Vince T.

Vince T.

Day 80 - Home Stretch

  • Apr 3rd, 2012 at 10:35PM

Well, it's been a great holiday in the Phils with my older sons, and I had the added bonus of my 16 year old asking me how he could get in better shape... took him to the gym at the Mandarin and got him doing pushups with the bars, as well as V-sits and curls with the resistance bands.  Maybe one of the better payoffs of this whole experience is helping him set achievable fitness goals... he really enjoyed working out with me.

He also took a couple of photos of me working out, as I hadn't posted any photos in a while, I'll try to put one up when I get to Hong Kong and can upload it.

I'm off my lows for the weight that I lost, but still I'm down from 90kg on day 1 to 83.5kg today, and I'm happy with the progress... Also convinced that I can keep up the regimen, mixed in with more running and yoga, once I relocate to Singapore later this year.

More later, with some "Day 80" photos as well.

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Corey G.Corey G.Alumni
almost 8 years ago

Nice trade. I'll take Sing over HK any day!

    Cece AielloCece AielloKenzai Member
    Traineralmost 8 years ago

    Can't wait to see you later Vince!  Sean and I are psyched to visit you & the family.  

      Carter B.Carter B.Alumni
      almost 8 years ago

      Hey Vince, update that pic man, let's see the progress.  I had to reread your post about your son, since your pic shows you holding an infant.  Took me a sec hahahahah.

        Akiko M.Akiko M.Alumni
        almost 8 years ago

        That's great! How are you doing? Looking forward to another post before this thing is over and out!

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