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Don't run the miles you've got, run the mile you're in.
Don't run the miles you've got, run the mile you're in.

It was hot. It was hard. But I did it. The mantra helped. Alas, running 26.2 in September seems improbable. I'll just keep taking it one mile at a time!

Song of the Day: Peaches by The Presidents of the United States https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=wvAnQqVJ3XQ


Howdy all. Another week has come and gone. Here is how the fitness shaped up:

Monday - Mountain Bike Ride
Tuesday - 3 mile Run, T-shirt Super Heavy Workout
Wednesday - 3 mile Run
Thursday - 5 mile Run
Friday - Mountain Bike Ride
Saturday - 2 mile walk
Sunday - 7 mile run, Mountain Bike Ride

It was a Holiday Week here in the States. My gym was closed and I was on the road visiting family mid-week. The T-Shirt routine took a major hit, but the marathon training is on track.

With the World Cup Finals and the 4th of July festivities hitting, my diet also took a major wobble. Alas, the plane has not crashed into the mountain. Every day is a good day to get it right. And I am on track for a great week with a 12 mile run in Boston looming on Saturday.

Hope the other T-Shirt Beta Ballers are well.

I'll be coming back to this course down the line when the decks are more clear. But I am enjoying the lessons and the Super Heavy Workouts are HARD AS HECK, in the best possible way.

Song of the Day: King James by Anderson .Paak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IDmv0MoxR8


Another week in the books. Here is how it shaped up:

Monday - TShirt Heavy Workout, Mountain Bike Ride
Tuesday - 5 mile run
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday - 4 mile run
Friday - TShirt Very Heavy Workout, 3 mile run
Saturday - 10 mile run
Sunday - Yoga, 3 mile walk

On track with Marathon prep. Tshirt is going okay. I traveled north mid-week to go Phishing, which resulted in missing a weight session on Wednesday.

In other news, Team USA will play Team England tomorrow in the World Cup. I have 50 burpee bets placed with a couple of my favorite Brits. Rollll USA and roll on Rapinoe: https://www.si.com/soccer/2019/06/28/usa-france-womens-world-cup-video-highlights-rapinoe-morgan-diani

Song of the Day: Cities by Talking Heads played by Phish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En1LRheLrNg

Kenzai ARMy

Woot. T-shirt Beta is up and running. Speaking of running. Team Shasta, full transparency, I am simultaneously tackling this course while field testing some of the workouts from our (fairly) soon to be released Marathon program.

I am 13 weeks away from running my first marathon ever. DIY style: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1WJW0qx5ARQKzjwMeoc23u3uc83JEHQBA&ll=42.28384599502427%2C-71.08865749999995&z=12

This means I am good for three ARM workouts per week, a fairly strict diet, in addition to loads of running and biking. I am typically a pretty good teammate. But I'll be pulled in a variety of directions during this session. So bear with me.

Song of the Day: Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyu1KKwC74


The sun was out in Maine for like two days. Mashed some serious miles on the whip. Hungry for more. Alas, soooo much rain.

Monday: Big Lift, Big Bike Ride
Tuesday: 3 Mile Run
Wednesday: Big Lift
Thursday: Hoops
Friday: 5 Mile Run
Saturday: 8 Mile Run, 5 mile hike
Sunday: Groovin'

Song of the Day: Black Mags by The Cool Kids https://vimeo.com/13372934


Kenzai has thought leaders. It has entrepreneurs. Business leaders? You bet. Hard working moms. Triple check. What Kenzai needs is a Mayor (okay, Watson and Fish might have this already covered in an unofficial capacity). But I mean a proper Mayor!

Belinda (full disclosure, I sleep next to her) has raised the homing beacon and needs some ducats for her pockets. If you have a jar full of pennies sitting on the shelf for a rainy day or like a million jars (it is always raining in Portland), heed the call: https://kenzai.me/belinda/blog/kenzai-i-need-your-help

Seriously, asking for help (MONEY) is really freaking hard. So...please...do what you can.

In other news, we have a spicy little Beta program ready to jump off on Monday. I'll be along for the ride. Probably gonna get ripped. LOL!

