Vince T.

Vince T.

Day 28 - Feelin' it

Really got it today when I was doing yoga... my whole body feels tighter (in a good way), when I go through chatarunga or into any of the lower body stuff I feel stronger and more agile.  Can't wait to see how it continues to progress.

Using the weekend to catch up on sleep... getting a hot ofuro tonight and sleeping in Sunday. 

Thursday was an off day... came home late, tired with a bad stomach.  Took the day off from PCP.  Back on track Friday, and I didn't forget about the "indulgence".  Fries and a slice of pie with dinner, but only after I nailed the V-ups. 

Will make up the missed day Saturday, and back on the diet.  Have lost nearly 4kg! 

Day 24 - Raising the bar!

Wow... it looked so much easier on paper. I have come to the conclusion that it is much easier to watch someone else exercise than to do it yourself. Anyway... I was not expecting the shoulder presses or the plank to be as tough as they were. But I'm still pretty happy with myself for getting the entire series in between conference calls tonight! Hitting a mid-week sleep deprivation wall again... realize it's not good for me but it seems by Wednesday I'm pretty much cashed out and in need of another 3 hours in the day. Fully diet compliant this week though, and that's coming much easier now that I've hit a stride with the program and I can actually see and feel a difference. Have to admit that the first two-plus weeks I was having trouble getting on board, but now I'm in a groove with this and it is becoming a self-sustaining thing. Need recipies! I am not that creative in the kitchen, and am actually getting pretty bored with my own cooking. Bachelor lifestyle and doing PCP with very little eating out is killing my taste buds!

So no carbs after lunch?  Okay, I can do that... I am still having trouble eating veges first thing in the morning... normally I eat them on the desk as a snack instead.

Found this great buffet place to have lunch during the week.  6th floor Shin Maru bil... a Brazilian place the will make the burger (which is now too big!) and a salad bar with fresh veges which I could eyeball out into servings in line with the what we were able to have for lunch, and cold pasta that I could get a small handful of for the carb serving.

The other alternative for lunch had been raw veges and salmon sushi... that will still work I think!

Truthfully I am psyched to start some of the new exercises.  I can feel things starting to come together really well in muscle tone, and even though they say we will "hate" plank before we are done, I've been sneaking a few reps of that in during yoga anyway. 

I'm shooting for 100% diet compliance this week... let's see how we roll.

I might be the last person to have figured this out, but have you guys ever gone back and looked at the before and after photos of the previous PCP participants who have finished the program?

A friend of mine who had gone through the program a little over a year ago showed me the link to his blog, and I gotta say it was fully impressive... I remember when he started the program, all he said is that he'd quit drinking for a while and was trying to get in shape.  Looking at the before and after shots, I remember more clearly.  His tag line from a shot at 90 days... "Bruce Lee isn't here just now, can I help you?"

I spent a few minutes looking at other past PCP'ers shots after that.  Huge motivator.  Kept thinking that if they can do it, so can I.  Cannot wait to see my shot at 90 days too.

As much as I whinge about it, it's easier for me to stick to the diet and stay focused when I'm on my own.  Probably the only thing I'll do to deviate from the path is to drink my veges... I like carrot juice, with apple and ginger, and I have a juicer, so it's easy to drink my grams.

I've started to lose a bit of weight, but I'm not bothered so much about that at this point.  The burn on the last few reps of the "leg ups" tonight was great...

After my normal pathetic time with the rope today (steady progress...) I got in a good run by the ocean in Pokfulam and did the steps back up to Victoria Road... followed by an inspired several sets of situps and plank. 

While I'm not really showing the improvements yet, I am definitely feeling them. 

Really looking forward to getting back to Japan and refocusing on the diet...

Groundhog Day
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Okay... the travel day yesterday didn't go as planned, and I ended up:  a) Eating an "extra" meal in the airport lounge; and b) missing my workout all together.

No excuses, that's just the way it came together, or didn't come together I guess.  I would feel like a bit of a weasel if I didn't put that out there.

