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Headed to NYC

Man. I love going north. The mountains. The snow. Less people. But I'm not going north. I'm headed south. To New York City. New York scares the hell out of me. Course, I adapt quickly and I don't just train to avoid being a chunky monkey, I train to have the stones to do shit that makes me nervous.

Headed out to smash a KB3 workout pre-flight. Tonight, I'll be going to see these guys at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn which will be DOPE:

The Fro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjKMiwpbxg8
Sweet Joe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWkqOCqXvSk

Song of the Day: Just Like Tho Thumb's Blues By Bob Dylan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeA_GPiG_eg

Friday Flip Flop

I've been regularly moving the end of the week cardio day to Friday throughout the fall to take advantage of the stunning autumn weather here in the Eastern United States. Yesterday was no different. Here's a photo from my hike in the Moat Mountains of New Hampshire. Views to the snowy summit of Mt. Washington.

Off to the gym to shake off the DOMS and smash a KB3 workout! Next week will find me headed to NYC for adventure with my wife and to visit our kiddo at Columbia University. Gonna run it ultra tight before the variables get a bit less predictable.

Song of the Day: Mother Earth by Neil Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fg4QFd8fOo


Cuz if you don't know, now you know, suckas!

I live in Maine. My professional background is in nursing, counseling, coaching, yoga, and wellness education. I train because I like it when my pants fit well. I also like to move fast and compete. Plus, I'm kinda like a puppy that needs to run around to be happy. The three year anniversary of tearing my ACL on my snowboard in the woods on NH recently happens this season. I learned the hard way. The tree always wins.

I won't be training alongside you doing Ski Boot workouts, but I will be rocking Kenzai Body 3. So we'll be walking the straight and narrow together. I am a winter guy. I'm pale as hell and love the snow. Wearing a bad sweater and a mustache is almost socially acceptable during the winter months here in Maine. And when I hit the karaoke bar I'm belting out Young MC's Bust A Move

Song of the Day: Bust A Move by Young MC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZQQGX24Teg

I got a letter!

Whoa. I got the coolest thing in the mail the other day. Yeah. Like the proper mail. Not a DM on IG. Not a message on FB. Not even an IM on Kmail. This was a parcel. From a trainee (you know who you are)!

Said trainee had smashed KB3 over the summer (right?). And now, here I am working to put the same training cycle in the books. Truth is, I don't lack for workout motivation. This wasn't a rara type of mail. But it mos def gave me a lift. More of the 'humans are still cool' type of lift, not just a 'stay in the game' type of lift.

So this is a shout out to all the many trainees (and one in particular) that grind with Kenzai the world over who have not only put in the work to change their bodies, but allow themselves to be known. That takes courage. Especially in this seriously fucked up place called earth.

As a show of my gratitude, for gratitude shown, I've placed the non-letter portion on a very important place. A-oooooo!

Song of the Day: Edges Run by Mipso https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Iv81OKGBus


Belinda (https://kenzai.me/belinda/blog) did the good one! But she committee a cardinal Halloween sin. She bought M&M Peanuts (my kryptonite)! Fuuuuuck.

Song of the day: I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoXVYSV4Xcs


Hey, Kenzai. What's scarier than being trapped in an elevator with three guys on a high protein diet (I'm thinking Scotty B, Fish, and Ren)? Nothing.

But tis the season for scary. So, when the days grow dark, evening energy levels drop (those work outs!), All Hallow's Eve approaches, and I try to minimize the trips to the pub, it becomes movie time.

I'll out myself as a bit of a horror film junkie. While my mates in the Northern US tuck themselves into the Red Sox trip to the Series, I'll carve out a few extra minutes in the week to take in a few super spooky flicks.

So, what's in your queue? Do you have any family favorites? Things that make you jump? Lingering nightmares from a misspent youth watching late night cable? Are you down with Freddy, Mike Myers, or Jason Voorhees? How about some new school stuff?

And what about a challenge? Ed C. has something up his sleeve. Have a look rock stars: https://kenzai.me/edc/blog/hear-ye-hear-ye-the-perfect-fortnight-challenge-come-one-come-all

Song of the Day: Dragula by Rob Zombie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqQuihD0hoI


Warning. This shit is long.

According to Urban Dictionary, a gym bro is:

Usually a male, the typical gym bro spends most of their time in the gym, fails to follow gym etiquette, and/or is prone to bad gym habits. They are the character-foil of a gym rat/pro, well-known for spending a lot of time in the gym, but does so inefficiently and/or obnoxiously.