Song of the Day: The Choice is Yours by Black Sheep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9F5xcpjDMU


Summer has (finally) arrived in Maine. Mountain bikes. Hikes. House projects (yuck). Hoops. My pale ass even makes it to the beach from time to time.

With picnic days hitting, I've been hearing from trainees the world over about impending visits to Maine. Which is DOPE! Some are interested in hitting the beaches, others the bars, and others the barbells. As a jack of all trades, I'm keen to honor various request.

As far as those barbells go, Thomas (https://kenzai.me/thomas/blog/kenzai-live) and I have settled into a nice little maintenance routine. We hit the weights together on M, W, F. The goal is to keep things snappy. So we super set everything. And limit the fun to 4 sets of each pair. Here is a sample routine:

*10 minutes of rope alternating speed rope and heavy rope

Full Body
*Deadlift/Heavy Rope

*Squats/Barbell Shoulder Press
*Walking Lunge/Forward Shoulder Raise
* Switchfoot Jump/Turkey Wing

Kettlebell Crunch/ Kettlebell Russian Twist

I'm also meant to be prepping for a DIY marathon. Turns out, making time for biking, hiking, lifting, hooping....is easy. Running. Not so much. This is gonna be even harder than I thought. Shiiiiiiit.

Song of the Day: Blue Sky by The Allman Brothers Band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hroG1wCX79c

Beach Ready 

Just Add Bronzer.

Currently 51 F here.

The beach is gonna have to wait.

Song of the Day: Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch https://vimeo.com/248785146


Team Portland Maine hit the park at 700am today for a Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready vs. Kenzai Chisel throw down. For good measure all combatants closed out the proceedings with 3 sets of ten burpees.

Kenzai Roll Call:

Ward - https://kenzai.me/ward/blog
Belinda - https://kenzai.me/belinda/blog
Peter - https://kenzai.me/peterf/blog
Thomas - https://kenzai.me/thomas/blog
Moe - https://kenzai.me/moes/blog
Kate - https://kenzai.me/kateo/blog
Steph - https://kenzai.me/stephanied/blog
Tuck - https://kenzai.me/tuck/blog

One love and egg whites! And cap tip to the Lady in the Shadows (https://kenzai.me/brek/blog/kenzai-body-graduation-scandal) for capturing the Saturday morning fun.

Song of the Day: Masterpiece by Big Thief https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0E5vMkDfOI

Kenzai on Location.

I spent much of the week with family in New York City. Highlights included:

*Stepson Evan graduating from Columbia University with a Master's Degree in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
*Evan accepting with joy and enthusiasm his graduation gift...a Kenzai membership
*Rubbing elbows with Jim Matt: https://kenzai.me/jimm2015/blog/may-20-surprise
*Going 7 for 7 in the workouts
*Tearing into a few Manhattans with the hipsters in Brooklyn
*Crushing some jerk chicken and tacos in Harlem
*Seeing Kenzai All Star LBW's (https://kenzai.me/liz/blog) pal Pos in a play in the park

Week Three was always going to be a mixed bag. Some celebrating. A little vacation flavor. And some Kenzai. No regrets at all. Will be pushing hard for home. Blast on, Beach goers.

Song of the Day: Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z https://vimeo.com/29885705

Sweet Sweet Sleep

These workouts are kicking my ass. And yet, I am feeling very little in the way of DOMS the next day (and the day after that). I think this has everything to do with banking that buff sleep. Alas, that is a sword that cuts two ways. On the one hand...no DOMS. On the other hand...not watching the NBA Western and Eastern Conference finals in totality is a bit of a bummer. But this hoops head is putting first things first. Zzzzzzzzzzzz's if you please.

Thought of the Day: "Sleep is by turns ominous, alluring, and reassuring; it mimics death yet offers rejuvenation."

Song of the Day: Sleep by Max Richter live in Berlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02AYmDbp5t4

On Diet

Five days. Only two beers. Two small bites of ice cream. All other nutritional inputs nailed. I've been riding my Kenzai Mind diet from last program until the official one dropped yesterday. It doesn't take long to see and feel the difference great choices make. Compliments (You look younger) from some of my Kenzai besties (Thanks Sharm and Sara.) received with love and gratitude. I do it for me. But kind words will put a spring in your Kenzai step.

