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Sculpt graduation post 

I still haven't written this post as the last week of sculpt hasn't been too good. I wasn't able to train for 2 days, then last Friday I did half a workout, then came the resting day and it just felt like an entire week without workouts.

However, I totally enjoyed this little program and I have been very good besides the sickness at the end. The barre workouts were more intense than I expected and arabesques in good form I would say impossible. I like the results I saw even after full 5 weeks. My calves are more defined and I like how they look. I always had think calves and angles and thick thighs, which is probably a normal proportion but I just never liked how it looked. I struggle keeping the thighs, inner thighs in particular, in god shape and sculpt hit exactly where I needed. I am now on maintenance until I can start KB2 hopefully in January so I'm planning to include some bare workouts that I learnt during sculpt. Probably for the rest of my life. Thank you, Kenzai!

I’ve been sick for the last 2 days, with fever and body pain. I wasn’t able to do any workouts. I tried jumping yesterday by it felt like my brain was jumping up and down in my skull :). I’m not going to finish with integrity I’m afraid but motivate to do the best o can over these last 3 days. It looks like I should be able to do the strength workout today.

Week 5 (I guess)

I’m still here and I’ve been good! Not so good at writing, I know. I still find it hard to balance everything, but I never missed a workout. The free cardio on Sunday may have been a little lighter than I would have normally but I still showed up. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I usually do it on the train when I commute but my husband changed the carrier and I didn’t have good reception. Then I changed it back and here I am :).

I didn’t use the indulgence this week because I did last week. I went to dinner to one of the families from my daughter’s school. In general I don’t like to stand out or make to much fuss about my stuff so I didn’t say no to a pumpkin pie and ice cream after dinner. So I felt I wasn’t really in much need of an indulgence this week. Diet wise I’ve been good but I have my usual challenges: I can’t eat all the carbs in the morning because I rush to work and then I have lunch at work on the days I go in the office, which is not always the cleanest, but as clean as I would cook. But that’s usually 3-4 days a week so this is the best I can really. Workouts have been intense, particularly the arabesques that are killing me. I don’t think I do them in the best form but I’m trying. I can see results. I bought the jeans I’m in in my last photo a couple of years ago and I got the size wrong (they are French and I forgot the European sizes since I moved here). I never thought I could fit in them but thanks to Kenzai I did, and they are comfortable. I have another pair that I’m aiming to fit into whether at the end of this, or end of Kenzai body 2 (which I signed up for in January). It’s good to have a visual goal ha ha.

So far I’m enjoying this program and I’ve been good with diet and exercising. On Sunday though we celebrated my best friend’s birthday and diet was out ten window. I swapped the workout with Saturday so at least I burned more yesterday (I hope). I struggle with the free cardio, I usually just ride my bike with the family. I know bicycle was not necessarily recommended but if I went for a swim or run it would be more time away from
My little girls and I cannot do that, I never have enough time with them.

I feel my legs are more sculpted if I can say so and this keeps me motivated! I have a pair of jeans I want to fit into a little better so hopefully by the end of the program that would be marked off the list :)
Have a good week everyone!

Hi everyone, my name is Viviana and I live in Northern California. I'm originally from Romania and moved to San Francisco 5 years ago. Prior to that I was in London UK for another 5 year. I am a mother of two little girls, almost 3 and a little over 5, who just started kindergarten. Life is busy because work and commute and kids, fitting in daily workouts and sleeping enough is really hard but I am determined to stick to it (I sacrifice sleep to be honest). I wrapped up Kenzai body 1 in September and I had great results but I'm only half way towards my goals. I'm happy that I found Kenzai and I feel that I now have the tools I need to get where I want. I had good results even in one month of maintenance and only because of what I learnt in KB1. I was about to be kicked out of this round of Sculp so I now set aside time to write the blog :) I need to be part of a cohort, I work better this way. I was very disciplined since starting Sculpt, I read all the posts late at night before going to sleep, I just didn't find the time to write. During maintenance, being alone, it was very hard to stick to a plan.

