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Program progress:
Free cardio

Early morning start with 50 minutes of playing squash done ! Have a great Sunday everyone.

Still here ..

Days are going by fast and didn’t realise I hadn’t blogged for a week ! Missed 2 days of exercises and really feel bad . Hope to catch up on the weekend. Heres a pic of my lunch .

Day 17

The long weekend set me back a little in terms of diet and exercise. Managed to complete todays workout this morning and feeling good about it. Hope everyone is doing well.

Sculpt Intro

Hello Team Firebrick . Hope everyone is enjoying sculpting .
I live and work in Singapore.
I don’t see any barriers to the program . I have done Sculpt before and i really enjoyed the mix of exercises- i think it fits what i need. The period of the program is also just right - not too short .
Dancing video that i enjoy watching would be the song Time of my life from the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ . It was a hit during my school days and I watched the movie several times and wouldn’t mind watching it again.

Far from easy ..

Day 1 exercise said warm ups but it was far from that ! I found getting through 4 sets of each exercise very tough ! Struggled to get through them , especially the v sits.

Rebooted but more to do 

Just finished the reboot program on Sunday. Good short program where you can stay focused. Still have lots more to do though to get to a fitter me.

Day 16

The program is going by really fast. I have been playing squash and skipping the jump rope for the last few days . Plan to start with the jumprope today ..its good to switch cardio is what I feel ... makes it more interesting . Food wise going ok ..have not been doing the weighing lately. I also had a piece of chocolate yesterday...i know cheats are not allowed on re-boot but it happened ..😬

On Location

Not my usual workout place but since i went to my condo gym today i thought I should take a pic ...

Day 6

Workout for the day done . Substituted the jump rope with playing squash for 45 minutes. Missed yesterdays workout but plan to do it tomorrow. Hope everyone is on track .

Reboot Day 4

Just completed the workouts and it feels good . Keeping a watch on the food intake ..really important not to slip on this one . Plan to complete the challenge over the weekend. Best wishes to everyone on the program.

Todays workout

Leg circles seem to take forever ..5 sets ,14-16 reps , 2 directions. Per leg thats 160 reps ! That’s a lot i think . Managed to get through the workouts this morning. I have cardio left which i will have to get at after work. I have not been able to nail the diet - just a bit too late in the program to get the best out of it but will continue to persevere. Hope everyone is doing fine .

Kenzai Lunch

Lunch preparation is something that i have devotedly done on the program so far . Enjoy mixing up different veggies everyday. Heres another of my lunch creations .

The exercise was not good last week . Finding it really difficult to get back. Hope to click the Complete button first thing tomorrow morning.

Free Cardio

Played squash for free cardio today - 45 minutes of a good workout. May go for a short walk too if time permits. Hope everyone is doing well.


Pic of yesterday’s lunch . On track with food choices on weekdays but weekends still a bit of a challenge.

Blog reminder!

Oops didn’t realise it was a week since i put up a blog until i got a reminder ! Not a good feeling to be reminded - will try to put one up every 2-3 days. The week was good except for the weekend as i attended a friends bday party and things didn’t go well on the diet front . I seem to keep faltering whenever i have social gatherings. Any tips to stay in control of the diet ?

End of Week 3



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