Favorite Exercise: Inchworm
Least Favorite Exercise: Tie - Timed East West Push-up Squat Jump, Timed Salamander Push-Ups

Album of the Week: Kedr Livanskiy — Your Need https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuqlu6nBmU0&t=1715s


Let's do this!


Okay. So I don't beach much. I'm a child of the trees and mountains. But the aims of this course fit super nicely into a plot I'm hatching to make my life fantastically and joyfully miserable!

On the quick. Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready is Stage 2 of Project Mayhem. Project Mayhem for the uninitiated is listed in some detail below:

Stage 1 - Jan to May - Enjoy a chill winter of making snowboard turns, playing hoops with the homies, rocking some Iron and Kettlebell workouts, and honing the MIND through metacognitive practice in an effort to have fun and establish a new fitness goal. COMPLETE.

Stage 2 - May to June - 3 days per week Iron workouts. 7 Days per week Beach Ready workouts. Two Days a week hoops or hitting the trail on the mountain bike. And most importantly, cutting fat. INCOMPLETE

Stage 3 - June to September - 3 Days per week Beach Ready workouts. 5 Days per week Marathon prep. Maintain fat loss. INCOMPLETE.

Stage 4 - Mid September - Complete The Danathon (DIY marathon with my pal Dan starting in downtown Boston to the Blue Hills Reservation. Map included for your pleasure: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1WJW0qx5ARQKzjwMeoc23u3uc83JEHQBA&ll=42.28384599502427%2C-71.08865749999995&z=12

I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead. Now, who has the sun tan lotion?

Song of the Day: morgxn By the XX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2naPvBtHHs

Be of Sound Mind 

Hey, hey. That is a wrap on 42 days straight of looking through the Kenzai Mind lens. It is a great course. The lessons hum and Patrick's drawings were a nice departure from the usual photos.

Here are my take aways from the course:

1. Ward you work out every day. That is pretty incredible.
2. Ward you read every lesson on this program every day for 42 days. Sometimes you fall behind. Not this time.
3. Ward you were reminded that you are not your thoughts. You are something else altogether.
4. Ward you didn't do real well with those longer sits. What's your hurry, man?
5. Ward you liked meditating with your eyes open and not leaning on mantra. That was a complete surprise!

As I look ahead, I'm keen to continue to sit. For ten minutes a day. I just like lots of stuff and am not willing to devote more time right now. But that could change.

If you are thinking about Mind, take the course! If you are looking for a program that gives you permission to choose your own exercise adventures, take the course! If meditation scares the hell out of you, take the course!


What's next: Finishing the back half of Iron with Thomas Doyle and maybe rocking Beach Body concurrently. Also....eyeing up a Marathon in December. Whoa!!!!!!

Song of the Day: All Nighter by Yung Bae & Flamingosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGFY6BOhf08


I was just headed toward my meditation cushion around 900am this fine Saturday morning when my ears perked up at the sound of potential chaos. I heard what sounded like a leaky pipe. This is akin to a death rattle for a homeowner. Man...that's the last thing I need is a busted pipe, I thought.

When I listened more closely, the sound could most aptly be described as a five beer piss. If you've taken one, you know what I'm talking about. Good news. Bad news. Good news the sound wasn't coming from inside the house. Bad news. It was loud.

To my horror, the piss was coming from the second story window of the building next to me. When I looked out the window, I spied a young buck hanging his bits out of said window. The terminus of his cascade was my mf-ing driveway.


Meditation has calmed me down. Some. Not so much that I didn't fly off the f-ing handle at the pisser. Seems he's from out of town. An Air B N B type. Dude was young. He did apologize. Sorta. And I'm fairly certain I'm getting my payback for years of mischief.

Shiiiiit. At least I didn't need to call the plumber.

Song of the Day: Don't Eat the Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLIppgE45wM

End of Week 7



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