I'm hoping I will get at least the results I had with KB. I was just thinking today before started writing, what is the actual motivation? And besides being healthy and strong for my family, I really want to reduce my wardrobe :) I sometimes feel I'm drowning in the amount of laundry I have to do for myself and my kids. And I know that I ended up buying too much because nothing ever fit well on me since I had my first child, I kept trying styles and sizes, anything before I committed to completely change my lifestyle and get back to where I was. I want to won very few items that I love and that look good on me. And I know I will get there with your help!

KB 1 done! 

I’m so happy I finished KB1. It’s been a long journey and tough occasionally, that tested not just physical strength but mentally mostly. The last two weeks in particular were testing my willpower and I would find myself wanting to skip workouts but then because I ate the banana I would just push through. I became rather demotivated towards the end as my progress slowed down. However, seeing that I’m stronger every day, despite no progress on the scale, kept me going and I’m happy i’m here now. It was so interesting to do the final workout, I can’t believe that almost 90 days ago I found the 5*80 jumps hard...I remember struggling with them and not being able to do them without stopping. You’ll have to promise us that we won’t lose our fitness in these 3 days without any exercise:).

I’m planning to become a member and then go with 5 workouts a week plan and a stricter diet. I realized that while I can push it for a couple
Of weeks, working out 7 days a week it’s just not a sustainable plan for me and I will cheat anyway. I still have a long way to go, i’m Half way where I want to be but I’m also patient. I didn’t gain this weight in 3 months, it’s been about 6 years, little by little.

I would like to start a running program too at some point but before I do that I want to do some other shirts programs first. And to improve my rope jumping skills. I used to be a good runner but I haven’t been good at rope skipping since I was a child :).

Great job team Tucana and hope to see you a round for some other gigs.

Last week so far

I’m enjoying the super cycles! I feel I’m. Doing better than before and my feel is because a particular group of muscles gets to relax more in between sets. I also bought a new pair of snickers, I got some Nike Flyknits and jumping is so much better. I haven’t used the new rope yet which i’M sure will also make a difference, I just barely have time to do my other tasks, work, kids, workout in general, sleep and wash :).

This Tuesday however I had to skip the workouts. I mean I could have probably pushed it but my whole body was sore. I had signed up for the JP Morgan race here in San Francisco with my coworkers, before I signed up for Kenzai. So when the day arrived, I didn’t want to say no. I ran 3.5 miles in 36 minutes. I didn’t push too hard but because I haven’t run at all in these last 3 months I was worried I wasn’t going to make it. It was surprisingly easy. HOWEVER, the next day I couldn’t move. Literally I was all in pain so last Thursday the workout was kind of broken, I couldn’t do much so the. I redid it on Sunday, on the rest day. This creeped in and by Tuesday I was again all sore. I still am which is funny as I haven’t been much throughout the program. I wonder if I was doing things all wrong before!

Claire, I spoke to Tom and he didn’t say much first of all, the whole message was just finish this with integrity. He did say he recommends continuing with a short program like Chisel. There will be a few days if complete break after KB1 I understand. I definitely need it. So yeah, I might continue with Chisel, would love to do it again with you along!

Looking back at the feelings and thoughts...I have changed. I now know for sure that it takes time, discipline and hard work to get the results I want. I haven’t had the same amazing results like others, I dropped 7 kgs and a dress size. I will admit, I had hoped for more. I couldn’t drop another size however, I was never a smaller size than I am now, just the scale weight I was hoping to be different. But something must be going well. I’m incredibly strong compared to where I was. In the past I mainly did running and swimming. As I was younger, this would be enough for me to lose the few stubborn kgs. Thing are different now. It takes consistent effort over a long period of time to get the results I want. This is what had changed.

Some things are the same though, the fear that I will never able to achieve my goals. I try to be positive but with my lifestyle I won’t be able to put even more effort in so I need to know and hope that if I continue doing what we did during this program, things will get better.

