Vishal S.

Vishal S.


As we r close to the programme closure , I m not convinced with my performance as my body can do more .i m just 4kg down n much fitter n healthier then before. I have learned that this in not the end’s my new beginning


well all going fine with 1/3 programme left . I feel this my lifestyle now and I m going to keep my routine and food the way its going with some cheat days exceptions.
I m going stronger n keeping up with jumprope routine ... n loving it.

I love my routine

Hi all going well and strength levels are also coping up . I love my routine of exercise n food habits ...I guess this should be permanent to stay fit with some more cheat days :-)
My weight is little stuck as it’s not going down but loosing inches .few exercises are getting on my neck (captain chair) I m refraining it all is going great

half way

hi I m enjoying the program the way its going. I am 3kg down and maintaining it. My energy level is way up and rolling and I can handle much more then this. My Endgame plan is to be fitter and much healthier with 7-8 kg down :-)

high on energy

Hi , this week is going smooth as there in not much change in exercise...I thought it will increase aggressively as I m my energy level is going high .i m enjoying my exercises in gym n my gym trainers are enjoying and supporting it quite well .

hi , week 5 is tougher as my knees are getting stressed but I m coping up with the regime. I was amazed with the evening snack as veggies before bed but my Inspiration, Rahul Goenka and his sister Gauri Kanodia(kenzai member) advised me to blindly follow the diet n programme, is keeping my regime as per the schedule
I m doing my exercise in my gym, so gym members and gym trainers are admiring my exercises and the way I m loosing weight( 3KG down) . I really enjoying the variety and intensity of far so gooooood

week 4 going strong

hi all I m enjoying week 4 with more jump rope (anyhow I just love it) and going stronger. I have notices my arms n legs muscles are building up n now showing some curves but belly looks just the same means I m yet fatso. I guess by end of week 6 it will show some changes in belly n love handles :-) ....lets hope for the best

Week 3

Workout is going harder in this week but I was amazed to see my body has fully supported it effortlessly ......I m loving it n my weight is down with 1.3kg that’s priceless 😀

2 weeks complete

it sounds like big achievement of completing 2 weeks and down with 1 kg......feeling good with my body strength n stamina is on its peak. The trainings most enjoyable part is jump rope which make you align your body n mind coordination on its fullest. I m really enjoying the way its going n hope to get fitter day by day.
I feel happier too throughout my day in office.