Vince T.

Vince T.

Day 45 - PCP on the Road

  • Feb 28th, 2012 at 7:03PM

Coming to you live from The Four Seasons Singapore, where they have an excellent gym, very few egg whites, and unfortunately an otherwise terrific menu. 

Able to get in a great workout today, but hanging my head in shame on yet another violation of the PCP code of diet ethics.  Let's just say that my subcutaneous fat will live to fight another day. 

We have 45 days left, and I am determined to get back on track on the diet.

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Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleKenzai Member
Head Traineralmost 8 years ago

Despite the PCP violation, the latest pic is looking good.  Pectoral muscles are looking more defined and arms are looking much stronger.

Get back on track with the diet and see how you feel.  This is your chance to focus intently on diet and fitness, when you're done you can decide what you want to keep and what you don't need.

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