I scheduled a call with Tom, per Ward’s suggestion, and i’ll Keep you posted with what he says. Talk soon! Have a great final week!

Hardest part for me was the planning, either the meals or the time for workout. Since I came back to work and worked regular hours, having to commute to SF, I wasn’t able to workout in the morning. I just cannot wake up early enough to do everything. And in the evenings I have to work most of the times which pushes my workouts to 10 pm most of the times. This is why I am more tired than I should be but after the first set of skipping I usually get back in the swing of things. Planning the Foods was also a challenge because we have lunch provided at work, usually catered from good restaurants inn San Francisco but it’s still eating out. And since lunch is the main meal, it can get frustrating but being able to do everything right. I think this is also the reason my results were not as dramatic as others. If I look back at one of ours earliest posts regarding the biggest fear, this was exactly it. That amazing as this program is, it won’t work for me in the same way. I had over 4 weeks with no change in the way I looked, or the weight on the scale. That made it hard for me to keep motivated. I am much stronger and I am able to do things I wasn’t able to before (one of them being 5x12 push ups, beyond my wildest dreams :). This morning suddenly the scale was 1 kg less than in the last month which makes it to a total of 7 kgs dropped since the beginning. This is pretty amazing and more than I have ever been able to achieve. In the past 6 years I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding. In fact I stopped breastfeeding right before the start of KB. I didn’t want any hormones to get in the way play my daughter was already 2.5 yo. I felt the need to mention this because of the lesson with differences between amen and women results. And it’s hard not to think that maybe the reason I was struggling with losing this weight could have been the hormones too.

I am half way to where I need to be and I need advise on what to do next. Should I start KB1 again or should I continue building on what I achieved so far. Diet is not too hard and I’m not keen on eating more, in fact I struggle eating all that we have to. This morning again o couldn’t finish the 60 grams of carbs, with on my one egg. I cannot eat plain bread :).

Looking forward to what the final extended week is bringing and also very excited to see what’s next!

I’ve also been thinking what shall I do next to make sure I don’t lose the gain of this hard work over the past 2-3 months. I would like to become a member after I read what benefits you have, lots of smaller programs for free if you’re a member. My coworker who first told me about Kenzai is also a member. They say you can develop a new habit in 60 days and I sure did, I couldn’t see myself not exercising for a whole month like I did in the past. I will probably focus on jump rope based cardio again as it seems to be the hardest for me. The 3x7 minutes sets feel much more tiring than running or swimming for an hour. I just ordered a Crossrope, it’s expensive but I feel that I deserve it. I must say I would love a program where I need to workout 5 days a week. That would work best with my lifestyle and I wouldn’t feel frustrated that I either procrastinated or I skipped a workout altogether.

I somehow didn’t find time to write anything over the last 2 weeks. I could have but my motivation is rather low. It shouldn’t be as i’m Happy with results so far, I lost 6 kgs and I am kind of half way to where I would like to be. I just had a few important things over the last 2 weeks and I’m happy that at least I was able to do all workouts and be compliant with the diet. I had to prepare both kids for 2 big events in their life, first days of kindergarten and preschool, plus an important diet. Sleep hasn’t been an indulgence and I could have been happier if I woke up one day and the lesson said “no workout today!” :)

Anyways, I kept thinking what were the changes in my lifetime and I realized it’s food in general and sweets in particular. I don’t crave anything and i’m Never hungry, sometimes I struggle to eat all the food i’m Supposed to. I hope these changes will last!

Energy levels

I've been having difficulties to just doing the workouts. I dread them everyday and I don't like the feeling. The energy is still low somehow but once I start the workout I enjoy it. And the skipping sets get better as I do them, first one or two are full of trips and stops. I think besides just being tired from this quite intense training programme, there's a lot of bad planning. I can only do the workouts in the night so I am pretty tired already by the time I start. In the morning I need to prep my food, my kids and get ready for work. I can't yet wake up an hour earlier to fit the workout in. Although if I went to bed one hour earlier I could do it. I just need to break the cycle. On the days I work from home, Wednesday usually, and I do the workout in the morning as I have 1 extra hour (not need to commute) I feel indeed better.

