Vikki L.

Vikki L.

Just became a Kenzai Member!
Done ✅ & dusted 

Congrats everyone! I have thoroughly enjoyed my first Kenzai experience & fully intend to participate in some other programs in the future! My nutrition was not as tight as I would have liked the past couple of weeks but I can honestly say that I think I killed the first 8 weeks without a doubt! Looking forward to getting the shoulder sorted & moving onwards & upwards! Hooptie sends his regards & well wishes to you all! Well done & good luck on your various journeys! Hope to see some of you down the road in other programs! All the best!


Sooooo, a bit ironic that my shoulder MRI is scheduled for day 89. I guess you guys won’t find out what the verdict is but regardless, I’ll do my best to stay in the fight & get it sorted quickly. Hoping to start chisel on 10 June so fingers crossed 🤞 it is nothing too serious. Nonetheless, TODAY was LEG DAY and I can do leg day for sure! You know what’s awesome? It was too hot 🥵 to run outside so I did a 20 min sprint interval on the treadmill. Even though I have been mainly jumping rope & spinning, I couldn’t believe how strong I felt on the run! I could do all my sprint times from ages ago when I was in great running shape! What an encouragement that was!! 🙌💪. So, day 89 workout complete & MRI results should be complete 2 days from now! Just praying now that it won’t mess up my plan for chisel. I hope you all finish strong! 👊


Sooo, it is Ramadan here in the UAE 🇦🇪 & as such, our muslim neighbors often bring meals to share with us in the evening to break their fast (called iftar). In return, I like to make them good ‘ole American brownies! Unfortunately I snuck a couple today. I mean come on, they’re BROWNIES people. It was a moment of weakness. Additionally, i have been officially sidelined from any push/pull exercises until I get an MRI on my left shoulder. Not the way I had hoped & dreamed to finish my last kenzai week but I am going to CARDIO the hell out of this BIYATCH! 😬🙌🤣👍👍 have a fantastic last few days peeps!! that’s all.....


It was 91 degrees (33 celsius) on my 8.15am run this morning. H O T & humid but a great way to warm up for the band exercises. I read the lesson this morning & am actually laughing bc I don’t find ANY of the ab exercises easy & I don’t feel like i can breeze through any of them. However, i gave not been doing 8 min abs. I havn’t even tried that once. Maybe tgat is tge difference?? Has anyone tried the 8 min abs?


Super excited to be in week 12. My faithful training partner “hooptie” has been w/ me the whole time and has provided tons of positive encouragement! 🤣🤣 For those of you who took the time to periodically comment on my blogs, i really appreciate your support! Thank you! Rather than sulking about the poor timing of my shoulder injury (which i have been VERY tempted to do 🙄), it has been fun to experiment w/ workarounds and determine what I am still able to do to succeed with the program! I have been pleasantly surprised to see that there is a lot I CAN still do! I have missed the jump rope but am happy to run & cycle instead! Bottom line? I am proud of myself for forging on. If I wanted an excuse to quit or ramp down the workouts, I had a legitimate one. However, that’s not my style (#noexcuses). Thanks to Nate for supporting me in my quest to finish the program with substitute exercises & I would love to encourage all of you to stay strong to the end! We’ve all had our wobbles, doubts, injuries & sicknesses but we’ve made it this far! Let’s finish strong w/ our heads held high knowing that we gave it hell!! You are all looking fantastic & Jennifer, you are almost ready for the wedding girl!! Looking like a LEAN, MEAN, fighting machine!! Lode & Lombard, Stockholm is right around the corner 💪! Linda, your entire demeanor has changed in your photos!! Well done! Aileen, your persistence is admirable! Emily, we’re down the home stretch! Keep it up! Tanvi, stay positive lady!! Challenges make us stronger!! & Ling, “Hi”, hope you are still there! 🤣 Have a great rest of the week Grus!! Time to smash out the finish!! 🙌💪👊

tennis 🎾 morning.....

