Vince T.

Vince T.

Day 90 + ! 

I am so sorry with being so remiss on the final post... I wanted to thank Thomas and everyone in Caelum for the support.  I feel like this has been among the most successful things I've done in terms of personal fitness.

Net result is a loss of 7.5 kg, and I feel good about it; like it will stay off.  Many of the lessons on "how to eat" were so reinforcing, and I've kept all of the weekly exercise plans as well.

What might be most important to me is that I've been able to incorporate what I've learned into another long-term set of goals.  I used the exercises to build a 6-day a week program, where I practice power yoga three days, and on intermittent days I do a selection of exercises from the PCP menu.  I feel really good about this... and the blend between resistance training at the PCP level (about week 8!) and the yoga is something that I think I can maintain for the long-term.

This has been fun, and I think life-changing for me, and I look forward to carrying what I've learned on into the next chapter.

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Day 80 - Home Stretch

Well, it's been a great holiday in the Phils with my older sons, and I had the added bonus of my 16 year old asking me how he could get in better shape... took him to the gym at the Mandarin and got him doing pushups with the bars, as well as V-sits and curls with the resistance bands.  Maybe one of the better payoffs of this whole experience is helping him set achievable fitness goals... he really enjoyed working out with me.

He also took a couple of photos of me working out, as I hadn't posted any photos in a while, I'll try to put one up when I get to Hong Kong and can upload it.

I'm off my lows for the weight that I lost, but still I'm down from 90kg on day 1 to 83.5kg today, and I'm happy with the progress... Also convinced that I can keep up the regimen, mixed in with more running and yoga, once I relocate to Singapore later this year.

More later, with some "Day 80" photos as well.

Day 75 - Holiday!

I'm off on the first one-week break I've gotten in almost a year... really looking forward to it.  I'll be in the Philippines, at a place that has an excellent gym, and looking forward to working out every day... and yes, I can manage the diet there too!

It feels like years (it is years, actually) that I've been this fit... really looking forward to lounging by the pool and soaking up some sun.

Day 70 - 83kg...

Another hectic week of travel, interrupted by 2 days with a case of bad stomach flu, and one pizza binge on fantasy baseball draft night, but I still managed to drop another kg to the lowest weight I've been in nearly 3 years!

The flu had me in bed for a day and half, left me feeling weak, but I've managed to regroup in the past couple of days and am looking forward to a rally for the final couple weeks of PCP.

Took advantage of another sunny day in Hong Kong to go running down by the water in Pokfulam... and up the steps to Victoria Road, before a grueling set of lunges... I'm still not doing pistol squats so substituted a couple of sets of 25 squats...

The v-sits are coming easier, and I find that I'm pushing myself to get my legs higher on each rep. 

Back in Hong Kong after nearly a couple of months, lots of friends commenting on how much weight I've lost, or "have you been working out?  You look great..."  And I have to say it makes me feel great.

Would really like to get a better picture, but something about taking photos of myself makes me stop with a half-assed attempt. But trust me, I think I normally look a bit more pumped than this photo!  The main think I'm happy about is that those are size 32 Calvins, and look ma, no muffin-top!  I'm 6'2", 83.5 kg, and feelin' pretty good about that.

Can't wait to see how this turns out... 26 days to see how far I can take it.

Back in Hong Kong for a few days, and I used today to do a nice 5k run down by the water in Pokfulam in the sun with no shirt on (and not worried about the way I looked with no shirt on!) and some extra reps when I got back up the steps to the flat.

It's been an off week for the exercise but I have nailed the diet (for a change) an I'm psyched to put up pictures finally on Sunday.  I had a loose goal of losing 10kg over the course of the PCP program, and so far I'm down a bit over 6... may not nail it, but man I feel good, and I think that's pretty much the general idea.

Day 59 - New Lows!!

I finally broke the 85kg barrier... 84.2 kg when I stepped on the scale this morning!  Woo Hoo!

One month to go, and I'm pumped to see how far now I can take this in the last few weeks.

