Vikki L.

Vikki L.

Kenzai Body | Day 52
Kenzai Body
Day 52
Program progress:

Soooooo, my love/hate relationship with stretching continues. My chest hardly gets off the ground in this stretch but what the hell, I have managed to stick to my commitment of doing all my post workout stretches & that is something!! And it provides me a good laugh when I see what they are actually supposed to look like. It took me about 5 mins to unfold myself out of one of tge stretches today. Thanks Patrick!! 🤣👍🤣 #embracethesuck


“5 sets of 14??............F$&K OFF”.......those exact words literally came out of my usually positive & curse free mouth this morning. LITERALLY!! It was right after I finished my skip jumps & leg work & clicked “next” on my kenzai app & saw the increased volume & sets of shoulder exercises. I wanted to quit b4 I even started. 😱😱 BUT, thanks to an amazingly motivational playlist, i pushed through. I mean, how can you even CONSIDER quitting when you are listening to a Rocky training montage? By the time I got to the end of the song "War" I think I actually believed I was Rocky Balboa running up some icy mountain in boots, a leather bomber jacket, and a black knit ski hat. There was NO WAY I was quitting on that jam. Anyway, just thought I would share playlist #2 in case you need some motivational tunes. Redeemer was in honor of Easter. I normally wouldn’t have picked that for a workout jam but inspiring nonetheless. Enjoy!! (If you don’t like instrumental stuff you may not be impressed by 4 of the songs😳, just ‘sayin’....” Have a great kenzai week everyone.......


My trusty training partner "Hooptie" and my playlist are the only things that got me through the workout this morning. I had a late night last night, was up early for church and the LAST thing I wanted to do was come home and do my workout in the 8000 degree Abu Dhabi heat. BUT, I put on my playlist, started my workout and before I knew it I was thoroughly enjoying the sweat and feeling the endorphin high! I don't know about you but my music can make or break my workout MOJO. The words, tempo and beats have to inspire and motivate me! If you need to try something new, check out a few of these hits below! If you like instrumental jams, The Drift by Blackmill is an awesome song to get into the zone and knock out your workout with max effort! Hope you all enjoy! I know we all have different tastes in music but maybe something below will inspire you as well! Have a great weekend everyone!

1.) Happier by Marshmello & Bastille
2.) High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco
3.) No Lie feat Dua Lipa
4.) Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer
5.) Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max
6.) Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara
7.) The Drift by Blackmail
8.) This is Me by Keala Settle and The Greatest Showman Ensemble


It was a gorgeous morning here in Abu Dhabi! Blue skies, birds 🐦 chirping & my desert 🌵 roses are in full bloom! I taught a cycle fusion class this morning so i substituted the spin portion for my jumps & completed the strength portion with the bands when I got home! I have a son home sick 😷 today so now that my workout is done we are off to the dr! Enjoy your weekend everyone & a very Happy Easter weekend to all who celebrate! HE.IS.RISEN!!


Every Wed I take a Muy Thai class with the best coach ever. Her name is Caroline and she is an absolute BEAST in the ring. I watched her whoop some arse about 2 weeks ago at Hardknox Fight Night here in Abu Dhabi. I love punching and kicking out stress and pent up energy. It makes me feel strong, powerful & the endorphins afterwards kick butt. So, I did 4 sets of my skips and the kenzai workout before I went to class & then we always warm up with skipping so I did my last 3 sets followed by the class which was so much fun! Today we worked on punching, kicking and knee combos. I am attaching some picks of the ladies only crew and of course of coach Caroline putting the hurt on her opponent a couple of weeks ago during her fight. Blessed to be trained by the best. Have a great day everyone! 🥊 #embracethesuck#dowhatmakesyouhappy


I have really struggled with pistol squats. I am not sure if it us a lack of mobility, or strength or if it is bc I have long levers or what but for those of you crazy beasts that can do them unsupported, I pay you homage. Today I figured out that if I place the chair in a different angle & a little further behind me, I can get more depth in my squat. It’s all about angles i think. Hooptie 🏀 provided stellar moral support today 🙌🤣.

My arse is still killing me from all those lunges yesterday & I taught a spin class this am so I substituted spin for my jumps! I am enjoying the timed intervals on the skipping more than counting the individual skips (mostly because I can chat now while I am doing them instead of being in full concentration mode 🤣🤣). Allright, that’s it from Abu Dhabi! Hope you all have a wonderful day! 🙌