In a gym bros life they must make at least one trip to California as this is where gym bros originated. Almost all gym bros communicate via the word “Bro”.

If you've been to a gym, you've likely encountered one. Or several. They are exhausting and hard to ignore. So, what's worse than a gym bro? A batshit, crazy, wild eyed, sweating gym bro!

Let me set the scene. I work out at the local university. They have everything you need to get down. No drama. It's off the beaten path. Gym bro sightings are pretty rare. And grunting is typically at a minimum, but not always: https://kenzai.wistia.com/medias/rlzj5vwiki

Here's the thing. This gym has a drop in rate of 5 dollars a day. It's the best bang for your buck in Southern Maine. It's a sword that can cut two ways.

On Monday, I rolled in late for my KB3 workout. I typically grind around 8:30am. By then I have a few calories on board, my muscles are warm, and the workouts happen as easy as inhaling and exhaling. It's taken me six years to get here. But I'm here. When the routine requires a switcheroo, the work outs can feel like work. Factor in a less than compliant Sunday (out in front of that Day 45 indulgence, bro), and you got a 'need to regain momentum' type work out. Which are the hardest ones.

So, I'm about to open the locker room door, when A batshit, crazy, wild eyed, sweating gym bro! appears out of nowhere demanding that I get out of his fucking way! For better or worse, within me is a bit of a brat and contrarian. I immediately drop into California cool mode (every thing happens way slower out there, bro), and slowly hand him the door handle.

Dude goes from Yellow Alert to Orange Alert as he runs through the doorway. In his hast, he manages to smash his left thigh on a concrete pillar. I'm like, shiiiit, that's gonna leave a mark!

As you can imagine, I'm completely perplexed. One half of me drops into reptile brain and thinks, I'm going to confront then strangle this dude. But fortunately, my frontal cortex intervenes. Ward, this dude is bonkers and might gauge out your eyes. Ultimately making that Day 43 workout considerably harder.

So, I saunter over to my locker to let by gone's be by gone's, put on my Kenzai cape, and smash the workout. It's then that dude goes from Orange Alert to full on Red Alert. He begins to smash his fists into the lockers adjacent to his repeatedly growling, "I said get out of my way. People need to listen to what I say. Motherfuckers need to listen to what I say." Then dudes runs out of the locker room, still sweating profusely, and heads back into the workout facility.

WTF? I thought a birthday party hangover and DOMS from Sunday night hoops were the major hurdles between me and this workout. Now I got a very loose cannon to deal with.

As I make my way out of the locker room I bump into a gym staffer. I say, I just had a really strange interaction with a young man in the locker room. She says to me, is he the one on the treadmill?

I carefully peak through the glass partition between the hallway and the workout space and I see Batshit, Crazy, Wild Eyed, Sweating Gym Bro! on the treadmill. Dude has the thing running at full blast. At this point, I basically expect him to fly off the thing or disappear Flash style into another dimension: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd2ItNB_Ob0&t=28s

I look at her and simply say, "I'm a train mental health counselor. That dude isn't safe and needs to be removed." She exits stage left.

I walk into the gym, keep my head down in hopes our guy is very committed to running the speed of light, and less committed to stabbing yours truly in the neck with a barbell sharpened with his incisors.

Fast forward five minutes and the police arrive. Everyone in the gym is like...the police? Then all eyes move toward The Flash. He looks up, sees the police, smiles, stops his treadmill, and hops off. He walks calmly toward the door knowingly. He even holds the door for the cop. And leaves. Like this shit happens to him EVERY DAY!

With a new lease on life, I grind out the workout, and offer some quiet well wishes to BCWESGB! (and mental health providers everywhere, bro!)

Just another Monday in Maine.

Song of the Day: Bang Your Head (Mental Health) by Quiet Riot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_1ruZWJigo

These guys!

Just a quick check-in. KB3 workouts getting done daily. Adventures in the mountains have been replaced by adventures in strategic planning, Kenzai style.

I ripped this photo from Patrick Reynolds' instagram. Dude is throwing down interesting photos of his KB2 journey over there: https://www.instagram.com/patrickcantype/?hl=en

Hit him with a follow to enjoy the ins and outs of a 90 Day training cycle with the inventor in chief of the 'Kenzai method'. Like the heimlich maneuver only less messy and more egg whitey!

