Virgil M.

Virgil M.

Graduation Post 

Hey guys, have reached the final, wow, KB1 was amazing, with a few slip-ups, like accident, congress or party, everything went smoothly. I am pleased to have completed KB1, will certainly continue, I will soon choose a new program. Thank you for the help and support from all, wish you all happy hollydays see u next year!

Day 86

Hello, how fast time passes, I thought I would have posted something yesterday, hm got a friendly reminder again
Last days of KB1, workouts are ok, diet so la la which is a bit difficult with thanksgiving and before Christmas. Everything will get better in the spring. Haha.. make good choises :)

Day 78

Wow, diet did not go so well, a lot of sins, workouts is good, can not believe last week,
wish you all a good week

day 72

Today workout was good, wonder why the exercise is called antisocial.
The plank is very good, the diet is with a few slip outs of red wine on the weekend and yesterday ok, otherwise all good. Keep up.

Day 65

hello, how are you, hope good. Difficult 10 days behind me, a lot of work, appointments, and meetings. Diet had to suffer, workouts as well as I could. But found a time gap to go to the spa, the hottest in Switzerland, super relaxing. The rope jumping indoor is a little problematic, the height must be right the place too, difficult.
I think everyone loves to exercise outside or Gym
In a week the Christmas-market in Montreux will be opend, its the nicest in Switzerland, can not believe that the year is over. Time goes by.
Wish you all a nice week.

Day 52

Cold, rainy weather, can t do workout outside, it comes the time where early dark, until you come home.
Then you have to catch up to workout huh it s heavy but I hold on. Leg is ok, and thumb is better too. Diet, sometimes I want to snack on Swiss chocolate

I'm back

Hello I'm back, I started the workouts again. Can not do all the exercises but almost all. I feel better after the accident. I am happy to record everything again slowly.

Day 29

Last week I was with my wife in Paris, it was wonderful, except for the last day where I crashed and broke my thumb.
So that would be the news, that means with sports I will take a break of 1-2 weeks then I look what I can do, I will continue this diet. Yes, it can be done so fast.


hi team,
Wanted to ask if you feel so good too?
I'm doing great, can barely wait to do my sport in the evening, I know it would be better in the morning but I can not, otherwise I have to get up at 5.30, that's tough.
The meals are ok, you get used to salt-free food, my wife makes KB2 and it is a small competition every day, we share the rubber straps and almost fight over it :)
otherwise all good
see you later

KB 1 /Day 14

The easiest / the hardest
I can not say that something was difficult or easy. It's about discipline. At the moment I'm in control of everything, the workout is doing really well, I could do even more, it's good with the diet, I can't eat so many carbs in the mornings I left 3/4 of it on the plate.
Otherwise, I see that in the 3rd week not much will change, except 1 egg yolk and 20 g carbs less in the evening.
I am motivated and will continue. Wish you all good further continuation

The workouts are smooth and easy, the diet was also no big difference, I’m curious about next week.

Intro KB 1

Hello I am Virgil, I am a general practitioner in my practice, am also a holistic doctor, have 2 sons who are also doctors my wife works with me as a naturopath. Yes, a house full of doctors very exciting, everyone with their individual ideas, this is fun and is a challenge every day. We also have two cats and a dog.
Kenzai Body I, I got to know by my wife Christina, who is at KB2 team Ash, she has completed 3 months ago, she has infected me with their enthusiasm and daily workouts, we have made together in the end, in our house there was only Kenzai, even cats and dogs were put on Kenzai :).
Why I want to do Kenzai Body?
Would like to gain muscle.
Actually I am sporty, I did some sport before every day, so Kenzai will bring more order and specific muscle training into my workouts.
How success looks to me?
"The way is the goal" Confuzius!
So that's about me.
Wish all my teammates good cooperation and success

KB1 day1

hello I'm Virgil, I'm glad to start KB1. My goal is to gain muscle and improve mobility. I look forward to the cooperation. I wish my whole team a good start.

End of Week 12





Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body