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Small victories 

Overall I am stronger and more fit. But I have lost a grand total of about 1 inch off my waist. It is so frustrating to work this hard and see such slow progress!!!!! But at least I am seeing some progress. I have been trying to lose this 20 pounds for about the last 10 years. I have tried everything. So I will keep on going and keep on keeping on!

I basically missed the first week of Chisel, so I have another week before I consider myself graduated.

almost there

I did my workout this morning, took a quick shower and then went to the hair salon for a keratin treatment to tame my naturally curly unruly frizzy hair before I go to the beach in hot humid Florida next week.

My hairdresser chastised me for washing my hair too often. Especially after the cycle workout I am so sweaty I MUST was my hair. He told me I should work out less and wash my hair every 3rd day. Maybe I will do that next week 😂. Can’t make everyone happy all of the time. 🏝

Real life

I have been doing so well getting the workouts in and sticking to the diet ... until yesterday! Something in my brain came loose and I found myself standing in the kitchen last night with a bag of brownie brittle!!!!! Fortunately one of the kids came in and snatched it out of my hands .... Maybe this is one reason I have so many kids. They keep me honest :)


My daughter's 17th birthday was yesterday. So I had a birthday cupcake for my treat. Attaching a pic of her trying to punch out the candles as the 7 was falling over still ablaze. My husband is a karate instructor and our tradition is to punch out the candles (weird, but that's us). Yes, we were all afraid the 7 was going to fall on the table cloth and catch the house on fire, but luckily she's pretty practiced in the art of punching out candles by now.

Hair of the dog

After my 13 mile hike with Cathy this weekend through the serene Redwood forest to a series of incredibly beautiful waterfalls, I have had ridiculously tight calves. Apparently jump rope and burpees is not good training for a long hike!

This morning after stretching and trying every yoga pose I could think of ... I decided the cure was "the hair of the dog that bit me." A neighbor called asking if I wanted to hike the hills around our house. We did 5 miles and according to the phone app more than 85 flights of stairs. My calves feel much better and I'm secretly proud of myself that I didn't wimp out on all of the hills!

I get frustrated sometimes that I am not losing as much weight as I would like, but my cardiovascular fitness is definitely not lacking.


I always struggle with egg whites and fruit. Why have I not tried adding them to a smoothie before? Orange, pineapple, and strawberries plus egg white. Delicious!!!

Struggling with diet

Coming off KB1, I felt I really had the diet nailed. It was almost effortless. But for some reason I am really struggling with the diet right now. Last night I failed to plan ahead, which should have been very simple, but ended up ordering Chinese for dinner for the family. I told myself I would only eat my chicken with steamed veggies ... but you know the noodles and fried rice ended up on my plate.

Instead of kicking myself, I am trying to focus on strategies I have used in the past to make dinner effortless. They just are escaping me right now!!! Maybe the old adage about prior planning preventing piss poor performance. Sometimes I think this would be so much easier if I could just worry about myself and not have to make dinner for the family too. arghh.

Settling in

Only thing that is motivating me to exercise today is that I know I will be less sore if I do! It's not that yesterday's workout was difficult, but it must have hit some muscle in my butt that has never been used before.

Sent the chocolate cake to work with hubby today, it is just calling my name a little too much. The jellybeans went on the bus with a bunch of high school kids on a field trip. So the only thing left is skittles and starburst which I really detest.

Feels so good to get back to normal ... eating and exercise wise!

So glad to be doing this with all my KB1 buddies.

back to it

So glad to be back home. Felt really good to get in the workout this morning!

Today is hubbys 50th Birthday so one last meal before knuckling down on the diet!

chisel Intro

I posted on Monday and then realized I never introduced myself. I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. I am mom to 5 beautiful daughters ages 8 -21. Just finished KB1 a few weeks ago and decided to continue with Chisel with my friend Catherine H.

This first week I am in Southern California with my 8 and 9 year olds so I am really planning to start next week when I am not at theme parks sunup to sundown.

My 50th Birthday is at the end of this program so I can’t wait to continue with the progress I made in KB1!

Chisel Day 1

This week I am on Spring Break with my 8 and 9 year olds. We have been on the go all day today but I am hoping to get in the workout tomorrow morning since today is blown.

I knew this week would be a challenge, but once I get home next week it should be smoother sailing! I didn’t want to wait to sign up later, so will just have to do the best I can this week.

But the girls and I are having a blast at Universal Studios Hollywood. They both told me today was the best day ever, sigh.


For the last week I have been very sick and am just now getting to my final blog post. I have had mixed emotions throughout this process as I gained 5 pounds almost immediately on changing my diet. That was a tough way to start! But now on 90+8 days I see I have made progress. My belly definitely has gotten smaller, my arms are more toned and my posture is so much better. Even though I have only lost 4 pounds over my starting weight.

I think the biggest change is from the diet. Eating smaller meals throughout the day is something I have never had success with before, but this seems to be working. Even being sick the last week I can tell my body is continuing to lose weight. I wore some pants yesterday I been able to fit into for a year.

It's been hard for me to let go of the scale and the measuring tape ... and trust the process.

Day 80

Day 80 seems like a really big number! But for me the next 10 days may be the hardest!!! My daughter is out of school on spring break this week and we are going to Napa wine tasting tomorrow and Friday. Do small sips count?
Then next week I am traveling with my high school kids on college tours in Southern California. Taking lots of snacks and hopefully I can keep the diet under control. Although I may go off the rails with the wine tasting for the next two days!


My daughter made some homemade snickerdoodles yesterday and I decided it was time to use my indulgence. Having gone without dessert for so long, those were the best cookies I have ever had!

I went on to a parent social for my daughter’s school and allowed myself two glasses of wine as I was not driving. Only problem was my body couldn’t handle it! I was quite tipsy 🥴 at the end of the night (and yes I did count correctly!). Today my head is not so happy with me. Normally would have taken 4-5 glasses of wine to have this impact on me. Guess I am turning into a lightweight in more ways than one!

ski weekend

Had a fun weekend skiing with the family. It is so hard to eat out on this program. I had a salad for dinner one night and salmon and veggies the next. No egg white and veggies on the menu ;)

My stamina has definitely increased as a result of the program. And my body is so much stronger. Enjoy the pic from the view at the top.




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