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For some reason I am had a devil of a time uploading the graduation photo. Here's the real one.

Mixed results 

This round has not been the greatest for me. I lost a couple of weeks due to a really bad cold/flu. But even when I was "in the groove," the weight just didn't want to come off around my middle.

I am most definitely stronger. Even my kids comment about my muscles. I stand taller, stronger and am more confident. But that tire around my waist just doesn't want to budge. One thing I know is that when I am following my Kenzai program I am giving it all I can. I'm sure being 50 doesn't help either.

I keep telling myself that I am healthier, stronger and more fit. I feel better when I do the program, in the end that is what keeps me coming back!

The payoff

So this round of Kenzai has been really disappointing for me. I have not been able to get the groove I have had in the past until late in the game. Even when I was firing on all cylinders, the weight just hasn't come off. This is nothing new for me, and I believe most of this is hormonal. I have an appointment with a functional medicine doc to hopefully address this. But, man, am I strong!

Over the weekend I worked a tree lot with my kids. We unloaded over 1,000 Christmas trees. I was the ONLY mom helping the kids unload trees, we're talking 6-12 foot Christmas trees. Not only was I throwing trees around like a boss, my body was not sore the next day. Most of the kids couldn't move their arms, but I was feeling great.

I may be fat on the outside, but I'm FIT on the inside.

tidal wave

All 5 of my kids have mild to moderate health issues right now. They are normally very healthy, but right now they are all needing maintenance! My 17 year old had foot surgery today. She is doing well, but with all the stuff going on with all of the kids I am struggling with exercise this week

I have been doing great the past few weeks, but am falling apart like a cheap suit so far this week. We are hosting 40 friends for Thanksgiving. Plus the youngest kids birthday is tomorrow. So I feel like a tidal wave has pulled me under!

Good news is I am doing well with the diet. I told myself I can eat anything as long as it is a fruit or vegetable for the next few days! It is so hard with all birthday cakes, pies, and candy in the house. I put the white chocolate peppermint pretzels on a shelf I can’t reach!!!

I did not see the second round of jumps coming after the heel to butt jumps today. OH MY! My hammies are still screaming from the lunges. Time for a good stretch!

The key

Over the past 10 years that it is almost impossible for me to lose weight. On KB1 I lost10 pounds and then regained it almost immediately even though I did several intensive Kenzai programs and maintained a pretty clean diet. What I learned this round is the key for me. I have to do 20 minutes of jump rope every day to see any weight loss. Diet helps, other exercise keeps me toned, but the weight does not come off and stay off with out the 20 minutes of jumping.

While I jump I allow myself to watch some mind trash video program. Today I started Absentia on Amazon. Wow! That is a mind bender. Anyway, while I have probably had the least amount of measurable progress of anyone in the program. I am so happy that I figured this out.

This is HUGE for me. 20 minutes of jumping a day, while not always fun, is absolutely do-able. WOO-HOO!!!

The pic is from Yosemite a few months ago. I have to be able to keep up with all these girls.

finally groovin’

After getting off to a rocky start I am finally really in the groove. Have missed the occasional workout, but doing really well for me. And diet is good. I always have trouble getting in all the snacks. Roll in’ along.

Working out in the dark. Our power has been off since Sat night due to power company madness in Northern California. It is supposed to come back on any minute. At least I hope. Now they are saying they might shut it off again tomorrow. UGHHHH!

Thankfully we have a gas stove so was able to eat veggies and egg whites! And we do have cell service. Thank God for portable chargers.

Smoke got bad over the weekend but really cleared out for us today. Smoke and power outage are no fun, but so many people have lost their homes in the fires in Northern California. Makes it seem pathetic to complain.


I love it when I get to the point that I am relived to eat my egg white dinner. There is some comfort in knowing that dinner is that easy ... for myself at least. Last week I stopped at a new produce stand nearby and stocked up on some beautiful veggies for the weekend. Last night for dinner I had my egg white dinner with a baked pear topped with a few crumbles of blue cheese for my night snack. Delicious!

Workout this morning was pretty close to 100% back on track. I am still a bit off from my recent illness, but recovering pretty quickly. Feels good!

Went to see Hamilton this weekend with hubby and 3 of the 5 kids. Lots of fun watching the kids reactions to the show.

Back on track day

So today FINALLY I am back on track. While I was able to stick to the diet, I haven't been able to get the workouts in for the past week. In hind sight I realize I had actually had two infections going on in my body and I just needed to rest and recover. My hubby (who is one of my fitness mentors and is in amazing shape) sat me down over the weekend and told me I needed to stop and let my body heal itself. And as any wife knows ... we all hate it when they are right.

Trying to look at the glass half full .... My diet is on track. And now my body is ready to do the rest :)

We are going to the Caribbean scuba diving over Christmas, so I have plenty of motivation to get this done!

Back on track

After being sick for a week I got in my first full workout today! I was surprised that I was able to do 15 minutes of the cardio ... not the whole 18, but I had told myself I would be happy with 12 minutes after being a couch potato for a week. My muscles definitely said thank you!

Was able to stick to the diet while sick, but yesterday the kids opened a bag of Maple Kettle Corn. It is so easy after you have one slip to let it turn in to a slide. The sugar in the popcorn just makes me just want more sugar. I managed to get back on the rails, but it was a good reminder why I can't eat "just a few pieces."

Feels so good to be back on track. The cold is still hanging on, but I was at least able to do the workout ... so progress!


I went to a beautiful spiritual retreat in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains this weekend. We did lots of hiking and I did ok with my diet. But when I was headed home I started feeling icky.

Spent Mon - Wed in the bed with a fever :( One of the kiddos was sick too, so we had a Netflix marathon. Finally ventured out to Costco today to get some groceries and made it back home to collapse in the bed. Hoping to be able to finally workout tomorrow. This cold has really kicked my ass. I am so angry cause I really felt I was really in the groove with the exercise and diet before this.

Real life

Last week I was in the zone ... then the weekend happened. Had a jam packed schedule both days. I volunteered to help with a performing arts gala at school and ended up having to plate desserts all afternoon Saturday. Wish I could say I resisted the temptation, but they were exquisite and bite sized. Oh well, I tried to keep it to a minimum.

Managed to get it back on the rails Sunday, but never managed to squeak in the exercise. But good news was that I made it through the weekend without a glass of wine. Sunday nights I usually cook a big dinner with dessert and have a few glasses of wine while I am in the kitchen for hours. Made it through with just sparkling water.

Secretly relieved

In some strange way, I am always sort of relieved to get a new diet plan. Left to my own devices I don't eat nearly as much as the Kenzai plan call for. I get busy and forget the snacks. Especially the night one. I went to the farmers market this weekend and stocked up on fruit and veggies. So bring it on!

Hello Hemlock

Wow, what a team name!

I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. While the climate here is usually just perfect, today it is going to be 95 degrees! But tomorrow I get to hike in a redwood forest ... so no complaints.

My obstacles ... I have 5 children. Enough said. I have to do my workout the second I get home after dropping them off at school. Today I went into my calendar and scheduled my Kenzai workouts. Hopefully this in my face will help keep me from scheduling the inevitable appointments that keep me from getting the workouts done. Two days this week I was totally thrown off because of appts and scheduling changes with the schools and didn't get my workout in. And it's week 1!!!!!

Last weekend some of the kids and I went to Yosemite National Park. It is breathtaking and exquisitely beautiful. We went to some out of the way parts of the park that we had never been before. We are so fortunate to live within driving distance of such a wonder.

Excited to get back into the swing of things ... especially after a rocky start!




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