Song of the Day: Word to Do by Average White Band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g45Ljqgijiw


KB3 asks us to go deeper. In the workouts. In our understanding of how our body-minds work. And in our reflections.

The Day 21 lesson (not to be confused with the advanced exercise 21's were in relationship with this week) asks us: What activity makes you lose track of time?

When do I lose time? Hmmmmm. It's gotta be when I'm walking in the deep woods; rambling along a mountain ridge; preferably in the rugged mountains of Northern Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Especially in autumn.

When does time really lose all meaning, shape, tone, and structure? When I'm walking in the woods with this lot (see photos of my non Kenzai brethren) ! Mandatory indulgence taken...at altitude!

Photo Credits to Dan the Man, JRoc the Funky President, and Ultra Eli. Cap tip to Kevin de Fer and Benny Appletreat for their various contributions to a weekend well spent!

Song of the Day: Harvest Moon by Neil Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPqv_N2mOGE


I'm Ward. I reside on the coast of Maine. Fall is budding here. Few things are better!

I'm a former nursing student, counselor, coach, and yoga teacher. Now, I handle Training Operations for Kenzai. I'm an active person. I meditate, play hoop, hike, and ride bikes.

I have a clean bill of health currently. Any time I train, I am looking to get stronger, faster...to win more games on the hoops court and keep pace with my yahoo buddies on the slopes, trails, and high peaks of New England. My achilles heel is GREAT BEER. We make a lot of it in Maine.

If I were a professional Wrestler stepping to the squared circle, I'd strut into Jef the Brotherhood's Black Sabbath rip off, The Melting Place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVnBaj0Xcbw

Weekend Warriors

Dragged Jack the Dog out of his native habitat (the couch) for a few whirlwind laps in New Hampshire's White Mountains this weekend (Hancock's on Saturday, Potash at dawn on Sunday).

Dude told me it's not polite to count the number of other hikers you pass...out loud!

5 outta 7 KB3 workouts in the books this week. And 2 Days of mountain smashing fun. How you?

Song of Day: Southside Of Heaven by Ryan Bingham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHnSj9Ls6pU

Ballin' Out

You gotta stay humble. But....

Another week is in the Kenzai books. It was capped off by a super duper Sunday Funday. I rocked a 2 hour mountain bike ride in the am. Then bashed through a couple of house projects mid-day. Slapped some egg white enriched icing on the cake with a 2 hour session of hoops with the homies late night. Booom!

KB3 is wicked. But when you get out in the world, bang around a bit, you get a glimpse of what peak condition looks and feels like. Hazzah!

8MA Report: 14 days into the training cycle and I've manage 10 sessions of 8MA. Not too bad.

Change A Body Part: I ain't got love handles, I got thug handles! Naw. I got love handles. I try to make friends with them. But it isn't always easy.

PS. Great time hiking and hanging with this Kenzai fresh face last week: https://kenzai.me/robertha/blog

Song of the Day: Your Dog by Soccer Mommy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_v2OY6FHlU

Sneek to the Peak

I banked the Week 1 cross train early. Hit a ten Mile climb with the Bros. The Fall air has arrived in Maine. It's hiking time!

Best Advice: I had this great yoga teacher. Dude once said, it's not that drugs don't get you high. It's that they don't get you high enough. You want to get high, try taking control of your biochemistry through diet, exercise, and spiritual practice.

Fuckin' A!

Song of the Day: Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAdtUDaBfRA

KB3 Intro Sizzle

I'm Wardo. Weirdo. Recovering hippy. Step Parent. Child. Hubby. Puppy parent. Kenzai sheppard. Yahoo. Dingbat. I reside in Portland, Maine. Beast coast; where it's winter from October to May. Just the way I like it!

Kenzai is life. But when I'm not on the blogs, I'm with my dog, in the mountains, on a bike, taking in some serious cinema, looking at a book, or hoisting a beer.

Kenzai Founder Jason Block dragged with into this egg white covered craziness many years ago. And nothing has been the same since. I train, because it makes me feel gooooood. And I have a sneaky feeling we are at the forefront of a serious paradigm shift in terms of wellness.

Come Day 90, I'll be blasting Jef the Brotherhood's Sabbath ripoff Melting Place. This joint gets extra spicy around 1:30.


Embrace the Suck!

The first week of KB3 is like jumping off a diving board head first into a pool with no water. And I f@#ing love it!


Song of the Day: Strangest Things by the War on Drugs https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=43&v=bvmEYgFsgyg

End of Week 7





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