So today I did the day 10 workout, and stuck to the diet.  Moving on. 

I've also posted a better "Week 2" photo, as my partner was here to hold the camera.  She also showed me how to skip rope, or rather, how good she is at skipping rope.  No kidding... she goes like a fighter in training... one foot, rope to the side, whatever... rope moving like a blur.  Okay, so now I have to learn.

Day 9

Cooking is taking up more of my time than it was, mainly because now food preparation involves more than dailing up Domino's Pizza.  Eating lots of raw veges... not because I want to go all Woody Harrelson or anything, but it's just easier, and besides, there is no extra water weight from steaming them.

Been eating udon as one of my carbs, and I can make a nice udon soup with boiled egg, spinach, and broccoli in the morning.  Also using brown rice as a carb... went well with steak.

I will, before this thing is over, be able to skip rope.  It's getting better and better, and the process of me learning seems to be keeping people in my building's little gym very entertained.  But the other exercises are great... I have to get better resistance bands and a chinning bar this week, but have been using my TRX straps as well for some of the exercises in the meantime. 

Did we get a ruling on almonds?  I didn't see them in the notes sent so far.

Okay, still struggling with the rope... but today I got 15 skips at a go before tripping.  Thanks to Paul S. for the tip on straightening out the new plastic rope.  So I'm still getting on the treadmill for 30 mins before getting to the exercises, which are really getting good.

Still keeping up the yoga too, although only twice a week.  Think this is helping me keep from tightening up too much in the legs from all those squats and lunges!

And best of all the diet has started... Honestly speaking, I struggled with the "1/2 portions" thing.  For "me on a diet", the more structure the better.  I have a travel day, one night when I have to entertain, and a birthday celebration this week, so I'm planning ahead for those meals.

I've only lost .75kg, but I'm not bothered... because I'm starting to feel really good.  Really confident in my commitment to PCP.  Will try to put up a photo in the next day or two.

Day 4

In spite of a case of food poisoning last night, I was able to get through the workout today.  Making progress with the rope (thanks for the tips on that)... and the rest of the exercises are not really too tough (yet!).  Like using the pushup bars and going slow on the reps, it's great discipline.

Where I'm having trouble is on the diet.  In the last few years I've learned to eat pretty healthy; normally I'll have fruit in the morning, and have a decent lunch of salads, sashimi, etc.  Pretty good about getting in "super foods", snacking on almonds etc.  Where I blow it all up is dinner.  Pizza, food of the gods.  I have been pretty crap at the 1/2 portion thing so far.

Hopefully, like skipping rope, this part gets easier.

Day 2

Okay... spoke to a good friend who had successfully completed the program over a year ago, and he encouraged me to get over myself and put up a "day one" photo.  The motivation you get from looking back at it a couple weeks down the road, he says, makes it worth any minor discomfort with busting out the man boobs.

Also, I have to confess, I never learned to skip rope.  Yes, incredible as it may seem, I've made it to 52 without ever having learned.  But I'm trying... best I could get out in one go was 3 skips, but it's a start.  I worked at it for 5 minutes or more each of the last couple of days before hitting the treadmill for 30 minutes (not dogging it mind you, I said hitting it) before doing the reps in the workout.

Does anyone have any tips on how to learn to skip rope? 

Day 0

Okay, so "Day 0"... I'm weighing in at 89kg (196 lb), and with my height that's a BMI of 25.5.  My goals are pretty simple; I'd like to get down to 83.5kg (184 lb), so that I can get in shape to train for a half marathon.  I also really want to tone up so that I can get more deeply into yoga, and to feel better about what I eat, and having no space between the bottom of my tie and my shirt again would be a plus!

I would definitely like PCP to be the first step toward my fitness goals
for this year.  I found a great link to a motivational piece from
Harvard Business Review.  Takes 5 minutes to read, if you are

No picture this week, as I look pretty much the same as the ones you see posted on the header, and there is nobody around today to hold the camera.

Good luck to everyone else diving in the program!

End of Week 10





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