Vinny K.

Vinny K.


Have been unwell and really down and was unable to write the blog but have somehow surprisingly eating right :)

I don’t feel like eating any kind of meat what can be my vegetarian options if tofu is off the charts ?
Please help!

It’s not easy with the cold and soul food temptations 😊but trudging along...trying to eat healthy and keep up the regime

Hello everyone
Feels great to be back
In the program.....this time the up side is that with the body I’m also taking care of my mind—-started with meditation again after a long break.

Would fasting and following the kenzai diet go hand in hand ?

Do we have to do the cardio and the work out back to back....can I space it out ?

Day 1 - nervous and excited at the same time...hope to be able to take it through this time.
Started my day with a nice brisk walk with my dog in -5degree Celsius 😊 it definitely was invigorating....just want to maintain pace this time with the program.

I have to be honest here...I started really well and could significantly see a massive change in myself...
but then life really got in the way and I could absolutely not keep up in the middle and then i did manage to keep up with the diet plan but not so with the exercises.

I want to keep working on myself with the guidelines and the learning of Kenzai and join the program again in January with better vigor and control over things.

Kudos to all who did the program religiously and achieved the desired results....All the best to everyone for all the future endeavors.

Need advice....I could not do a 100% of the kenzai program. After the 90 days of kenzai can I redo the program ? I feel I will not reach the optimum level
Of fitness what is expected of a kenzai do I go back a month or so of the program ?


I have not been following kenzai for the past 10days
So now what do I do? Quit or take it on from today onwards as per the plan or go back a few days and start from there?

I have seriously falling behind in blogging...
Got a rude shock and realized have not blogged for the madness of running around didn’t realize I missed out so many days

Well my workouts have become only walking....but am determined to be back on track with workouts tomorrow
Food is still going on fine!

Back on track 80%

Back on track after the super hectic wise I am doing great though lagging behind in the exercises...
taking a day at a time

Had organized a very big event and party...fell
Sick after that not been on kenzai for past 4-5 days...but back on it today....feeling sad to have lost these days but hopeful to get back with double the vigor .

It’s getting super difficult to stick to the workout routine...hoping my schedule will ease off after sept 15th meanwhile I do manage to go for walks with my dog for an average of 3miles a day....

Food wise still doing fine...though weekend was not great with that especially dinner —- feeling very guilty and unwell with the food from outside and the weather change as well 😢

Super duper busy with my business and my daughters 2nd birthday celebrations preparations
But still managing to follow the kenzai plan food and workout!!!

And with a lot of energy...though sometime I end up missing my snack but still going strong !


Well the picture is of my boy- his name is after 4 years I was able to reach this target spot (2.5miles) from my home and back in 1 hr....thank you kenzai for helping me get my life back...I have more energy than ever to play with my daughter and my dog 😊
They are benefiting most from this program😊