Sorry about being offline, it's been a tough week at work with another tough one on the horizon!  No photo yet either (next week I promise)... but take my word for it that I'm down still about 5kg, and doing the exercises (and the yoga) pretty faithfully all things considered.

Hoping for a renewed shot of enthusiasm this week, and I'm taking bets that I can lose another 1.5kg by next Saturday!

Day 52 - Indulgence?

I had a vegetarian burrito with black beans, guacamole, and just a touch of sour cream, and a very small bowl of pasta (I mean a handful) with only enough cheese to flavor it. 

Still feel like I pigged out.

Evening off of the exercise too, as I have a conference call marathon ongoing... but I'm fired up about getting shed of those last few kg's until the end of the program.

Two months ago if anyone had told me I'd be looking forward, yearning, in fact... to a plain egg white omelette on Saturday afternoons, I'd have laughed in their face. "haha" I'd say... "you must be joking".  No more.  Even with my more than occasional dietary indiscretions, I'm down the better part of 5kg and about halfway to the target weight I'd set at the start of PCP.

I may not have a six-pack coming out the other side of the program, but I'm banking on fitting into size 32 Calvins with no muffin top, as the ladies say.

My only regret is that if I'd actually stuck to the diet so far, I'd probably be down a lot more!  But the benefits of this thing are really starting to show.  My first attempts at the dreaded V-Sit were a total comedy, and now I can snap out 8 to 10 on the first set no worries, and struggle on through the rest of the sets pretty nicely. 

I had a nice run around the palace today, and it's great to feel taut in my upper back and shoulders, and to feel the gentle uphill slope on the backside of the run (pun intended).

Had an excellent yoga practice today too, with my teacher the amazing Yoshie, who continually reinforces how the core strength I'm building through this program is helping my yoga, which along with running is my long-term fitness thang. 

Week 8 baby.  Bring it on.

Day 45 - PCP on the Road

Coming to you live from The Four Seasons Singapore, where they have an excellent gym, very few egg whites, and unfortunately an otherwise terrific menu. 

Able to get in a great workout today, but hanging my head in shame on yet another violation of the PCP code of diet ethics.  Let's just say that my subcutaneous fat will live to fight another day. 

We have 45 days left, and I am determined to get back on track on the diet.

After a short hiatus, I'm back.  My right knee has decided that pistol squats are not going to be in the program, ever.  I have to admit it was discouraging sitting out a few days and I thought of giving up on PCP completely, but today I was able to do half squats as a substitute for the legs (60 reps total), and do the rest of the exercises without any frustrations.  Felt good, in fact, to bang out a few extra pushups, and I did 2x sets of plank on top of the abs workout just to let my body know we were back in the game.

Pictures going up Saturday.

Day 35 - Still Alive

Motivation is getting harder to muster up late in the week... but I'm soooo glad when I hit the weekend and I can double-down.  Also been able to keep at the yoga on Saturdays and Sundays, and this has really helped me to measure my physical progress as I move through the asanas progressively easier... holding the poses longer and going deeper.  An hour of decent power yoga in the morning and the PCP workout before a hot ofuro in the evening on weekends...  I realize that living the semi-bachelor lifestyle up here in Japan with my family in Hong Kong has afforded me an opportunity to really concentrate on getting in shape... and besides, it keeps me out of trouble when I might otherwise have too much spare time on my hands!

I missed two days of exercise this week, but made up for one today.  Was off-diet on two days this week as well, not huge, but still not on plan, and I know I cannot make those up but will push harder when I can.

Realize that at 52 I'm probably not the oldest guy to ever go through PCP, but I think that having an extra day off once in a while has helped my recovery from the workout regimen and I come back stronger each time.

Day 33 - Second Wind

Starting to like the way my clothes fit a little better, and getting my energy levels up.  Fair warning, I'm letting myself have that cheeseburger Friday night.  I'm still down only 4kg, but honestly I'm feeling good.

Boo YAH!

But I got through it... V-sits, bring it.  No carbs?  Bring it.  Dips?  Bring it. 

Even tossed in an extra set of plank. 

I could absolutely CRUSH a cheeseburger now.  Don't bring it.

End of Week 10





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