Viviana M.

Viviana M.

Kenzai Body | Day 31
Kenzai Body
Day 31
Program progress:

It's been a hard week this one, I'll explain a bit why, however, having done the workouts every day, without exception, even if it was at 2 am (yes, unfortunately) made me feel more positive and stick to it. I'm working remotely until mid July so having the kids and family around makes it harder to be disciplined. My kids are little so if they see me around they want me mainly. I prepare their meals, feed them, put them to sleep, and work and workout in between. I need to be online in the evening to overlap with my team in San Francisco and very often I end up being up until 2-3 am. Kids go to bed before 8. So if I hadn't worked out during the day, sometimes it's 1 or 2 am. I have one week left and I'm trying my best to get enough sleep. Skipping workout is not an option.

I have noticed some differences in the way I look or better yet, they way my jeans fit on me. I haven't stepped on the scale (I don't want to be disappointed and I don't really care about kgs). My husband also said I looked more toned up and he became very interested in what I was doing. I had to read to him some of the lessons so he can see what the real value of this program is.

In terms of fat loss I'm not sure anything happened but to be honest I feel like I eat a lot, the lunch in particular is too big for me. I had a couple of days where I ate out, good choices but still not home cooked. I went away for the weekend to see my friends in the city I went to university, and it was hard to stick to my usual meal schedule. One day I skipped dinner completely because of a very late wake up. I also had a couple if drinks this weekend, one gin and half a glass of whine. There was also a birthday party and I had a couple of spoons of cake. I wanted to believe about me that I can be very disciplined, head down and do what I have to do but after reading the lesson about thought patterns I might be the excuser. I'm not going to give up but I do feel a little disappointed. I know I would have done better without temptations around.

As far as the exercises are concerned, it's getting really hard. The 800 jumps feel like I already reached my limit so not sure how and how long will take to do the 1000 at the end of this week. Pull-ups are also impossible. Literally. I cannot do any full pull up and I need an alternative exercise.

Excited to see what I feel like after the 4th week! Good luck evryone!

As someone else said, I think Claire, the easiest part was the motivation. I wouldn’t have known how to put it better without reading her blog. It’s so easy when I know where I want to get and when I have the confidence that this program will get me there. I got to a point where I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror and even the next size up clothes were getting tight so I had to change something.

Another easy part I must say was the diet. Because of the huge breakfast where I was hardly able to eat everything, I was never hungry during the day. And having a bit of carbs with every meal made it even easier. I’ll see how this will be in the next weeks as I noticed on week 3 there’s no carbs for dinner.

1. Some exercises and skipping rope itself. The 600 jumps from day 14 left me with some sore muscles today, but now I understand the reason. I definitely pushed my limits and I’m a bit afraid of the weeks to come.

2. The fear/feeling that even though I will finish this program I will still not have the body i’m Hoping for. And it’s not lack of confidence in the program but in myself. I have been there in the past and I am good at putting my head down and do what I have to do, but what if for me it won’t work?

So I did my big trip and I am now in Europe (Eastern so GMT +2). I left on Wednesday (June 26th) from San Francisco and got to Cluj in June 28th 1 am. Because of some delays. Now I’m having a bit of a problem adjusting to which day i’m In :). So I did day 10 workout on Wednesday morning and day 11 on Thursday 2 am (GMT+2 time). I wonder if I basically did 2 workouts in one day? If I look in my Kenzai they show me as today’s workout day 11 which I already did. I will do day 12 tonight. Does that sound right? I was afraid I would be too many hours without a workout, play after all that long flight, plus lots of hours in a car, I really needed to workout.

Aside from this, my diet was a little bit out the window, I didn’t eat anything wrong, I just don’t think I ate the recommended quantities and proportions. However I wasn’t hungry at all and had very little carbs.

Day 5 done

That extra set today made a difference! Just when I got the hang of the 4 sets of 50 jumps without any stops, the 5th set killed me :) but since I made a good progress from day 1-5, I’m confident that in a few days 5 sets will also start to feel manageable. Easy would be too much to say :). Happy that there was no extra set for the push-ups! While intend to do the upper limit for the repetitions in a set, for push ups I go with bare minimum and i’m Not ashamed ha ha. I’m guessing that I should make sure I do 5 correctly before I move up.

I’ve been a little silent as i’m Busy at work and my older daughter’s end of year celebration. We are also going to stay with the family in Europe, Romania, for the whole month of July. Actually we’re flying out this Wednesday and I’m starting to panic a little about the change in routine, jet lag, starting the diet with the family friend who introduced me to Kenzai said we will at some point be required to not eat salt at all. That means I will have to make my own meals separately from the family, I hope I will be able to manage all the comments that I already see flooding. In my country’s culture every one knows better than you what’s good for you :).

I see improvements already in the way my muscles look on me, particularly the legs, so all in all I would say I had a good week!

Day 1

I’m very excited to start this program. I tend to do much better in a team, cohort, than alone, in anything else in life. The workout was not awfully painful but not that easy either. I was surprised how weak my arms still are, I don’t think I did one push up deep enough. Skipping rope and crunches really tested my pelvic floor and I realized I cannot ignore this issue anymore. I have 2 children, 5 and 2.5 and looks like without exercise pelvic floor and the whole core are not going to strengthen on their own. I wasn’t able to leave 25% on the plate today, will try tomorrow. I was instead mindful and had smaller portions than usual and I didn’t feel hungry at all. Looking forward to what’s more to come.