Vishal S.

Vishal S.


half way

  • May 16th, 2019 at 3:47PM


hi I m enjoying the program the way its going. I am 3kg down and maintaining it. My energy level is way up and rolling and I can handle much more then this. My Endgame plan is to be fitter and much healthier with 7-8 kg down :-)

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Kathryn T.Kathryn T.Alumni
3 months ago

Sounds like the perfect endgame plan Vishal! Your commitment sounds strong, as does your increased fitness, nice going!

    Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
    Founder3 months ago

    7-8kg is definitely doable if you keep your diet tight Vishal. If you feel energetic now you won't believe how you feel in the Day 70s.

      Talya EdlundTalya EdlundReboot | Day 17 (Member)
      Assistant Trainer3 months ago

      Excellent. You are on the right course for meeting your goals. Try not to focus too much on the scale. Just trust that sticking to the diet and workouts, will get you results.

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