Vince T.

Vince T.

Day 49 - Egg Whites a-go-go

  • Mar 3rd, 2012 at 5:43PM

Two months ago if anyone had told me I'd be looking forward, yearning, in fact... to a plain egg white omelette on Saturday afternoons, I'd have laughed in their face. "haha" I'd say... "you must be joking".  No more.  Even with my more than occasional dietary indiscretions, I'm down the better part of 5kg and about halfway to the target weight I'd set at the start of PCP.

I may not have a six-pack coming out the other side of the program, but I'm banking on fitting into size 32 Calvins with no muffin top, as the ladies say.

My only regret is that if I'd actually stuck to the diet so far, I'd probably be down a lot more!  But the benefits of this thing are really starting to show.  My first attempts at the dreaded V-Sit were a total comedy, and now I can snap out 8 to 10 on the first set no worries, and struggle on through the rest of the sets pretty nicely. 

I had a nice run around the palace today, and it's great to feel taut in my upper back and shoulders, and to feel the gentle uphill slope on the backside of the run (pun intended).

Had an excellent yoga practice today too, with my teacher the amazing Yoshie, who continually reinforces how the core strength I'm building through this program is helping my yoga, which along with running is my long-term fitness thang. 

Week 8 baby.  Bring it on.

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Carter B.Carter B.Alumni
almost 8 years ago

Looking more and more fit, Vince.  Stick to the diet this last month - make these last 40 days or so count.  You can do it!

I like mixing in a run too, just to keep it fresh and exercise some different muscles...

    Drew F.Drew F.Alumni
    almost 8 years ago

    Hey Vince, I am at a similar point with the V-sits. I felt good about this and conquering the ab exercises (if only the first set), until the KungFu sit-up appeared... and I'm back to square one...   :-)

      Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleKenzai Member
      Head Traineralmost 8 years ago

      Yoga is going to get easier and easier as you get further into PCP.

      Forget the regrets!  You are moving steadily in the right direction.  You should be proud of what you've done so far.  Now you know how fast 40 days can go by so just focus in and nail it from here on out.

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