Gwen D.

Gwen D.

Kenzai Chisel | Graduating (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Program progress:

Finished week 5 but didn't really see anything different. Although I do noticed that I don't get tired right away. I can finished 3 cycles and the full workout and not feel too exhausted. Feeling stronger I guess. Anyway, will finish this program with 100% workout.

KC - day 34

Great workout today... love the Abs cross crunch and leg-up. Feeling good and Chiseling on! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Still here!

It was a tough week for me! Failed off the wagon with on and off headaches but still here. Neck is finally 100%. Back to the routine today! Tired but felt good!

Sounds like everyone is doing great! Keep up the good work team!

So mad!

Just when I thought I was doing good. My body started acting up. For the past 48 hours, I have stiff neck pain. Not sure what’d happened. I am so mad 😡 since I can only do slow range-of-motion exercises, up and down, side to side, and from ear to ear. It hurts just to look down on the floor, up to the ceiling, and side to side ☹️ Along with headaches.

Hope you all are doing well. Will post week 3 photo soon.

Mid of week 3

I’m halfway done of week 3 and feeling good on the workout routine. Finally getting into the rhythm of things. Hopefully this will last until the end of Chisel. The lessons about stress really helps! Wishing you all a great rest of week 3! Let’s go team!

Good day!

Week 2 was challenging... missed 1 workout but okay.
Today, 1st day of week 3 was a good day! Workout was fun!
Here are some yummy dishes for today.
Fish and veggies for me and my husband. Spaghetti and meatballs for the kiddos!

First day of week 2

First week was not too bad! Ate a little more than I should but didn’t go overboard. I love all kinds of food so it’s tough for me. But I’m ready to finish the rest of Chisel strong.💪🏽

First day of week 2 - done! On target with exercise and diet. Feeling good!

Chisel day 2

Those hang time were tough! But glad I’m done with day 2.

Let’s Chisel!

First day of Chisel and I’m already drained. The workout felt harder since I haven’t been consistent. But let’s see what my body can do in this 6 weeks of Chisel. Let’s go team Pluto!

Reach - Final 

Can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks. I am sad to say that I only put in 70% to the skillful movements and evening stretches. Although I was pretty consistent with the morning stretches, not sure why it’s so difficult to get into the rhythm this time around.

Reach overall has been a challenge for me in a surprisingly way. I didn’t know that certain parts of my body are weaker and tighter than expected. Reach has taught me the technique of breathing and how to move with your breath which I have not done so before. It really makes a big difference with the flow of your body. I will definitely continue with the morning stretches and after work our stretches going forward. Who knows...might take this program again in the future.

I really appreciate Kim for all her training and encouragement - Thank you!

Congrats to all the members in Virasana team for completing Reach! Hope to see / hear you all at next Kenzai program.

Final week

Finally getting back on track with the stretches. Also doing a little more jump rope. Will post my final photo at end of week.


Hello All,
It’s been tough when we’re on vacation. Although doing my morning stretches and lots of walking...kinda off track on the skillful movement and night stretches. Will get back on track and end the program strong.

I want to share some photos of beautiful Maui. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Maui - Day 2

One thing I love about Reach program is that you can stretch from anywhere in anyplace (well almost)😊. Tree pose at the pool while we’re on vacation in Maui, Hawaii!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Making progress!

Still not 100% flexible but making progress on certain poses in flexibility. Diet has been off in a sense that I am not as strict with myself as when I was in KB1. But not stuffing myself with unhealthy snacks so that's still good right? Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Let's keeping reaching!

Morning stretches have becoming a daily routine for me without even thinking about it so I’m pretty happy! 😊

Twists sessions have been quite helpful with my neck and back since I usually get neck and back pains. So I am more aware of my tight section and focus on getting them better.

Let’s twist and shout!😆