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Wednesday February 29th, 2012

700pm: Phone call confirmation that the freaks are loading the bus and heading for the bushes. 12 inches of pow in the forecast.

630pm-900pm: Wife signs permission slip. Mad gear and food prep.

9pm: Freaks load the bus and head for the hills.

11pm: Arrive at cabin in the Maine woods. No heat. But there is cable television and they have the NBA package.

Thursday March 1st, 2012

1am: Pass out watching LA Lakers put the hurt on the Minnesota Twolves. Minnesota buddy (Dr. Ted) not sad, but sleeping.

630am: Wake up time. Crushing snow outside. Pre-powder high beginning.

700am-830am: Yoga followed by PCP Breakfast. 

900am-230pm: Mad Shreddin'.

400pm: The dread of waking up at 5am Friday morning and completing the PCP regime (4 sets of PLANKS! x 60 secs aka Walkin' the Plank) sets in.

430pm: Return back to the castle. Mad shovelin'. The east coast has had such little snow this year. I forgot how heavy snow can be, particularly with a tired body-mind.

530pm-630pm: PCP workout. I felt great until I got to the abs. Shimmy shimmy body quake. Tired. So tired. Busted out 8 minute abs anyway.

700pm: My wife tries to play the 8 minute Abs Theme Song on the piano. It turns out a lot more like Paul Simon's, You Can Call me Al. I laugh then hit the shower.

To quote famed rapper turned less-famous actor, Ice Cube, Today was a good day! 

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I found the following comic cut out on my dining room table when I returned home from work today. The names were changed to reflect the members of my marriage.


PCP is everywhere!

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I was pleasantly accosted by a beautiful woman (my wife). 

I am slimming down, though I am not sure I can afford new pants....my wife insists that Patrick must own some kind of stock in poultry and/or textiles.

8 days of 8 minute abs is in the books. 

While my family is whistling the theme song to the Ab routine, my stepsons still refuse to learn the music that resides at the cross section between a low budget porn film and a trip to the dentist office for their upcoming piano recital despite my desperate plea.

I expect this week to be a challenge. Re-acclimating to work, a film shoot on Tuesday (as part of the International Mustache Film Festival - google it, my boys are getting mad press over this crazy event), and the torrent PCP pace will keep me on my toes.

Best wishes to all.

Did anyone else get their @#$% kicked by today's multitude of legs, chest, and abs? I was humbled.


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My usual wake up time is 5am. I typically bust through a 10-15 minute stretch session and then get groovin' to the beat of the PCP fitness program.

From there, it is post workout food, shower, and a 30 minute commute to work. I hit the jumprope and usually try to squeeze in extra back work during my lunch break. This makes me a hungry monkey and I have little problem eating every single calorie of the PCP diet by bedtime around 10pm.

This week though is different. As stated previously, I am on vacation, and therefore I am getting up later. The added energy expenditure of work has been replaced by the less demanding reading, writing, and listening to records. Therefore, I have found it almost physically impossible to eat every bit of food on the diet. 

So I was racking my brain to think up a way to force my body to need more calories as the week ended. 

Answer: Mustache.

The theory goes that a man with a mustache just needs more out of life than one who is living mustache-LESS.

I will keep you posted on the results of this experiment. 

-With love,

Uncle Rico

Vacation on PCP
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I have a week off. With that comes some pros and cons....

Pros: I can sleep later.

Cons: I can watch late night west coast hoops games on pirate TV making me tired.

Pros: I can make food anytime.

Cons: Sitting on my hands and waiting for the food fairy to arrive to make my meals isn't going so well.

Pros: I can get some extra run (hoops) in at the local University.

Cons: Profs, Docs, and scrubby crew members love to drink after the game. LOVE to.... That characteristic of my compatriots is none too helpful.

Pros: I can get my workouts in whenever.

Cons: These workouts don't do themselves.

Pros: More time with the family.

Cons: My family wondering what the hell that grunting shirtless beast in the living room is doing now.

Pros: Plenty of time for *8 Minute Abs.

Cons: Plenty of time for *8 Minute Abs.

* Oh, 8 Minute Abs! The place where I have garnered such zen sayings as...

"I am not jerking around here."

"This is a controlled movement."

"Pull up. Guys. Pull Up."

Family Support
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PCP is like a rippling wave. If you are doing it, someone in proximity will be effected. Like a sword that slowly trims the fat off my metaphorical and literal love handles, this knife cuts in both directions. 

On the plus side PCP can help elevate one's mood and tighten one's butt. And everybody loves a tight butt. 

On the other hand, a spouse or friend might have a hard time getting mirror time as a PCP'er struts his or her stuff when not doing push ups. Or, there might be some economic impacts as the the rainy day fund becomes full of egg shells.

With these things in mind, I wanted to take the time to thank those within my household for making PCP run smoothly for 35 days. Family you are great. I couldn't do it without you.

Oh, 8 minute abs....you were crushed (sort of).

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So....in the United States, the term PCP refers to a street drug called Phencyclide, also known as Angel Dust. For the uninitiated, it is a chemical compound that  induces hallucinations and can give you bouts of super human strength. And, it can cause permanent psychosis. 

Anyway, for the last 10 years I have been working with at-risk teens who often glamorize drug use. So usually when someone makes a reference to PCP, they are trying to get negative attention from their peers or an adult in proximity.

So to my pleasant surprise - when I got a text from King Roomie Rock (yes, in Maine many of my pals have handles like The Duke, Dr. D, Krowbar, and Block-Party) - I was asked by a pal if he should do PCP (in this case Peak Condition Project). I could finally respond to this question in the affirmitive.