So, I understand the feeling that exercise and nutritional changes are tough and challenging. I definitely understand the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion when confronted with ANOTHER workout on top of so many other responsibilities that require our attention. I also empathize with our how difficult it would be to tackle 1600 skips if you have trouble doing 30 in a row. It would just seem insurmountable. On days where we struggle and go to our dark places, I think it is of utmost importance to grab on to perspective. Please bear with me here, I am not trying to get up on a pedestal or give a lecture, because this applies to me as well. I guess I am just saying that recently, I have had 2 amazingly strong and healthy friends pass away from cancer. They were fit, ate right, and LOVED to exercise. However, making it to 40 was just not in the plan for them. BOTH of them would give ANYTHING to be here on Earth and able to attempt to do 1600 skips or to hug their husband or kids one more time. I guess my point is, that this is only exercise and nutrition. It is NOT going to kill us. It will challenge us and maybe test our wills and patience, but it will NOT kill us. It's not cancer, or a divorce, or death, or war. And on top of that, we PAID for this. We ASKED for this. We knew something needed to change and so here we are. So, the next time I get discouraged, or feel sorry for myself, or start to think it is too hard, I am going to think about my 2 friends, Susan and Shantal. I am going to remember how much fun we had working out together and talking about all sorts of things. I am going to push through and embrace the suck because, they sure did. They embraced the suckiest thing that could happen to anyone. They didn't give up or surrender. They had no choice but to push on and fight. And it they were here, they would chew my ass for even contemplating giving anything less than my best. So, exercise and nutrition will NOT kill me, but NOT exercising, eating healthy and taking care of myself, just might. So, today I EMBRACE the suck and dare I say, will even enjoy it a little and be thankful that I am here to FEEL it and to be blessed enough to improve myself and encourage others down this road! Hope you guys will join me! Have a great week 7!!!


This is me working out on our hotel 🏨 balcony while on holiday. Yes, i was too lazy to move but i figuredyiu all would get the gist & perhaps the humor! 😬🙌 happy to report that I did not miss a single workout & stuck to nutrition about 80%. I had a couple desserts & a couple glasses of wine but apart from that, i ate what i was supposedto for meals & snacks! I thinkI will just skip my next indulgence & call it even! Oh, and when i went to get a massage that my amazing husband got for me, the massage therapist (who was from Thailand) said, “i think you too much workout......🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🙌” too many knots i guess! Lets keep on truckin’ 👊


Diet on point about 98% this week. Missed 1 workout in total but besides that, all is well! Still really enjoying the band workouts. I have noticed that the ab portion of the workouts have greatly expanded in volume. Overall, I am feeling committed to the program and seeing results. My problem is that I always want more. Instead of appreciating the improvements, I am still seeing how much MORE work still needs to be done. Even though the program is working I am still telling myself, “yeah, but you still have a long way to go...”🙄🙄🙄 we are our own worst critics aren’t we? However, full speed ahead! Can’t believe it’s almost been 5 weeks already! I think these 12 weeks will go by fast & I have a girls trip to Thailand 🇹🇭 coming up in May so I need to buckle down & stay in line! Hope you guys are all doing well!


Amazingly, it closely resembles lounging up against a wall..........🤣🤣🤣🤣. GO.FIGURE.


Term break will mean lots of time on the water w/ the kids & the boat! So, i packed my blueberries & enjoyed my fruit 🍎 snack while on the go! Home in time to squeeze in my workout AND, i have decided to re-name Winnie. The name just wasn’t sitting well. Sooo, the new name is “ Hooptie”. Much more fitting dontcha think? Hope ur all enjoying yourselves & doing well w/ the program! Cheers!

So, I would never consider myself a “whiner” per se but I found the metronome exercise extremely uncomfortable for my lower back & today I am feeling it for sure on the lower left side. I tried to place my hands under my lower back for additional support but still found that my back seemed to dig into the ground when i maneuvered my legs left to right—especially when my arms were out to the side. Anybody else struggle with this maneuver?


“That whiny inner voice is the worst part of you, don’t engage with it, don’t bargain with it, just start the damn workout!!”



Sooo, I taught a 50 min spin class this morning & therefore ditched the jumps for today. Picked up straight w/ the strength exercises & I’ve got to say that my legs were on F I R E 🔥 from this “creep” maneuver here. I took this pic on the first set but on each subsequent set I tried to get lower & lower & holy cow 🐮 that did the trick! I feel like I am honing my jason bourne spy 🕵️‍♀️ skills as well which is always plus +!! 🤣🤣🤣 hope ur all having a great day! We are on day 4 of our gale force winds & sandstorms here in Abu Dhabi but only 2 more days until the kids are on spring break!! Life is good!! 👊🙌💪


Ok, so thx so much to those of you who gave me a nomination for my hoop! I have decided to go w/ “Winston” or “winnie” for short! Winnie is going to help get all of us through our 90 days! 🙌💪

As for me, i decided to do all my skips in one go today rather than breaking them into 5 sets of 120+ w/ a 15 sec break between. Despite being outdoors in the middle of a proper middleeast sandstorm (which was NOT fantastic for my asthma 😳🙄), i got ‘er done in a little over 5.00 mins so I am thrilled w/ that. Bombed on the nutrition plan slightly over the weekend w/ a diet coke, movie popcorn & some chocolate eggs but other than that, I am sticking to plan!

Hope you guys are all well! All of your holidays look amazing! Keep the pics coming!!🙌