This morning kicked off w/ a fun filled tennis 🎾 lesson w/ Lode & our awesome coach Kelvin. However, it was one of those mornings that i should have stayed in bed as i forgot to take my racquet to my training session 🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣. However, quickly resolved that issue & tackled my kenzai workout straight after tennis. I counted my 90 min tennis as my cardio & picked up w/ the strength portion of the workout! All good! Can’t believe we are in week 12! Almost there people!!


I have found that my push up bars double up as a really good head rest for my post workout “flop”. This is the moment when i have completed my stretching & assume this position to read my lesson for the day. If you found this tip valuable, please let me know 🤣🤣🤣🙌 i’m full of very valuable laziness tips! Just ask me, I’ll tell you! 🤣🤣🤣 have a great friday everyone!! Oh, and thank you 🙏 Nate for the pony punch substitute for the standing ovation! I can do that one free of pain in my shoulder 👍👍👍👍


After my kenzai workout I decided to get back to muy thai & see what I can still do. My coach did an amazing job of kicking my butt while taking care w/ my left shoulder. I mainly stuck to right punches, kicks, knees, & elbows w/ some cardio elements thrown in to the mix! I am finding that my post workout meal often coincides with my mid morning snack so I have combined them into a delicious smoothy of mango, plain greek yogurt, egg whites, ice & a bit of water. This way i am hitting all my grams post workout. I had great energy this morning and feel great all around! Hope you guys are all doing well down the home stretch! Take care & have a great rest of the week!


For the first time since we started, I had to be reminded to blog 😳 so, here i go! Still battling the shoulder injury which turns out to be bicep/shoulder tendonitis. Generally, i am substituting various cardios for the jump rope which really inflames the shoulder. All else going well. Finished off my workout today w/ a little dip in the pool. The heat has settled in in Abu Dhabi!! I can’t help but panic @ the the thought that we’re almost done. Wishing I had been a little tighter on the nutrition since week 8. Not feeling like I have seen too much improvement since then but going to tighten up & muscle through these last few weeks. Thinking about doing chisel next. Hope everyone else is doing well! Seems like this group isn’t too big on blogging so its hard to tell but keep it up everyone! We’re almost to the finish line!! 💪🙌


Back in Abu Dhabi & reunited w/ my awesome boys & hubby but missing my koh samui workout views & training pals 😢 we arrived in AD @ 0545 this am after a red eye flight ✈️ from bangkok. I taught a 9am spin class which was great for kicking the jetlag & accidently did tomorrow’s kenzai workout instead of todays 🙄🙄🙄 (blaming THAT on jetlag 🤭 vs. Over 40 brain 🧠) anyhoo, will do todays workout tomorrow i guess. Shoulder still bothering me so will get it checked out tomorrow! Looking forward to getting nutrition on track after 5 days of lovely thai food & cocktails. Ready to kick these final 30 days in the backside 💪🙌👊


Well, we’ve done it!! We managed to workout every day while we have been on holiday! Although our nutrition has NOT been on point, it has not beenterrible either. We have managed to balance it all but boy are we going to miss this view & our workouts in this beautiful paradise! Feeling truly blessed for friends, health & husbands who sacrificualky hold down the fort @ home so we can recharge oyr batteries! #thankfulandblessed


HILL climbs were a BI$&TCH this morning!! Substituted our skips for hills & what an amazing session it was! We don’t have many hills in Abu Dhabi so this was a TREAT that kicked our ass before the beach 🏖 & cocktails! Am absolutely loving having my fellow kenzai ladies w/ me for motivation! Hope ur all doing well! 🙌

still here........😬💪

Not much time this am before our planned excursion so we all did Beck’s chisel workout in lieu of the traditional kenzai workout! We loved it & lode & I figured that it was better to get a workout in even if it wasn’t the prescribed one!! We have managed a workout every day on holiday. Nutrition has gone to pot but We will get it back in line soon 🙌


We arrived @ 12, went to the beach 🏖 & then back in time for a little sunset 🌅 yoga 🧘‍♀️! How amazing is this??


Greetings one & all! Day 2 in Thailand 🇹🇭 began w/ our kenzai wirkout w/ a view! Lode, Becks (chisel) & I gutted it out on this gorgeous terrace! Everything is tolerable w/ a view, eh?? Have a great day everyone.....we’re off to the beach 🏖 be continues




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