In others words, this is certainly the first time I could answer this question with a resounding - "Hell yeah, you should try PCP!" rather than "Come on guys you know we can't glamorize illicit drug use in here. That stuff will make you go crazy."

Alas perhaps there are some similarities between PCP and PCP -V-Sits are certainly enough to unhinge a fellow.

Have a great day. Over and out.

Birthday Week
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I am celebrating 36 years in this form (Ward) on this earth - this week (week 5 in PCP terms). I have heard from friends old and new and have managed to shake several compelling dinner invitations, heaping plates of home baked cookies, cakes, and various beer sesssions.

I feel deeply blessed, happy, and joyful. PCP has been a great part of really feeling like myself (drugs and alcohol free....my biochemistry is my own....for now). Which is cool.

The strange and weird posts will continue, but for now I just wanted to send many thanks to the gods and goddesses in my life in all the forms they take.

Get busy and stay busy PCPers! All the best.

Doin' Lunch
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Fat Tuesday isn't for a few weeks yet - and while I won't be drinking any Hurricanes or lifting my top (I know the abs will be poppin' soon) - I did want to get into the mood. It takes a few weeks to get into the spirit of things all the way up in Maine. 

So in honor of the coming Mardi Gras, the completion of week four, the always changing PCP diet, and jumping rope in the snow, I worked up some of Ward's Homespun Chicken Jambalaya.

Cook up the following:
Chicken Breast with Lemon Rind, Garlic, and Red Onion
Seared Hot Italian Chicken Sausage
Onions, Celery, and Red Pepper cooked in Olive Oil
Cayenne (min. 3 hearty pinches)
Brown Rice
Combine in Chicken Stock 
Garnished with excessive amounts of Curly Parsley

Bump tunes, watch hoops with no volume, grab some seltzer, and dig in.

Lie back grooving, riding in your car
Makes no difference where you are
Feel good music, I've been told
Good for your body, and it's good for you soul
-The Meters - Hey Pocky Way

Whiskey Rebellion
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I am not talking about a group of angry Pennsylvania farmers attacking agents of the government due to unfair taxes on the Golden Goodness, but rather my experience with INDULGENCE.

Initially, I was really excited about the idea of indulging. There was no confusion about what form my indulge would take. Some like cake, others cookies, for me it would be BOOZE. No doubt. But when? How much? What kind?

My zeal did wear off rather quickly though. On Wednesdays I play hoop. I am extremely competitive on the court and really enjoy playing well. In all humility, I have been of a tear (it comes and goes, but STILL!). I started thinking about all the gains I have made in the short time doing PCP and wondered if I really needed the indulge. How would an indulge effect my motivation the following morning? Would it have any impact at all? 

Ultimately my choice was pretty relaxed and organic. I stopped over to my neighbors house to thank them for lending me this dap Roy Buchanan record and they were opening some buff 22 oz. small batch farm house ale. They are in the habit of chronically forgetting that I am working with some weird-diet-exercise-thing. So I welcomed a bit of brew they offered. Just a few oz. as I had other ideas for a post dinner treat (yeah I know I was supposed to do my indulge earlier in the day, but they don't let me drink at work and this post is called the Whiskey Rebellion for a reason).

Moving forward. I stayed on diet for my evening meal of steak and veggies, but as my family settled into watching a favorite detective show I reached for the bottle of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Kentucky Bourbon. The show just happened to feature the main character as a classic 1940's era hard drinking PI, so it was a fitting choice.

What was cool was the desire to only have one. I drank it slow and enjoyed it. 

I awoke this morning and busted out the routine with no ill effects. Good to know I can keep rolling with no harm done.

Now pass the salad. And V-sits, you and me got an appointment Thursday morning (said like hard boiled detective)!


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When the Doctor of Doom arrives at your door he will force you to do (endless) V-Sits.

Ugh, I forgot the Carbs!
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I have been wondering why I am so hungry today and it just hit me like an ax.

I forgot to bring the carbs. That is like 200 plus grams for breakfast and lunch of bread-i-greatness that I missed.

I had been starring at one of my students eating a yogurt in my classroom like an angry wolf and now I know why.

Kids are resilient right? With the beard I do look a bit fierce.


Shut Em Down!
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The PCP workout is most def helping me on the basketball court. I am just more fit , quick, and my lateral movement has improved. Additionally, doing the work has promoted more self-confidence in my ability to make plays.

Good clean fun.


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Dear blog. How u?

Me, I am pretty good.

Yesterday was a travel day reuniting me with extended family. Blog, I don't know about your family, but mine is a bit messed up. The increased stress level found me reaching for my first beer of the PCP session.

I was able to avoid any other serious derailments, however I did skip the skipping due to the increased knee pain associated with 6 hours of car travel. The knee is feeling good after rest, ice, elevation, more ice, and the viewing of a bad meaning good action movie. Silly dialogue, increasing body counts, absurd premises, and explosions are a sure fire cure for exorcising family and PCP related demons.

I have just completed checking out the coming weeks fitness program and have to face the reality that I may need to set the alarm for 4:45 am or move my workouts to the afternoon. I am a morning guy, but have noticed the need for increased rest due to the program.

The beat rolls on...and it is snowing big lovely flakes. Cool.

Bye blog.


Beer-less in Maine

"You Look Good Dog"
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Every Wednesday morning I chase this beastly wrestling coach around the basketball court. After playing he mentioned that he thought I looked stronger and more fit. Especially in the chest. Hollar!

Thank you PCP.

End of Week 7





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