Funnily enough, as much as I am excited to have 2/3rds down, I feel a little sad now that we're coming to an end :) What will I do after that? I can't stop now. I met a friend at the pool yesterday, with kids and she couldn't help a comment saying "have you lost tons of weight? :) it wasn't tons, it's only 4 kgs on the scale, but it seems that it is that noticeable for people who hadn't seen me in 2 months. So this cannot stop now, there still so much work to do.

Have a great week everybody!

Low energy days

I wish we had this lesson a couple days back, I wouldn’t have skipped the workout on Tuesday. I feee really disappointed about myself but without having this knowledge I have now, back then I really thought i’m Doing no good to myself on a day I was barely dragging my feet around. Lesson learnt and now I feel equipped to tackle each day.

The hardest day of the week in terms of diet for me is Saturday. We have 2 little kids and we wanted to control sugar cravings for them so then the family rule is that we only have treats (sweets) on Saturday. We would ride our bikes to a local ice-cream shop and my husband and kids would have their amazing ice-cream and I have to say no. It's not so much that I crave it, I actually feel good that I'm not tempted at all, it's more answering the questions from my daughters. Then there's also my husband's cheat day so he would have his indulgences while again I have to say no :). It's not really that hard, I haven't found diet hard at all so far, not because of the diet but because of the options I had available while traveling or eating out with family when I was visiting them in Europe.

In terms of workout I don't find a day harder than another, I would say that since I came back and I'm back in the office the workouts got harder. I'm tired after I put the kids to bed and I cab't wake up at 5:30 am to do my workout then. So it's usually 10 pm. I have to commute to San Francisco, 1 hour each way each day so I'm guessing that this adds to my overall tiredness. I was reading week 8 message from Ward but I can't really feel clouds parting...on the contrary, I'm experiencing a real dip in my energy level. Once I start the workout it's all fine, sometimes the rope skipping feels harder than other times. mHardest part is getting dressed in my workout clothes.

Hope you guys are having a better week than mine!

I'm not quitting :) particularly now that I fingers crossed, got over the knee pain that's been setting me back over the last week. It was interesting, especially mentally, how I progressed from being annoyed, angry, depressed that I cannot do the workout perfectly, to saying that it's not a big deal after all. It's a slippery slope for sure once you go off the track one day. So I couldn't be quitting now as I would feel it as my biggest failure, but also, why would I quit when I'm seeing results even only half way through this program and not 100% compliant. My coworker who introduced me to Kenzai has finished Kenzai body 2 so seeing her and how much she progressed it's also motivating.

Other updates are that I overall had a bad week :) really bad and depressing for various reasons. My knee pain was excruciating for a few days, I've been swimming for the past week but I did miss workout and cardio alltogether yesterday (travel day back to the US west coast), rest day on Sunday and workout on Monday. Swimming is not nearly as tiring as jumping rope, particularly the new exercise 7x2 minutes. They say that the alternative cardio would be 15 minutes but even after 45 minutes I didn't feel as tired as when I do the skipping. Also, when I swim I have to break the cardio from the workout, which I never did before and this is very unsatisfying. That's the reason I actually missed 2 workouts as it felt useless. I couldn't do anything for legs but I should have been able to work other parts.

Today I was able to finally get back to jumping rope and finish my workout. Since I had the break or just because I'm still not strong enough, I can't yet jump 2 minutes without stopping. I can do about 120 jumps in 1 minute but then I have to stop. So I did 12 x 1 minute today, hoping that I can increase my strength by the end of this week.

Happy to be back home in my routine where nothing should prevent me from being 100% compliant anymore. Yesterday on the plane it was hard to stick to the Kenzai diet rules so I will consider that as my indulgence day.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe. Injuries are not fun.




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