is never gonna be flat anyway.) But I think I am in a place of good balance right now...

free cardio!

Just rocked a 45 minute peloton ride! Feeling great!


took my daughter on spring break last week and was def not following diet. Did get some workouts in. Came home worried about getting on scale but was pleasantly surprised that I stayed the same. Back to it this week!


I've sort of hit a plateau....have been about 85% on food (I'm a bit hungry with what I've been given which is less food than prior kenzai training programs) and I still haven't gotten a pre and post workout snack (which I am eating anyway since I tend to do more exercise than what's prescribed and it makes me hungry). I'm going to try to be very strict this week, in preparation for my daughter's mother/ daughter
senior spring break trip next week where I am sure there will lots of bathing suits and indulgence!

Had a week of travel and lots of eating out. Did the best I could but definitely was not totally
In it with the diet. I did, however, get some good daily cardio in. Will get back on wagon this week!




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