Vanessa M.

Vanessa M.

Reboot | Day 20 (Member)
Day 20
Program progress:
Day 16

The program is going by really fast. I have been playing squash and skipping the jump rope for the last few days . Plan to start with the jumprope today ..its good to switch cardio is what I feel ... makes it more interesting . Food wise going ok ..have not been doing the weighing lately. I also had a piece of chocolate yesterday...i know cheats are not allowed on re-boot but it happened ..😬

On Location

Not my usual workout place but since i went to my condo gym today i thought I should take a pic ...

Day 6

Workout for the day done . Substituted the jump rope with playing squash for 45 minutes. Missed yesterdays workout but plan to do it tomorrow. Hope everyone is on track .

Reboot Day 4

Just completed the workouts and it feels good . Keeping a watch on the food intake ..really important not to slip on this one . Plan to complete the challenge over the weekend. Best wishes to everyone on the program.

Todays workout

Leg circles seem to take forever ..5 sets ,14-16 reps , 2 directions. Per leg thats 160 reps ! That’s a lot i think . Managed to get through the workouts this morning. I have cardio left which i will have to get at after work. I have not been able to nail the diet - just a bit too late in the program to get the best out of it but will continue to persevere. Hope everyone is doing fine .

Kenzai Lunch

Lunch preparation is something that i have devotedly done on the program so far . Enjoy mixing up different veggies everyday. Heres another of my lunch creations .

The exercise was not good last week . Finding it really difficult to get back. Hope to click the Complete button first thing tomorrow morning.

Free Cardio

Played squash for free cardio today - 45 minutes of a good workout. May go for a short walk too if time permits. Hope everyone is doing well.


Pic of yesterday’s lunch . On track with food choices on weekdays but weekends still a bit of a challenge.

Blog reminder!

Oops didn’t realise it was a week since i put up a blog until i got a reminder ! Not a good feeling to be reminded - will try to put one up every 2-3 days. The week was good except for the weekend as i attended a friends bday party and things didn’t go well on the diet front . I seem to keep faltering whenever i have social gatherings. Any tips to stay in control of the diet ?

Day 13

Its nearly 2 weeks into the program - days are certainly passing by quickly! .missed 2 days of workouts as i was unwell but otherwise all good .

Happy New Year !

Hi Team Spruce . Wishing you all a great 2019 !
This is probably my third round of KB2 . The last one i attempted was in Sep 2018 and I didn’t do well at that so here I am again .
I live in Singapore and work for an asset management company as an Investment analyst .
I usually work out early mornings and hence no music during workouts !
Wish you all the very best for the program .

Not so complete . 

Was not really on the program the last few weeks so not much to write this time. Planning to redo this in the new year. Congrats to all who made it . Thanks Sharmali and Jorges for the support .

Busy time

Have been extremely busy at work the last few weeks .... been reaching home late and not able to wake up early in time to do the complete workouts. Feel its a bit late to jump back on . Will continue to do what i can for the next 2 weeks. Not a great place to be at this stage of the program .

Party weekend

Have dinner invites for the next 3 days . I can feel its going to be difficult to stay on track . Hope everyone is doing well.

Day 58

Didn’t sleep well last night . Woke up at around 2 am and couldn’t sleep till around 4 . Kept snoozing the alarm set for 5.45 am. Today will be a missed workout . Best wishes to everyone as we embark on the last few weeks.

End of Week 3





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