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Vineet T.

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After a good first week, the second week was a bit iffy with some travel to India . It’s always tough to keep on diet in India with so much good food around, did my best. Back to routine now for the last few days, already in last 10 days, want to make it as good as I can!


Back to Reboot to get into some kind of fitness before the year end! The first week has been good mostly apart from one meal but looking to stick to the next 21 days on track!

Have to work out in the mornings a bit early as that’s the only time when I can get it done regularly hence the dark on location picture!

The travels this and next week are a bit crazy with a flight every other day. Not able to stick to the exact diet but not eating anything unhealthy:

On the exercise front, trying to get it done 4/7; would be back from travels next week till then trying to hang in.


Have been travelling this week and both diet and exercise have gone for a toss for the last two days, hopefully should be back to routine from tomorrow.

Hope the team is able to cope with the travelling blues!

Down with Flu

Missed 2 days of workout due to Flu, bad time to be down in a 28 day program.

It’s been a while since I finished KB1, dropped of K-Run a few months back; Wanted to get onto a short program to get the fitness levels back and reduce some of the abdominal fat which has come up!

Never thought Beach Blast would ramp up in intensity on day 1 itself! But very happy happy to be back on a program and pushing!

The exercises are good fun but one starts shaking after the 8 min esp when I do cardio and exercise back to back!

All in all, all good! Look forward to the next 3.5 weeks!

Week 2

The exercises / run has been on track but need to tighten up on the food bit - quite a few slip ups.

Enjoying the early morning runs with the weather helping its bit. The toughest part of the runs is the first 5 minutes till the body is warmed up.

The lesson totally captures what I am going through right now! Just one week to go, let’s relax a bit, the holiday season is kicking in, the cold weather is not helpful for early morning workouts!

Trying the level best to stay on course!

30 days to go!

Have been missing out on posting for the last 10 days; Have managed to tighten the screws last week after a slip up week before that;

The exercises are becoming tougher by the day but enjoying them! There is always one exercise in every muscle set that’s a killer - Creeps, V-Sit, Katana etc!

Travelling this week, managing food becomes tricky but no drinks and no sweets so broadly was on track.

Feeling the change - trousers are slipping (always a happy thing!), weight loss is at a snails pace! The good part of Kenzai diet has been avoiding unnecessary food!

One last push for the last 30 days and past the post!




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