Vince T.

Vince T.

Day 35 - Still Alive

  • Feb 18th, 2012 at 10:38PM

Motivation is getting harder to muster up late in the week... but I'm soooo glad when I hit the weekend and I can double-down.  Also been able to keep at the yoga on Saturdays and Sundays, and this has really helped me to measure my physical progress as I move through the asanas progressively easier... holding the poses longer and going deeper.  An hour of decent power yoga in the morning and the PCP workout before a hot ofuro in the evening on weekends...  I realize that living the semi-bachelor lifestyle up here in Japan with my family in Hong Kong has afforded me an opportunity to really concentrate on getting in shape... and besides, it keeps me out of trouble when I might otherwise have too much spare time on my hands!

I missed two days of exercise this week, but made up for one today.  Was off-diet on two days this week as well, not huge, but still not on plan, and I know I cannot make those up but will push harder when I can.

Realize that at 52 I'm probably not the oldest guy to ever go through PCP, but I think that having an extra day off once in a while has helped my recovery from the workout regimen and I come back stronger each time.

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Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleKenzai Member
Head Trainerabout 8 years ago

You are doing plenty of exercise, and trust that you know your body.  So if you have a week when you feel like you need an additional rest day then take it.  Remember to get plenty of sleep, when you can.  It's really great that you have the opportunity to focus on training, and that you are using it that way.  It's a marathon not a sprint, be focused on being consistent and getting it right most of the time.  

You are doing great!

Keep going!

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